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Challenges and e-book gifts!

Défis VIP Newsletter

Exclusive naughty challenges!

♥ CHALLENGES Relevez ensemble nos défis ! Régulièrement, tu vas recevoir un mail avec un défi coquin. Parfois simple… Parfois « infaisable » 😉 ! Relèverez-vous le challenge ? Avec ton premier mail tu recevras également les instructions, car il y a des points à cumuler avec des choses à gagner ! La fréquence variera en fonction de nos envies. Mais c’est un gros plus pour ton couple, n’hésite pas !

Défis coquins La Plume d'Eros

12 really naughty challenges

♥ GIFT 1 (in French for now, English version coming soon!) Available in 3 versions (straight, lesbian or gay) Découvre notre ebook « 12 défis vraiment coquins » ! Des dizaines de pages avec des défis, des astuces, des conseils et des challenges ! En vérité il y a même plus de 24 défis, mais on vous laisse découvrir ça. C’est gratuit, cadeau pour ton couple ! En échange, tu découvres notre travail et vous nous aidez à continuer.

3 Scénarios coquins

3 discovery scenarios

♥ GIFT 2 (English version coming soon too) Whether with or without role-playing (understand that you don't have to play a role, just be yourself), discover 3 naughty scenarios with objectives, advice cards, etc... Hours of fun ahead! Soon available in homosexual versions! A fun way to spend time together and discover our work, spicing up the sex. It's very fun, you'll see !

How do the naughty challenge emails work?

As soon as you register, you will receive a regular email with a really naughty challenge. They will be adapted to each sexual orientation (we think of everyone!) Note that sometimes, the challenges that will be proposed will not necessarily be your cup of tea, it's normal, they are challenges. It's up to the two of you to choose whether or not to take them on, but remember to try new things! This is the only way to discover new naughty practices. The mails are very simple, like this:

Theme(s) of your challenge: Masturbation and orgasms.
Duration: Express | Court | Moyen | Long | Très long | Démentiel.
Your challenge of the day:
Today, as soon as you cross paths, you will give each other express...
Number of points to be earned: X points.

← The major themes of your challenge, to get you started.
← Une durée « standard » pour le défi, vous permettant de vous organiser.
← The Complete Challenge. There may be choices to make, variations, and you'll also sometimes have time constraints, location constraints... Something to enjoy!
← Each challenge earns you points... And rewards 😉 !

Finally, each challenge allows you to earn points and rewards as a couple. But all this is explained in the first email sent, don't worry! It's simple and fun, while being devilishly hot! So don't hesitate anymore and sign up!


As soon as you register, you will receive your e-books as gifts and soon after, the first challenges will arrive! Thanks for your support and see you soon on La Plume d'Eros!