Claire’s punishment



For their anniversary, Claire wants to go big and she wants a hot night. She's going to turn into a real naughty...

Welcome to this new free naughty story from La Plume d’Eros! Today, your narrator will be Claire, who has set herself a personal challenge to give her husband, Tim, a big surprise. She wants to celebrate their anniversary as they should… She has thought about every detail of her plan, which she is carrying out today, with you… You will see, she is aiming for a memorable orgasm… Have a good read, hoping that this erotic story “Claire’s Punishment” will make you have a very pleasant time…

14 years that Tim has been in my life and 14 years that he brings me all the happiness a woman could desire. You may say, 14 years is not a symbolic number… Maybe, but for some reason, I want to make history in those 14 years. And believe me, I’ve got it all planned… Oh sure, we’ve experimented with many things over the years, and even if we still have tons to explore, this time I want to offer him a memorable evening, not by experimenting, but by the way I’m going to get it to coming. Are you with me? Today we celebrate our anniversary of meeting and there are only a few minutes left before Tim, as hot as embers, opens the door of our room and finds me completely naked, tied to the bed from head to toe… And by Claire’s word, he’s going to unleash himself on me. How can I be so sure of myself? Well let me start at the beginning… I’m sure you’ll like it too…

For some time now, for some unknown reason, I have been wanting to mark this date. As I told you, this is not a symbolic number and nothing in our history can justify this. Maybe it is just because I like the 14th? I don’t know. Or maybe it’s just because I feel particularly naughty and complicit at the moment… I think it’s so beautiful to evolve in the same direction and to be more and more fusional with time! In any case, I wanted to do things big and surpass myself. My idea: to set up a game about the few days before our anniversary party, to make it hot. I thought everything would be easy, I was wrong…

I like everything to be orderly in my mind, that’s how I work and function. Main objective: to make this 14th birthday party a memorable one. The hardest part was the first step in my Machiavellian plan! The goal was simple: to put him in such a state of excitement that he couldn’t hold back once I gave him permission. And damn it, I love it! To achieve this goal, I wanted to do something impactful, something challenging that would put him in such a state that it would be easy and fun for me to keep playing afterwards. Then comes the thinking phase… What could I do to achieve my goal, while getting out of my comfort zone a bit? I quickly came up with an idea that will be the most difficult phase of my plan, but also the most essential. There’s no way I’m going to back down, I’m going to have a great appetizer, I’m not going to back down… Well… I almost…

