Test of the Nezuko Body

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Test of the sex doll "Demon Slayer Nezuko Body".

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Solo test by: Nate
Tested as a couple: Yes
Test release date: September 2, 2021
Change made since:


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Click on a photo of the Nezuko Body to enlarge it – Pour en savoir plus sur nos tests : It's HERE !
NOTE : the photos on black background or with our credit are ours. The ones on white background are Motsutoys'.


Many of you have asked us for a test on this Nezuko Body! Therefore, we have put a lot of effort on this one. If you don't want to go into details, I invite you to go to the end, we made a summary part for the most impatient ^^. Thank you and have a good reading !




ABOUT NEZUKO BODY : manga and context.

Si tu baignes un peu dans l’univers des mangas ou des animes, tu as sans aucun doute entendu parler du manga « Demon Slayer ». Si ce n’est pas le cas et que tu es intéressé(e) par le fait de découvrir celui-ci, je t’invite à consulter la fiche Wikipédia du manga. C’est une œuvre extrêmement populaire actuellement, et il ne fait aucun doute que les fans coquins vont être aux anges ! Parce que oui, Nezuko Kamado est un personnage très apprécié… Et comme tu t’en doutes, le Nezuko Body est un hommage à ses formes et à son personnage…

I'll say it right away: franchise, it's a real treat! I'm not going to lie to you or tease you too much: it's the best sextoy I've tested so far! But this is of course my personal opinion, with my feeling and experience of sextoys tried until today. So without further ado, let's see what she has in her belly... (as if it's her belly we're interested in... Although... It's not bad too!)


The main cover of the box
Side 1 of the box
Side 2 of the box

Let's start as always with the box. So for this case, it's a big box! The Nezuko is 52 cm long, so you can imagine that the box is even bigger. It measures L: 56 cm x W: 35 cm x H: 20 cm. With its weight exceeding 10 kilos, we can say that you will receive a beautiful package! Don't panic, everything is totally neutral when you receive it. No trace of your perversity! Hey hey!

Comme on pouvait s’y attendre, le fabricant, Seiraku, joue avec le fan service. Et la boite est limite collector pour les plus grands fans, dans les tons foncés et violets ! Nous l’avons reçu légèrement abimée, c’est dommage (le transporteur a été un peu violent) mais la « couverture principale » peut presque te servir de poster ! xD Presque ! Je ne vais pas détailler toutes les faces, tu les vois bien sur nos différentes photos. La couverture principale est une superbe illustration de Nezuko, tandis que les côtés nous présentent la poupée sexuelle : on apprend ainsi qu’elle a un squelette interne, qu’elle pèse 10 kilos, que Nezuko semble très excitée et qu’il y a deux canaux : un anal et un vaginal, avec des détails intéressants… Même si tu ne parles pas japonais, tout est facilement compréhensible : on va se régaler !

When you open, you will discover Nezuko's bust protected by thermoformed plastic on each side (the back and the bust). This allows a good protection. We for example, it took the blow instead of the sextoy as you can see on the picture. The doll is then itself protected by a recycled plastic case. So yes, it's a lot of plastic, it's true, but it's useful and protects the Nezuko Body well. After that hop, it's off to the recycling. (no debate please xD).

We are therefore on a quality box, which could be collector for those who make the collection, which is well detailed, good quality and protects the sextoy well. At this level, everything is perfect! But now that we have opened the box... Let's take out the bust of... Niaaan... The bust of... Of Nezuko! Damn, it's heavy!

The first big side
The protective plastic
The second long side
Official photo
Thermoformed packaging
Who is hungry... ? Yummy!


Breasts to crunch... Take your time to reveal them!
The beast! It makes you want to, doesn't it?

