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La Plume d'Eros is 100% free content! Do you like our work? We don't want to make it pay, so here's how you can help us!


Many of you are following the adventures of our characters and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It is a great pleasure to receive your feedback and to see, just like us, that the characters from our naughty stories, Maya, Sam, Nathan and the others, are gradually becoming part of your daily life.

We have always offered free content on our website, on external sites of erotic stories and on sharing sites. Free stories and free games have built the foundation of our adventure. And we intend to continue!

But we wish to go further, to develop our characters, our supports and to create a real universe which will allow you to immerse yourself, to live the adventures of many characters. We wish to offer you more free quality content, whether it is naughty stories, complete books, videos, complete games, advice etc… And for this, we need your support.


As you will see below, we have a lot of ideas to develop the site and our activity, even if at first we will focus mainly on the free erotic stories, and our two big books, which will also be free and available on the site. But to be able to develop all this, we need your help! We want to keep the site free for everyone to enjoy, but if you like our work and want to support us, help us to offer more and do even more, here’s what you can do!

  • SUPPORT US via our Teepee (or Patreon) which will open very soon!
  • HELP US to translate the stories french -> english or for proofreading
  • SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter! (below).
  • BUY our paying books to finance us and make you happy (only in French for now, but cumin soon in EN !).
  • Tell your friends about us and let them discover the site!
  • Help us by becoming a model of one of the characters against visibility (for the moment ;))

It’s gonna be great already!

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In order to become a VIP, just subscribe to our newsletter! Not only will you receive our FREE little ebook of 3 naughty scenarios (for now in French but very soon in English !) to spice up your lovemaking, but above all you’ll allow us to keep you up to date with the latest stories, the progress of our book with a preview access to all the chapters, but also be kept informed of the release of our paid books, our games and all our important news! We don’t like spam either, so we use the newsletter sparingly. Sign up now to support us!

What we're planning!

We are planning a lot… The people who will be part of our small community will be able to discover a lot more about our universe and enjoy many more creations from us. Here is a non-exhaustive overview of what we plan to offer over time! It will take a lot of time and therefore, we need your support as we said above 😉 !

Histoires coquines - Série premium de livres coquins

Two complete series of books, naughty stories in a fascinating tale!!
We are writing two series of books: a series set in our reality, with Maya’s characters, Samantha, Alice, Nathan and the others (who you already know a little bit) and a series set in a magical (and naughty…) world that we reveal little by little on the site. You will be able to follow all the adventures of your favorite characters and discover the story before everyone! We will also offer physical versions of the books, which you can offer yourself to help us! There will be something for all tastes and all sexual orientations! Of course, the books will be full of naughty stories, but we will tell a complete and fascinating story!

Jeux coquins premium et gratuits

Exclusive complete naughty games to spice up your frolics or break the routine!
We will also set up unique and complete naughty games for you to enjoy! And these games are also suitable for all sexual orientations as we will be declining them. You will be able to find many different games that will allow you to have orgasmic moments! No more boring board games sold at high prices that are not fun… You will be able to have fun! There will also be special games for special occasions (New Year, Valentine’s Day etc…). You’ll have plenty to do! If you decide to help us via Teepee for example, you’ll have very good quality games at mini prices!

Les personnages des histoires coquines de La Plume d'Eros prennent vie

Access to videos and naughty photos of our characters… In real life…
Over time, we hope to partner with models who will bring our characters to life… And all this will be reserved for members of our community! You will be able to enjoy private videos of Maya, Samantha or Nathan and thus enter even more into our universe! You will also have access to bonuses that will complete some of the stories, with videos / photos that will accompany the stories… If you like our characters, you’ll want to follow their adventures even more, and that’s something great that we want to offer you!

Jeux concours coquins

Contests and discounts reserved for our readers!
When our small community will have grown, we will partner with structures to make contests, or we will organize them ourselves! This will allow you to win nice things that will help you in your search for fun 😉 ! We are also planning a partnership with an artist, who will propose sensual (and very nice!) paintings exclusive to the community!

Conseils coquins, tests coquins etc...

Advice, exchanges with the community, tests and much more!
As you can imagine, to write Samantha’s and others’ adventures, to make our complete games, we do a lot of research… And we come across a lot of very interesting things, whether it’s to spice up the couple’s life, spice up the sex life, correct little problems, improve performance… Or how to do things better, better understand, better manage… All the advice we find, we’ll share it with you and you’re bound to find something you’ll like!
We would also like to set up a forum where you can exchange with other members, if you wish, in private areas! You will be able to submit your ideas for naughty stories, your desires, discuss about our universes or anything else! These spaces will also allow us to propose you tests (we reserve you many surprises) to help you in your choices, to make you discover things! In short, we’ll stop here but you’ve understood it, there will be many exciting things!

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