I’ll stop the suspense, I’ll let you in on it. You see, my husband loves one thing (among others): watching me. As soon as I’m naked, as soon as I do something naughty on my side, he loves to play the voyeur. Of course I love that too, and this is where I find the source of my diabolical bait! My idea: shoot for him (and him alone) a video where I masturbate… Simple and terribly efficient, in front of such show let me tell you that he’s going to have an erection that he’s going to have a hard time getting rid of. And that’s where the second phase of my plan will come into action but wait, I’m already finishing with the first one…
A video, then, simple, isn’t it? Well not so much… My challenge is here because I can’t stand to see myself in photo or video. So masturbating, no thanks! Yet, so excited by the effect this gift will have on him, I threw myself into it! A week ago, a rare day when I was able to get home before Tim, I hurry to grab our camera and it tripod, quickly make the bed, put myself in my little outfit and hop, motor, action! At least that’s what I thought… I’m not an expert on our camera and it already took me a good ten minutes to get it set up and focus on the scene. Because yes, our camera doesn’t have an automatic focus… It would be much too easy! Misery… After long minutes, the adjustments are made! The tripod is positioned on the side of the bed, high up to have a bird’s eye view of me, as if it was Tim’s look… But I got so angry about it, that with the stage fright of making this video, I’m not in the mood at all ! So I turn off the camera and put a good erotic book under the bed for a few minutes, to get back in the right spirit. And it worked pretty well, to the point that I almost forgot my challenge! On a terribly exciting sex scene in the book, I started to caress myself very gently… Alert! Target compromised! I come to my senses and now that I’m in good spirits, I start recording. And now, disaster! I can’t get started! Every 5 seconds I say to myself: “Come on, let’s go!” and every 5 seconds I freeze. The challenge is much tougher than I expected! I didn’t think it would be so difficult, I imagine the images of my masturbation and I feel the courage leaves me! I’m going to hate seeing myself… I close my eyes and concentrate… Yes I’m not going to like it, but I’m not doing this for me, I’m doing it for Tim. He’s gonna love it! I come to my senses, erase that awful first try, start the recording again and wedge myself with the book. I dive back in and slowly I’m occult the camera… I start to caress my breasts, my thighs and that’s it, I start my masturbation. Hummm here… This is the part I like, when I gently caress my clitoris and… – Clap! – Clap? What do you mean clap? I look at the camera and see that it has stopped recording automatically. Damn camera! I restart it and after an embarrassed smile towards it, I start my business again… It’s okay, it will make Tim laugh and that’s it! This time it’s the right one… I start again in a soft masturbation, accompanied by my favourite toy (if I’m going to do it, I might as well do it right, right?) Absorbed by my pleasure, I forget the camera, which remembers me by cutting itself again just before I come… Phew, lucky it didn’t cut itself during my orgasm! It would have been problematic, that’s what he prefers… And to start again another time, no thanks ! After having thrown the camera one last time, I speed up the rhythm and say out loud “Ohhhh… I’m going to come… Yes, yes, oh yes, I’m coming !”. Oh that, I know he’s going to like it ! I forcefully dildo myself during my orgasm, while letting out heavy moans of pleasure… Strangely, maybe it was due to the camera I don’t know, but I found myself noisier than usual… He will like that. Once I’ve savoured my pleasure, I get up, smile at the camera and cut it off. And then a wind of panic invades me… I suppress! I can’t show this! Or I look at it and… No can’t! Looking at it is definitely deleting it! No! Claire, no! In a final moment of courage, I remove the memory card from the camera and put everything away. I’ll go all the way! But he better enjoy it, it’s the first and last time I do this! All trembling, I look at the memory card with a triumphant look… I did it! I’ve done it! Now it’s time for the next part of my orgasmic plan!

Let’s move a few days forward to yesterday, Wednesday… By some miracle, I managed not to delete the video. In the morning when I leave for work, I grab the memory card and put it on Tim’s desk, because between two clients, he comes home and works from our house. I leave a little note to go with it:

“How about we play my love?
Through love, we can surpass ourselves and do things we didn’t think we were capable of… Savour and enjoy, because it’s a unique gift…
I have a condition: by looking at what’s on this card you accept the rules of my game: until Friday night, you leave your sex alone… No handjob nothing… Deal?
I want you to know that what I did was for your pleasure and happiness. I love you. Claire. P.S : courage to you… It’s worth it, believe me…”

You’ll say, “How can I be sure he’ll play the game?” Just because I trust him and I know he’ll love it. So I’m sure he’ll play the game! So I leave the little note with the card, fight one last time with myself so as not to cancel everything by closing the door and go to work. This morning of work was one of the hardest mornings of my life! Not because of the work itself, but because of the mixture of apprehension, shame and excitement that I feel at crescendo the more lunchtime comes… Because it’s at noon that he will discover the video… I think it’s very silly but also very cute to stress about such a thing, Fourteen years later… We’ve done much worse and yet… 12 noon nothing… 12 ten nothing… Couldn’t eat… 12 thirty, I get a text from Tim. My heart’s pounding! I grab my phone and look around like a spy to make sure no one can even see my phone, as if I’m going to read the biggest secret in the universe…

“I don’t know what you have planned for Friday night, but get ready, you’re gonna get hurt…”

As I read the text, I feel both relieved and disappointed. It’s done, he saw the video, it’s over. But still… No comment on it?! After all the trouble I went to! Damn… Seconds later, my phone starts vibrating again, I’m startled.