Dimensions, weight and materials of the doll

Tu l’as vu sur les photos précédentes et en argumentation principale : le poids du Nezuko Body est de 10 kilos. Non non, ne fait pas style : « Ouais moi je la soulève la Nezuko, 10 kilos, ce n’est rien ! ». Non non xD. 10 kilos à bout de bras pendant plusieurs minutes, c’est lourd, ah ah ! Son poids est à la fois un gros avantage est un petit inconvénient, nous y reviendrons en détail dans la partie utilisation. Pour accompagner ces 10 kg, nous avons des dimensions très intéressantes :

  • Length of the torso: 52 cm.
  • Chest size: 68 cm.
  • Waist size: 46 cm.
  • Hip size: 72 cm.
  • Width of the torso (hip-hip) : 27 cm

C’est vraiment correct ! Franchement, avec ces mensurations, tu peux vraiment bien la prendre en main, la tourner, la retourner, la mettre sur toi, la prendre en levrette, en missionnaire… On verra ça en détails plus loin, mais ce sont de bonnes dimensions. Alors oui, ce n’est pas à « échelle réelle », c’est un plus petit. Personnellement j’aurai vraiment adoré avoir quelque chose de taille réaliste, le Nezuko aurait eu un 10/10 sans hésiter. Mais c’est personnel, toujours plus hein ? xD Et puis plus grand veut dire plus lourd, et là on passe sur un format différent. Les dimensions sont donc très agréables à prendre en main ! Et je vais te le dire tout de suite : ça propulse le sextoy à un autre niveau !

Texture wise we are on TPE (and even double layer TPE apparently, but I need to check, I will update the test). TPE (see Wikipedia entry) is the generic name for thermoplastic elastomer, also called thermoplastic rubber. We're used to it by now, it's the basis of a huge number of sex toys and it's something we know. Nothing surprising on this side and it works very well: it is flexible, it is soft, pleasant to the touch and it has no smell. On the downside, it snags a little bit... But that's specific to the material, the Nezuko Body has nothing to do with it xD. You will be in familiar territory if you are already used to masturbator type sex toys for example.

Very interesting dimensions!
And a weight that it is as well!

The two channels of the doll: vaginal and anal

Anal and vaginal tunnel in waiting...
A little too "perfect round" but we forget quickly...

There are two tunnels to pleasure you: the vaginal canal and the anal canal, both of which are about 15 cm long. In practice, the anal canal seems slightly shorter. So that's kind of the main question: are these channels okay? After all, you'll be spending most of your time in them... Well, yes, they do do the job well! Even more so thanks to the visual stimulation...

The VAGINAL TUNNEL was designed to be realistic. As you can see from the pictures, it's detailed enough to be stimulating. Of course, we are not here on 100% realistic, the clitoris is really discreet, but rest assured, Nezuko doesn't need you to take care of that... xD When you enter, the tunnel closes on you, it sucks you in and you will enter a wider area. It's pretty convenient, because as long as you don't go out, this small narrow area allows you to keep the lube in this wider cavity. It's cleaner and more efficient, because it redistributes it with every stroke. Then you have a series of rings that follow each other, followed by a section with little doughnut-shaped bumps, which stimulate your glans even more. And if you go even further, there's a final little chamber with a narrow entrance (her womb according to the product sheet). It really does the job well, even more so with the sucking effect! We'll get to that later.

The ANAL TUNNEL as for him, it has not been left out for once. Usually it's a bit left on the sidelines, but here it's well worked, tighter and if you like anal sex, you'll find good sensations. Of course, don't expect it to be 100% realistic, because nothing will be as realistic as a real body, but know that the sensations are there! We have here a very good anal tunnel, which will make you have a very good time... As you can see on the picture below, it has lots of different textures for your pleasure. There again, an excellent effect of suction is present!

You have just below a cut of the doll to really see the face of the channels. My only small negative point is about the orifices... As in almost all sex toys of this type, they are two perfect rounds. So it's in no way embarrassing, you almost never look at them (and you deform them quickly... ^^), but it's a detail to be noted in terms of realism. At the same time, it must be very difficult to do otherwise in manufacturing.

