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Come and experience the luxury orgy that Alice and company are about to experience!

The luxury orgy

While Sam and Maya are about to end their evening in a most unexpected way, Alice, Val and Matt are leaving for a very...

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Sam and Maya playing voyeurs...

Sam and Maya playing voyeuress…

During an evening between girlfriends, Maya is going to propel Sam in the heart of a very naughty plan with two strangers ...

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Sex and fantasies... Mei's naughty fantasy...

Mei’s fantasy

Back home, mei indulges her naughty imagination... Slowly, she creeps under the sheets and... She fantasizes...

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Girls' night out - Free erotic Story for you

Girls’ night out

Claire, Sam and Maya are having a girls' night out together... And they're gonna tell each other some very interesting naughty things...

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Photo shoot - Sexy shooting with lesbian sex and voyeur

The photo shoot…

You are going to meet Mei and Chris for the first time during a very, very, very hot photo shoot... Who's going to cum......

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Lesbian sex and masturbation - Free erotic story

An evening at my favorite physiotherapist’s – Maya POV

Maya's on her way to Samantha's for a reunion party. The two friends will then become lovers at a torrid evening.

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Diary of a dermato - Jerking him off hard free erotic Story

Diary of a dermatologist (POV Maya)

Maya's seeing a rather peculiar patient. This one has to have a stain on his sex examined... But she's so desperate, she's going to...

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Free erotic story on La Plume d'Eros

Diary of a dermatologist (POV Nathan)

Nathan was dreading this visit, showing his sex to a doctor is tricky... Especially when the doctor starts stroking him...

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