“And my love, your gift is absolutely magnificent, as much by the gesture as by its content… You are the best <3 ! By the way, I really like the new method to use your dildo… Humf… You’ll have to try this… I’m really hard but I accept the conditions… I love you. Thank you.”

I let out a little laugh… I suddenly feel lighter and happier to have taken up the challenge. Savouring my victory, I stretch out on my chair with a big satisfied smile. I did it! Yes! Claire’s in the house! You’re going to suffer my little husband and you’re going to give me a night of… My phone is vibrating again…

“However, when you say ‘unique gift’, it’s non-negotiable?” I mean for other occasions or…? If I make one, too, is there any way I can get… You know… ?”

The other side of the coin, for two days he’ll be unbearable… Laughing, I remember one of his stupid expressions: “Ah yes, but be careful, if you keep teasing me I’ll follow you everywhere, the kekette’s out!” So childish… But it makes me laugh in these moments, we all have our faults, right? Anyway, after having sent him off with humour, I can concentrate on my work… I can quickly imagine myself seeing a video of him masturbating… He loves to see me do that but I… I don’t know… Boa no big deal, let’s go to work! The next part of my plan is tonight…

The night of the video, it didn’t miss a thing! He couldn’t have been more insistent… However, I only had to remind him of the rules of the game to calm him down. It’s convenient to set our conditions, isn’t it? But I wanted more, I wanted to excite him even more and get excited too… While we were quietly settled in bed, I noticed that he had a nice erection… Without warning, I grab his hard cock in the silence and position myself comfortably in front of him to jerk him off slowly while staring at his glans with my glance. I apply myself to jerk him off by varying speed and pressure, opening my mouth slightly to show him my desire to suck him off… I feel the pleasure contractions of his cock and his little screams are more and more frequent and noisy… It’s time to stop… I lick his flowing sex as if to clean it, give him a wide smile and gently flick myself off… Oh poor guy… I don’t dare to imagine his level of frustration at this moment! He looks with amazement at his cock in full excitement and before he can even say a word I remind him of the rules of the game… After having pretended to grumble, because in reality he is having fun like a little madman, he puts away his equipment and wedges himself to sleep, I do the same… I know what he will dream about…

The next day, yesterday so, I repeat my nastiness… Throughout the day, I send him naughty little texts, which he hastens to answer. In the evening, while he’s sitting at his desk to finish his last papers, I join him to play with his nerves once again… Not one or two, I pull out his cock and start sucking it with passion. He soon gets stiff in my mouth and asks me if he can chew my present at the same time. I felt like I was electrocuted on the spot. I hadn’t thought of that possibility, caught in my desire to make him languish. Oh, what the hell, after all now it’s not so important anymore, that’s what the video’s for! I give him this little pleasure, while turning the chair so that my back is against the screen… I’d rather not see that. On the other hand, I’m very happy to see that at the least of my little moans, he seems terribly excited… Having been forbidden to come, he asks me many times to stop… I even pretend to let him have an orgasm at the same time as me in the video, but it’s only a feint… Once the video is finished, I stop too. He wanted to watch the video ok, but now that it’s over, I stop too… With a smile I kiss him tenderly, letting him taste the taste of his excitement and give him a big smile… Last step, the D-day… And believe me, between the video, the texts, the handjob and the blowjob in front of the video… He’s on the verge of fainting!