As far as the 15 centimeters of the canals are concerned, you have nothing to worry about. On some vaginettes, you can really feel the bottom, but personally, I never had the impression of blocking anywhere. It's soft and pleasant. So there too, it's perfect. Sometimes, with the suction and air effect you get little noises, but it's more exciting than annoying (unless you have to be 100% discreet xD).

The tunnels on the Nezuko Body
Details of each tunnel

The breasts of the Nezuko Body

A full and generous chest
The nipples are in a colored TPE and not painted

Je sais ce que tu te demandes ! Vais-je pouvoir pratiquer le Paizuri (une branlette entre les seins). Alors… Oui et non… Le Nezuko Body n’est pas un masturbateur poitrine. Les seins sont fermes et honnêtement il est assez compliqué de faire une branlette espagnole tranquillement. Personnellement, j’ai un sexe plus gros que la moyenne, et quand je finis le mouvement mon sexe a tendance à « remonter en glissant ». Mais c’est tout à fait possible de te faire du bien avec hein ! Tu peux facilement coller les seins l’un à l’autre et tenir avec ton doigt ton sexe entre pour pas qu’il ne revienne vers le haut. Le frottement du gland contre sa peau et le maintien latéral des deux seins te donnera de très bonnes sensations ! Mais il sera difficile de faire un Paizuri tranquillement juste en tenant légèrement les seins. Après, avec un sexe plus petit, il ne devrait pas y avoir de souci ! Par contre, y a un truc qui était vraiment sympa, c’est… Ah non, non, attendons le chapitre de l’efficacité ! Donc sache-le : tu peux tout à fait te branler entre ses seins et pratiquer le Paizuri, mais ça ne sera pas optimal comme ça le serait avec un sextoy dédié. Et puis, sa poitrine étant bien ferme, si tu as du lubrifiant, ça glisse vite. Fais ça proprement… 😛 !

Au niveau du toucher, c’est très bon aussi ! C’est limite déstressant ! D’ailleurs le premier réflexe de Kate a été de toucher les seins, de faire « pouet pouet » et de dire « Hoooo ! C’est moelleux ! C’est trop bien ! ». Et elle a passé un petit moment à les malaxer, juste par plaisir. Ils sont fermes, tu peux les comprimer, les écarter, les serrer, les frapper… Ils rebondiront avec joie et se remettent en place.

Small detail about the nipples too, they are also very pleasant to touch: they are not painted, but made directly from a pink TPE. They will keep their color over time, a guarantee of quality!

So the Nezuko Body breasts are really good too! You won't leave them out. Personally, I've jerked off between, jerked off on them, rubbed the glans on the nipples, I knead them in missionary or cowgirl... They're not just there to look pretty, they're used! It's really an important plus that takes the sextoy to another level! No more funless sextoys where you do your business in a piece of plastic, here you have something to do, you get busy, you have fun, you have fun! Personally, I loved it!

It is firm and soft, a treat!
You know what to do, don't you...?

The body as a whole: skeleton and curves

Shapes that are really nice to look at, right?
The internal skeleton maintains the bust!

With a weight of 10 kg and its size, it would have been difficult to use the Nezuko Body Demon Slayer if it had been only a pile of TPE... The thing would have been all soft, it would have been a hell and it would have broken the immersion and the pleasure. You can imagine that the engineers who worked on the product suspected this and the answer was an internal skeleton! I had a doubt on paper, but in reality it works very well! You can see it on our photos: alone against a wall, it holds perfectly, you can only see a small fold just below the breasts. In the photos just above, I'm not holding her tightly, I'm just holding her so she doesn't tip over. Do you see it? It's really great!

