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Wank or not wank ? Free erotic story

Tim’s evening…

While Claire is with her friends, Tim wants to have a quiet evening... But his libido will catch up with him... Just like Claire...

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Girls' night out - Free erotic Story for you

Girls’ night out

Claire, Sam and Maya are having a girls' night out together... And they're gonna tell each other some very interesting naughty things...

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Claire's punishment orgasm - Free erotic story for your pleasure

Claire’s punishment

For their anniversary, Claire wants to go big and she wants a hot night. She's going to turn into a real naughty...

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The naughty instructions - Female POV erotic sotires

The naughty instructions (Claire POV)

Claire is in the mood for a guided and dominated masturbation... So she's going to take Tim's orders... And enjoy the pleasure.

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