We are now, now… Yes, I know what you’re thinking, it’s a bit of a long explanation to get to this point, you too want to move on to the main course… But at least you have all the cards in your hand to savour this moment with me and understand why I’m sure I’m going to have a great time. I look at the time… That’s usually when Tim comes home… I light the candles scattered all over the room to create a subdued atmosphere. I take off my robe and find myself completely naked. Well, not completely, I just wear two black stockings that Tim loves, from ImTam… I settle down on the bed and start by tying my ankles. Two ties attached to the feet of my ankles now hinder my movements. Before continuing to tie me up, I grab a small panel that I put on the bed next to me. I had fun with it…

“I’ve been a bad girl… I must be punished… Master…”

Hop là… Standing right next to me! I’m laughing with envy and excitement! I put a blindfold over my eyes to deprive me of my sight and finish my preparation by putting on one handcuff, then the other… There, my main goal is about to come true… Today we celebrate our 14 years of meeting and God’s name… We’re going to have a great time…

A few minutes after the handcuffs close, I hear the front door open… Tim puts the keys down and looks for… He knows I’ve prepared something, he’s been waiting for days. His instinct leads him almost immediately to the room and seconds after the front door, it’s the bedroom door I hear it open. I almost hear little squeaks from it as if it was enjoying just being touched… Hum I’m so excited that I see orgasms everywhere! The jerking off and blowjob of the last few days didn’t only have an effect on him… Giving him pleasure and wanting to receive it… It was teasing for me too! I hear him coming towards me but I don’t say anything, I smile. I’m a slave after all, I have no right… As I listen to him trying to find out what he’s doing, his lips stick to mine. Surprised, I let out a little sigh of pleasure. After that kiss, he whispers in my ear…

– “Sex slave”? After what you’ve put me through, are you sure of yourself my love?” he asks me in a sweet voice that makes me shiver.
– “Why do you think I made you endure all this? It write just here… I must be punished… Do yourself a favour… Do me a favour…”

Before I can even finish my sentence Tim grabs my cheeks with his hand and with a slight pressure opens my mouth wide. He orders me to stick out my tongue and when I do, he licks it passionately. Slowly, I feel his breath going up and down my body, like a wind of desire that wants to devour my body… I beg him in my head to stop on my sex, but it is not so. The weight of his body leaves the bed and I hear my man undressing. A few seconds later, everything is silent but I hear like little water noises… I’m sure he’s jerking off on me while watching the little pervert…

– “Do you like what you see?” I asked him…
– “Yeah… I’m so stiff from your video that I can’t stop jerking off right now…”
– “Um… don’t you want to give it to me a little bit too?”
– “Now you shut up… I ask the questions and you answer… I give the orders and you carry them out!”

Two minutes… That’s how long it took him to get into this game I love so much : sex slave. Cause as you can see, I’m completely hooked on this… Taking orders and obeying my man. I feel so confident with him that I let myself go at his beck and call. I don’t have time to think about answering that I’m going to end up with his sex on my lips. I take this opportunity to have fun and keep my mouth closed, with a slight smile on my face. He didn’t tell me anything after all… After a few rubs of his dick on my lips, he orders me to open my mouth. A split second later, I find myself with his cock in my mouth, burning with desire, flowing with excitement, going back and forth. As he takes my mouth, his hands run through my body with delicious caresses, without ever wandering over my breasts or my sex, mixing excitement and frustration within me. Slowing down the rhythm of his pelvis, I feel his right hand slowly jerking his cock and his left hand caressing his purses. He is trying to evacuate the overflow of excitement of these last days by kissing my mouth like a madman but I know him, he will need much more… A few strokes of the pelvis afterwards, his fingers finally caress my nipples, already hard… He caress my nipples and pinches them which make me emit a small cry of pleasure each time he makes one. Finally, as he finishes pleasing himself on my tongue, he gently slaps my breasts… In the state they are in, they love it… His cock leaves my mouth and his tongue comes to take its place, offering me several minutes of languorous kisses while he offered himself a little solo handjob. Hearing the sounds of his pleasure as he kisses me makes me wet myself to death… I only want him to take care of me!