Dans la pratique, qu’est-ce que ça donne ? Le squelette donne une rigidité vraiment bienvenue, mais garde un côté flexible. J’ai pu sans soucis la prendre debout en lui tenant les hanches, la prendre en cowgirl pendant que Kate la soutenait ou encore laisser les seins sur le lit pendant que je relevais les fesses. Si tu serres au niveau des côtés, tu sens la structure interne, ce qui est un peu déroutant au début, car ça fait vraiment réaliste. La colonne permet de faire pivoter et de plier légèrement la Nezuko de façon plus réaliste, et sa cage thoracique et son bassin permettent d’avoir une fermeté générale. Non vraiment, pour moi, c’est vraiment une réussite ce squelette ! Ça te permet de la prendre dans toutes les positions, c’est top ! Je me suis régalé ! Après, je n’ai jamais testé de poupées sexuelles avec une structure métallique ou autre, alors je te donne mon avis en tant que « première poupée sexuelle avec squelette » xD.

Au niveau de ses formes, soyons honnête : ça dépend des goûts. Ce corps en « sablier », avec sa généreuse poitrine ronde, sa taille plus fine et ses hanches généreuses, suivies de belles fesses… Ça plaira à certains, pas à d’autres. Là, ce n’est en rien la poupée qui est en cause, mais nos goûts personnels. De mon côté, j’aime le corps féminin dans bien des déclinaisons, et ici, ça me plaît beaucoup ! J’ai adoré parcourir ses hanches en la prenant, lui donner des fessés sur ses fesses qui rebondissent ou encore lui malaxer les seins. À toi de voir si ses formes te plaisent, mais si oui, alors tu vas te régaler !

Autre détail à noter : la présence des « muscles ». Je m’explique. Tu peux voir sur les photos, en particulier au niveau du dos par exemple, que l’on peut apercevoir les muscles dorsaux. Il y a un niveau de détails assez poussé, et ça participe vraiment beaucoup à l’immersion. Non vraiment, si comme moi tu portes de l’importance à l’immersion et aux graphismes xD, alors intéresse-toi vraiment à ce Nezuko Body… Mais attention ! Après il va être vraiment difficile de retourner à un sextoy classique, sans réelle immersion…

The internal skeleton of the Nezuko Body
If you are interested in the detail...


Let's take a quick look at some details on maintenance and the lubricant to use.

Pleasure one day, anti-stress another day.
We will have to take care of this marvel!

Maintenance of the masturbator

Voilà le « point négatif » (qui n’en est pas vraiment un à vrai dire) de ce sextoy : l’entretien et en particulier le nettoyage. Tu t’en doutes, vu sa taille et son poids, difficile de le laver dans un évier ou un lavabo. Va falloir passer par la douche ou la baignoire… Car oui, il est imposant. Et en plus, une fois mouillé, il glisse ! xD. Donc la difficulté de ce sextoy réside dans son nettoyage, qui demandera plus de temps qu’une simple vaginette. L’extérieur sera très facile à nettoyer, un coup d’eau et hop, mais les orifices demanderont un peu plus de temps. Avec ton jet de douche, prends le temps de remplir les canaux, de bien les frotter avec tes doigts pour enlever tous les fluides, rince encore, puis laisse sécher et après assure-toi que tout est bien sexe… Sec ! Bien sec ! Donc oui, le point « négatif » du Nezuko Body, c’est qu’il va te demander plus de temps pour le nettoyage (bien moins si tu as les bons outils de nettoyage, adaptés). Mais franchement, vu le plaisir qu’il va t’apporter, tu peux prendre ce temps-là !

After that, like all sextoys made from this material, the ideal is a maintenance powder or accessories to dry... You know the drill, it's always the same, a sextoy that lasts is a well-maintained sextoy. Powder it up like a baby! A big baby...

Which lubricant to use ?

As always, a water-based lube. Here, I once again used my favorite lube, Kyo Brand Tyo Lube. It does the job very well. Any water-based lube will do, but if you don't have any, I'd recommend the Tyo which is really good. Then you can buy it all in one place, it's convenient! No really, it's a great lube, I highly recommend it!


