La Plume d’Eros : who are we ?


What is La Plume d’Eros ?

If you want to play the curious, here's a little bit of our adventure and why we set up this blog of free naughty stories!

Writing is a pleasure...

Who are we? Well it’s very simple… La Plume d’Eros is basically a little blog kept by a couple who likes to tell and create stories… And if they are naughty it’s a plus, especially for Nate. Nate and Kate, since they’re our pseudonyms of current authors, it’s us ! Our passion is to create universes, stories. Quickly, Nate wanted to get into erotic literature to share with others! It’s done with the opening of the Plume d’Eros blog!

At first, the goal was simply to share a few naughty stories with those who wanted to… But as time went by, we wanted to create a complete universe… Ideas were coming into our heads and we wanted to make our little occasional characters the actors of a much larger picture. So we started to create a big story, and today we have so much that it’s hard to share it all bit by bit!

Besides that, we like to create naughty games to spice up our sex life and we take the opportunity to share our work with those who want it too! This can go from naughty books in which you are the heroes to hard sexual endurance games etc… Here too there is no lack of ideas, we have content for lots of things! Besides, sometimes it scares us a bit…

Over time, the little hobby has become a full-time activity! Today we really want to offer you this universe that we have created, which will tell you many adventures with of course many naughty scenes! Just because it is erotic literature doesn’t mean that we can’t have an exciting story behind it! We will bring you two series, one based in our reality and one in a magical world. We look forward to learning more! To sum up, La Plume d’Eros is our way to share with you this universe that we are creating and that we hope will become yours too!

Naughty Stories

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Would you like to have a little glimpse of our path?

End 2017
Real beginning of the project, with the first erotic but still “secret” recitations…

Early 2018
We start writing naughty games and thinking about publishing our stories.

Summer 2018
Sharing of the first works on public naughty story sites, very warm welcome from the community that pushed us to continue!

End of 2018
Launch of the first blog of La Plume d’Eros with the first naughty stories of our characters.

Summer 2019
Closure of the blog due to our desire to develop the universe and create something coherent. Research, writing, research…

November 2019
Re-opening of the blog with the setting up of our universe, which we will bring you as we go along.

1st quarter 2020
Opening of the free VIP access for a maximum of fun and to help us make our naughty adventure possible!

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