His tongue licks mine one last time and then goes down into my neck, where he does not hesitate to give big licks. Slurping, of course, but in such a state of excitement even this detail gives me pleasure… Gulping, he now eats my breasts. With his hands he grabs them firmly and while massaging them, he gives them sometimes big lickings, sometimes long and strong aspirations. It is rare that my breasts give me so much pleasure, and I am almost sure that if he had continued for a few more minutes, I would have been able to come like that. But it doesn’t, and goes down between my thighs, carefully avoiding my clitoris. He now licks the inside of my thighs, my calves and kisses my feet, moving from one leg to the other, grazing my genitals at every pass. I can’t help but move my pelvis back and forth, especially when he passes between my legs, trying to rub me a little with him. After several round trips, he comes up to me…

– “You want me to lick you, aren’t you?”
-“Yes… Yes, I do…”
– “Beg me to lick you!”
– “Oh, please! Please! Lick me Tim, please lick me, look how I’mwet ! Offer me your tongue, please lick me ! Lick me! Please! Master, please!”

His warm breath comes to titillate my clitoris and… There he goes up to my neck… He wants to pay me back! He rummages through our dresser and pulls out our martinet… It’s a little accessory that I particularly like when it’s used gently. He uses it to caress my breasts and to finally come and play with my clitoris. With delicacy he slides it between my thighs and sometimes gives small blows with it, to make me jump… On my knees next to me, he orders me to suck it again while he is having fun with our accessory. From time to time, he licks my breasts as if to reward me for the pleasure that my tongue offers him or gently whips them. Then suddenly, nothing. Dead calm. What fun can he have having… Ohhhhhhh yeah! Without warning, his tongue flattens itself against the clitoris and offers it a second of pleasure… Then a second… A third… Tim launches into a succulent cunnilingus, tasting every nook and cranny of my organ in order to give me as much pleasure as possible. With the excitement of the last few days and the excitement of the present moment, I find it very difficult to hold back an orgasm, which I am tempted to let come. The desire is amplified by the two fingers that it penetrates inside me and play with the sensitive areas of my vagina… The pleasure is immense! Maybe I could…

– “You can’t come without my permission,” he seriously says.
– “Please! Let me come just like this, you can do whatever you want to me afterwards but let me come now please, it feels so good!”
– “No!”
– “Please! Come on! Please, let me come! Tim! Please, come on!”
– “It’s Master…”
– “Master, have mercy!”
– “No!”

He accelerates the movement as if to challenge me to disobey him… I can only surrender and ask him to stop, otherwise I’ll come… He grabs the martinet again and plays with my breasts a little while masturbating… Until I feel his sex entering me. I let out a long scream of pleasure as he starts to come and go while licking my breasts. He plays with his pelvis like a dancer, alternating powerful strokes and sliding strokes, which come to caress my clitoris at the same time as his cock delicately presses on the bottom of my vagina… A pleasure with each stroke. My vagina, my clitoris, my breasts, everything that gives me pleasure today is now worked on by Tim and attached, I can only endure… Or rather savour. After a few minutes, while continuing to take me wildly, his hands slide down my legs to my ankles and he slips the knot of my ties. My freed legs are immediately grabbed by my man who lifts them up and spreads them as wide as possible, leaving my clitoris defenceless. After having fun taking me in this position, he asks me to keep my legs like this and starts stroking my breasts and clitoris. He has only been making love to me for a few minutes, but the excitement of the last few days is too much. His hand squeezing my breast and playing with my nipple, his fingers spreading my vaginal lips and masturbating my clitoris with talent and his sex so hard that goes in and out of my being… It’s too much! I ask him to stop, otherwise it’s orgasm guaranteed! He unties my hands and now asks me to jerk him off by sucking him off slowly, a practice that I perform immediately, hoping to get some respite. But he doesn’t intend to spare me and orders me to masturbate at the same time… But not with my hand no, with the dildo I used in the video, asking me to use the famous new method (which between us came out of nowhere…). Forced to play the game, I start dildoing myself following his orders, which ask me to go faster and faster and stronger. Luckily my clit has a bit of a break… When Tim is full of my mouth, he puts me on my knees and decides to take me doggy-style. At first, he grabs my throat, lifts me up and strangles me very slightly before addressing me.