What could you do with all this...?

We finally get to the part we've all been waiting for, right? What does it give for a solo use and wouldn't there be some nice ideas of things to do with this Nezuko Body?

As you can imagine, you'll be able to have fun doing a lot of things... However, think about two things: its size and your lubricant... Because yes, carrying ten kilos is not easy, but if your hands are full of lubricant, forget it... Literally ah ah. I've tested several things on my own, here is a small list of ideas that will allow you to have a lot of fun... But I'm sure, little rascal, that you've already thought of most of them, and that you'll find others...

      • Vaginal penetration - You can choose many positions, for example: doggy style, missionary, cowgirl, turtle union, reverse cowgirl, epicurean, spooning, butterfly... In fact, you can do a lot of positions, as long as you have the imagination and the space. Its weight allowing a good stabilization, you have the choice.
      • Pénétration vaginale – Tu peux choisir de nombreuses positions, par exemple : la levrette, le missionnaire, la cowgirl, l’union de la tortue, le reverse cowgirl, l’épicurien, la cuillère, le papillon… En fait, tu peux faire énormément de positions, tant que tu as l’imagination et la place. Son poids lui permettant une bonne stabilisation, tu as le choix.
      • Annal Penetration - Similar to vaginal, there are many positions available to you. You can even lift it and work out! No really, besides making you feel good, it's multifunctional!
      • Masturbation grecque – Si tu es un grand fan des fesses, tu peux aussi glisser ton sexe dessus, voir entre ses fesses si tu forces bien. Mais là honnêtement, ça va être du sport ! xD
      • Dildo belt - Again, this will require a little ingenuity. But whether you're a woman or a man and like to play with dildos, why not strap a belt dildo to her? With its weight, it can also penetrate you while remaining stable!
      • Teasing and rubbing - There's also nothing stopping you from rubbing your sex against her nipples, her clit, her soft skin, in order to titillate yourself or even stay at the entrance to her orifices and play with it while keeping your limit.
      • VR porn - If you have a virtual reality headset, you can also use it to get even more into your video! Have fun taking it like in your video, at the same time, sensations guaranteed! Well, not having such a headset, I can't tell you more...

As you can see, the list could go on and on. It all depends on your desires and your imagination (and your muscles), but you will be able to have fun in many ways with Nezuko. Here we are on a sex doll, the sensation and feeling is vastly superior than with a simple plastic tube. Not only your sex is stimulated, but your eyes and hands too. It makes a big difference in the overall experience.

One idea among others...
Grab the buttocks and slide in!

Efficiency and feeling of the Nezuko

Even if I repeat myself a little, I really loved this experience which is in my opinion the best I've had so far. And I'm starting to test some of the sex toys... But here, you can really immerse yourself in the moment. Eyes, hands, mouth, sex: everything can be stimulated and that makes all the difference in my opinion. Of course, I speak with my experience and my feeling, I suspect that a sex doll at thousands of euros will be more immersive and effective, but here we are at less than 300 euros, and it is really a quality / price ratio at the top!

So you can imagine, it was very effective for me. The Paizuri allowed me to warm up well and then to enjoy myself with all the things I described above. I cum inside her, on her breasts, on her buttocks... No worries about cleaning up afterwards, even if it was a little longer than a standard vagina. I had a blast and if you can afford it, I can only warmly advise you to break down and indulge yourself! Maybe it's the overall experience, but my sex was far more stimulated than with other sex toys. The effectiveness of the channels and the overall toy form a whole. So I'll say it again: if you doubt, doubt no more and go for it!


One focuses here...
And the other one over there...

