Welcome to the naughty blog of La Plume d'Eros! Here, you'll find many articles related to our naughty Otaku passion! We'll talk about everything that touches the kinky side of Japan, from near or far! You'll see, we'll have fun doing lots of cool stuff! It will go from naughty news about Japan, to various presentations (cosplayers, mangas, animes, actresses...) to tips and tricks for your couple.

Kate on the other hand, loves to help couples spice up their relationships and women achieve sexual fulfillment! With her background (find out here), she's had to do quite a bit of research to get out of the rut! She's going to share them here and give you tons of great info that will help you in turn to be totally fulfilled!

Our blog gathers advice articles, our experiments, but also shares things like erotic games that we try (boards or video games) and many other things. All of this with the aim of sharing with you and serving as your guide on this fascinating path. Enjoy your reading and see you soon!

Tout savoir (ou presque) sur le PAIZURI

Everything you need to know (or almost) about the PAIZURI

Tu as envie d'en apprendre plus sur le Paizuri ? Alors viens ...

Nouvel arrivage de sextoys !

New arrival of sextoys !

Remercions Motsutoys, qui vient de nous faire parvenir de nouveaux toys, dont ...

La Plume part en vacances

La Plume goes on vacation

Hello everyone, how are you? So, you are enjoying ...

« CSS » change de format.

« CSS » change de format.

Our book "Crazy Sexy Stories" changes format and will no longer be ...

Nouveau partenaire : Motsutoys

New partner : Motsutoys

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Motsutoys!

Planning de La Plume !

Planning of La Plume !

Let's have a quick look at all the future projects of the Feather for the ...

Jouer avec la masturbation ignorée en couple

Playing with ignored masturbation as a couple

How can ignored masturbation serve your relationship? Let's see...

Jouer avec la masturbation mutuelle en couple

Playing with mutual masturbation as a couple

Did you know that mutual masturbation is a great way to have fun and enjoy yourself?

Avec le jeu, ça marche !

With the game, it works!

Let's see why spicing up and improving your sex life, especially as a couple, ...

Ça vous dit ? n°01

Do you like it? n°01

Sextoys on the Plume d'Eros ? Come quickly to give us your ...

Cadeaux coquins pour toi !

Naughty gifts for you!

Do you want to receive free gifts? Then come and see how ...

La Plume est de retour !

La Plume d'Eros is back!

La Plume d'Eros is back after a few months of break! ...