– “You love when I fuck you like this, right?”
– “Yes, oh yes! Go for it!”
– “You’re the one who’s going to give me the rhythm… Go ahead…”
– “A little faster… Yes like this… Like this… Harder, harder… Yes like this ah… Ah… Yes… Caress my breast too…”
– “I said give me the rhythm, nothing else…”
– “But…”
– “You obey and keep quiet…”

Bruuuh! I love it so much! It clears my throat and throws me forward, so my butt is as visible as possible. He grabs the handcuffs again, grabs my hands wildly and cuffs me behind my back. I’m shackled again, poor me… Hmmm… Always giving indications on the rhythm, I begin to forget my words, so much his sex and his hands give me pleasure… I get lost, I feel that I’m going to have an orgasm… He unties me and I immediately take support on my hands. My fists tighten, I grab the sheets as if my life depended on it… The pleasure tightens my body so much it is powerful, I do not desire any more that the explosion of my orgasm. Oh yes it’s coming… I’m going to come, just a little more… No! Suddenly I remember I have to play the game and I stop Tim. He gives me some delicate spankings and kneads my buttocks while spreading them apart, making small movements at the entrance of my vagina, as if to give me a break but to continue to make me feel good inside. He then alternates between powerful blows offering me his entire genitalia and rubbing his glans at the entrance of my vagina and between my buttocks, caressing the entrance of my anus, which gives me strange shivers… When he is full of my hindquarters, he changes position and gently slides under me, so that from now on I can ride him… Which I hasten to do, leaning over him to caress him with my long hair. My breasts touch his mouth and he applies small sucks from time to time, or lightly bites my nipples while I make myself feel good on his dick which I also feel at its limit. He talks to me again, leaving aside our game of sex slave for a few seconds…

– “Now you’re going to tell me to do something that you want to try but you’ve never dared or had the chance to do… That’s the theme, obviously, isn’t it?”
– “Ah wait, ah yes, yes, fuck me like that yes, yes, yes, yes! No don’t stop ! Again! Tim again! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”
– “That’s an order… In exchange I’ll do the same…”
– “Hum… I don’t know I… Fuck me slowly while I think so… Hum yeah, go ahead… Hum yes, yes, hummm… I think I have an idea but…”
– “No buts, if you want to try, we’ll try…”
– “Ok… Hum… In this position I want you to try to… Put an extra finger…”
– “An extra finger? In the vagina? We’ve already tried that, haven’t we? In this difficult position of…”
– “No… I want to try… Elsewhere…”
– “Surprising… Well, if madam wishes, madam is served then…”
– “And you’re…?”
– “Me it will be for the cumshot…”

I don’t have time to finish my sentence so he’s executing my desire… I’ve never been too tempted by anal sex, but lately I’ve been thinking that a finger during penetration could be very pleasant. I had prepared the blow before the evening… While he takes me, with immense delicacy and forgetting for a few moments his role of dominator, he realizes my desire and his softness coupled with the excitement of the novelty makes me want to let go and enjoy, without thinking about anything else.

– “Are you all right like that?” he asks me a little worried…
– “Yeah… Yeah, go on, can you… Can you go a little bit more? Try to put your finger like you want to rub your cock and…”
– “Just like that…?”
– “Oh, yes, yes, yes! Push a little harder! Again, Tim, go like this… Yeah, yeah, yeah, like this… And take me harder with your dick, go like this!”

I abdicate, it’s too much for me… His tongue licking my breasts with every movement, my clitoris rubbing against him, his hard sex hitting the bottom of my vagina, his cries of pleasure and his finger playing with my ass prevent me from holding on any longer.