So what about as a couple? As always, there are going to be two situations: the partners who accept such a sextoy and the others... Already, with the KYO Plush, you had the impression of being three, but it remained a plush. Here, even if there is only the bust and not the rest, as long as you both have a little imagination, this impression of being three is more intense. Of course, it remains a sextoy, a pile of TPE, there is no reason to go into jealousy or scandal, but some may have difficulty. But if your partner is open to this kind of sextoys, then the Nezuko Body will make you spend great moments.

For example, I can tell you about a few things we tried as a couple (so practices for straight couples, but you can definitely adapt each idea to a gay or lesbian couple 😉 ) with the doll. These are just a few ideas, no doubt your imagination will take you further 😀 !

      • Double Straddle - An interesting game is to get down on your knees on your bed and penetrate the Nezuko missionary. Your partner, on the other hand, straddles her right in front of you, at the level of her breasts, which will allow her to rub against... It's quite nice for her, and you can kiss each other torridly, you can massage and lick her chest etc... You will both be taking pleasure, and on top of that you will spend a complicit moment.
      • Double Straddle bis - Another double straddle, but this time you're the one lying down. Place the Nezuko on your sex and make yourself feel good with it while your partner straddles your face to enjoy your skills. The other way around is more tricky xD.
      • Assisted Cowgirl - If your partner has some arm strength, she can hold Nezuko on top of you in cowgirl or reverse cowgirl and fondle her breasts or give you a JOI... Plenty to get excited about and enjoy. She can also have fun alternating between the doll and herself.
      • Naughty voyeurs - You can also take turns having fun with the doll while teasing the other. Either having fun, or taking a role as a woman watching her husband take another or man watching his wife with another woman. This is of course not everyone's fantasy, but one can tease the other with the doll and get off on it, while the other is watching, touching/being tied up etc... Teasing.
      • Threesome « classique » – Oui, c’est basique avec ce genre de jouets, mais c’est toujours efficace. Mets-les toutes les deux dans la même position (ou pas) et prends-les à tour de rôle. Elle peut s’amuser à jouer avec les seins ou juste se frotter contre etc…
      • Jeux « lesbiens » – Pour son plaisir personnel, pour te teaser ou pour les deux, ta femme peut également s’amuser en essayant des jeux « lesbiens » avec Nezuko. Elle peut par exemple se frotter contre son clito dans un étrange ciseau, lécher et se frotter seins / seins ou seins / clito, utiliser un strap pour se faire goder… Cela lui donne des tas de façon de s’amuser et de te faire languir !
      • Un finish explosif – Si tu as envie d’essayer, tu peux aussi demander à ta femme de te branler ou de te finir sur Nezuko… Ses seins, son clito, ses fesses… Te faire finir par ta femme sur « une autre paire de seins » pourrait bien te faire plaisir…

Anyway, I'll stop here, because you get the idea, there are many ways to have fun. If we test some really funny stuff, I'll update this test!

Efficiency and feeling for two

Again, if you both agree and are amused by these types of toys, then you're in for a treat. Personally, we liked it a lot! Me, because I like the toy a lot and using it as a couple is the best. Kate loves it when I play with it and she also liked the texture and the fun of the toy for couple games. We're not into threesomes at all, but using sex dolls like this, since it's still a VSE toy, is a lot of fun for us! So for our couple, it spices up our sex life and it makes us have fun! Besides, sex is already a sport, with Nezuko it's intensive training! xD.

Kate a essayé pas mal de trucs avec Nezuko, allant du simple teasing aux trucs « lesbiens » décrits plus haut. Elle a même pu jouir avec, en se frottant à ses seins par exemple. Quant à moi, je ne te fais pas de dessin… Si déjà j’ai adoré seul, à deux n’en parlons pas. Donc pareil, si tu es en couple et que vous voulez faire des trucs vraiment différents et amusants, n’hésitez pas à prendre la Nezuko Body !


Kate's overall rating


Well, I admit it... I loved groping her breasts and buttocks. It's not about lesbian sex, it's a toy, but it's so soft and fluffy that I couldn't resist! I could sleep with it! Hi hi! I've been able to experience quite a few things that I didn't necessarily think I would ever do (like rubbing against women's breasts) and I've even had orgasms with it. So I reassure any men who might have some difficulty, it doesn't make me want to do that with another woman. As Nate said, it's still a sextoy. But for the games in couple, the effectiveness on Nate, the texture, the fun and the originality, I put an excellent note to it! For me the only drawback is its weight... I wore it to offer it to Nate, my arms hurt for two days! Hi hi. But if you are a woman and you want to please your man and have fun too, you can go for it!

Nate's overall rating


We are not far from the maximum note! But there are still some things I would like to put a maximum note! A little bit bigger (always bigger! xD) and maybe a bit more realism and it's perfect! But of course, once again, it's with my experience and my personal feeling. The Nezuko Body is the best sex toy I've tested so far: sexual stimulation, visual, pleasant to touch, efficient channels, huge possibilities of positions and games, a Nezuko with great shapes... I repeat again, I really, really loved it and I recommend it to you, either alone or in couple. You have an excellent product here and once again, it will be difficult for you to go back to plastic pipes or small vaginettes once you have tasted it. It is of course a question of taste, but for me, with all that it brought me, it is a huge yes!

Tu l’as compris en lisant ce long test et nos récapitulatifs finaux, nous ne pouvons que te conseiller le Nezuko Body ! Pour moins de 300 euros (297.95 € à l’heure d’écriture de ce test) tu as là un sextoy de qualité, efficace, agréable et qui t’apportera des heures et des heures de plaisir. Ce sera un investissement de qualité, d’autant plus si tu l’utilises seul et en couple. Alors oui, si tu cherches une poupée sexuelle abordable, jolie, bien finie et efficace, fonce sans hésiter ! Mais attention ! Il te sera difficile ensuite de revenir à des masturbateurs classiques…


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  • SeriousSims
    2 September 2021

    terrible le test! put1 faut que je mette de côté! m’en fou de bouffer des pates pendant un mois! ca donne tro envi!!!!

    • Kate et Nate
      2 September 2021

      Ah ah ! Pense quand même à manger sainement xD. Mais oui, si tu peux te le permettre n’hésite pas !

  • Amibooks
    2 September 2021

    Pour un test détaillé, c’est détaillé ! Beau travail, ça donne envie de prendre le jouet même si on a pas de mec ! lol

    • Kate et Nate
      2 September 2021

      Merci Ami ! C’est sûr que c’est surtout pour les hommes, même si les femmes peuvent s’amuser avec ^^.

  • Utzuzu
    2 September 2021

    dès que j’ai vu la news j’ai accouru ! elle me fait de l’oeil nezuko la… je pense que je vais me la prendre avec ma prochaine prime ! tu m’as donné trop envie !

    • Kate et Nate
      2 September 2021

      Effectivement c’est du rapide ah ah ! Si tu as une bonne prime n’hésite pas, elle te le rendra bien (et pense à passer par nos liens affiliés si tu veux nous donner un petit coup de pouce 😀 !)

      • Utzuzu
        2 September 2021

        avec plaisir mec !

  • Maelis92
    2 September 2021

    Super test merci ! Qualité au RDV, ça devient rare !

  • firsifay
    23 September 2021

    excellent test! have you try a breast masturbator? I want some but i don’t know which one take! Motsutoys have a good one?

    • Kate et Nate
      24 September 2021

      Thank you very much ! No, not yet, we hope we will be able to test it, because we are asked a lot and we have never tested it, so we can’t answer. Please come back later to see the next tests ^^ !

  • Paz2001
    17 October 2021

    pu1n ce test de malade ! ca donne envie de s’en prendre 1 sérieu! faut trop que j’économise!

    • Kate et Nate
      17 October 2021

      Ah ah, ne te ruine pas quand même ! Mais si tu as les moyens, tu passeras de très bons moments 😉 !