– “Now you’re going to cum, that’s an order…”

Oh yeah! Without hesitation I take it back, speed it up and Tim does the same. My butt slams against his thighs with force. Suddenly, my body freezes, it can’t do anything anymore, it just wants to savour, explode with pleasure! I feel like time stops, just like my breathing and my screams… I let my orgasm rise, as if my brain needed time to analyze all the areas of my body that take pleasure in order to give me an orgasm that meets their expectations… And explosion of pleasure. His tongue, his dick, his finger, his whole body, everything gives me a long and powerful orgasm, like I’ve rarely had… Long orgasmic seconds, where I forget everything to abandon myself to pleasure while he tries to make it last as long as possible. His cock continues to sink into me and he speeds up the movement to enjoy it too, the fact of knowing that it is ending prolongs my pleasure. Now I ask him what is this famous thing that he wants to try in turn. He grabs the blanket from the bed, throws it to the ground and makes me slide into a strange position. Upside down, head down, buttocks against the bed, legs up, I feel like a porn star performing acrobatics.

– “I’m going to spit on you like this… Masturbate I’m doing it… I’m going to finger you… I want to cum all over your body right now!”

Hmm… Very strange but why not, it’s quite exciting actually! It won’t last long, fortunately for my body, already I have trouble holding it upright, so upside down… I do it and start masturbating again, even if it takes a few moments for it to take effect. Well helped by the vision of my man jerking off at full speed in order to be spat out and by his fingers sliding inside me, I start to enjoy myself again… The faster he speeds up his jerking off, the more his fingers finger me with force and I feel that I am ready to cum again. By habit, I see that he is about to come, which makes me want to accompany him… Not very difficult, given the good he does to me. There he goes for his last wrist blows and in an immense cry of pleasure, he spits on me and every part of my body gets its dose while I scream again with pleasure… My anus, my clitoris, my breasts, my face, my hair… Everything goes there… Even the eye… Ouch… We only need a few seconds after the orgasm to burst out laughing, time to catch our breath. Slowly he straightens me up, we go back to bed (and now I tell myself that it’s time to seriously take up sport again… Not only would it avoid me feeling rusty but it would also unlock interesting positions…) and he takes me in his arms.

–”Uh Tim… Far from me to not to like hugs after orgasms, but let’s just say… You flooded me… I’ve got it in my eye, my hair…”
– “Just a few seconds…”

We lie against each other for a few seconds as he wished, but the urge to take a shower grows on me… until…

– “Thank you for all my love… You’ve given me the best birthday present in the world… I love you so much…” he whispers in the crook of my neck with tears in his eyes…

Ooooooo… Stop pause. Why do I have tears in my eyes too? Suddenly the urge to take a shower disappears and all I want to do is snuggle up against him. I wipe away a tear of happiness and dodge the thing by saying that I wipe off the sperm that aimed right… At least it will have been good for something! After long priceless minutes, he turns to me again…

– “I… am glued to your hair…”

In a new burst of laughter we get up and go for a shower. Little hugs in the shower that give the man a new erection, which I jerk off and finish again, not having the strength to do more at that moment. We get out of the shower and now it’s our taste buds’ turn to enjoy a delicious meal… Before joining Tim, I take a look at my phone on the living room table. Here’s a message from Maya…

“Claiiiiiire! This Saturday girls’ night out???? Come on, say yes, it’ll just be the three of us, Sam, you and me! We’re gonna tell each other lots of stuff! Come on, I’ll buy you guys dinner and I’ll even cook for you! Just say yes!”

I love Maya, but sometimes I really feel like I’m dealing with a teenager… I quickly confirm my presence to her (worried that she’s going to take care of the meal…) and I join Tim to finish our evening… Who knows, maybe we’ll feel like a third orgasm at the end of the evening… What do you think?


And here come the friends for Claire’s story! So, what do you think of her surprise? Would you like to have / do the same or not? In any case, it seems that Maya also has things to tell our character… What will happen during this girl’s night ? We will see it very soon, with the event that will launch our first book ! So see you soon!

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