The first time he took me…



It's finally D-Day... Alice and Nathan have their first night out... And considering their past, it's gonna be a very hot night...

Hello to you and welcome to one of our new free naughty stories! Alice has the pleasure of being your narrator and tells you about the first sexual evening she had with Nathan, following their online encounter, remember? So let’s go into their intimacy and let Alice tell you about the first time he took her?

The smoke coming out of the bathroom when I open the door can only mean one of two things: either I’ve taken a shower that’s way too hot, or I’m really hot… I’m leaning towards… Both. As I walk naked to my room to put something on, I think about what’s in store for me tonight, a good game of sex. At least that’s what I want, I made it clear to Nathan during our little chat online and on the phone… Damn, I’m in doubt. What if he didn’t get it? What if my little peeping show act when he was jerking off at the office was blocking him instead of the other way around? I’m planning on having sex tonight, so I’ve got to make sure I have a good chance.

For starters, I’m putting on my sexiest outfit. A pair of boxer briefs that make my butt look like a pair of asses… and the bra that goes with it. More than being sexy, this outfit makes me want to be sexy, it’s much more important, although hot as I am it’s rather dispensable. Now that it’s done, I’m going to prepare a little surprise for our national Nathan to make him understand that it’s his sex that I’m particularly interested in tonight, in case the “I want your cock” and other very refined phrases didn’t convince him… I walk to the front door, unlock it and leave it slightly ajar. It’s 7:00 pm, he should be here any minute, and if it’s a neighbor looking out the door, well… He’ll have a nice show.

I’m gonna give him a pornographic arrival. I’ll sit on the couch, still in my underwear, and start going through my breasts. I go down along my belly and brush my panties. Wow… I get sweet pleasure spasms from that alone. I feel like my panties won’t stay dry for very long. I climb back up onto my chest to grasp it firmly and snuggle my breasts together, several times in delicious firm movements… What a pleasure it is to feel my breasts clattering together, even though the more I go on, the more I feel like having sex in between. You’d better hurry up Nathan… Mischievously, I pull out my nipples and gently caress them to see how excited I am. Just two little circular motions and I quickly realize that my excitement is at its peak. I won’t go so far as to say that I’m becoming Niagara Falls, but I’m dripping everywhere… It would be indecent to greet it with drool everywhere else, wouldn’t it? Naked touching me is much more interesting…

As the time passes slowly, I slip my hands under my panties and enjoy playing with my frustration, stroking my crotch on the sides, without ever going over “the limit”. I even go so far as to slide my panties gently so that they graze my clitoris and give me shivers of pleasure. I don’t cheat, I enjoy the rules. Just to make sure I’m not cheating, I’m going to try to caress my clitoris, to make sure I’m not… My hand slides slowly over it and gives it a delicate caress. Ohhh what happiness, my bust rises up with pleasure so much my whole body is waiting for pleasure, I bite my lip with envy and can’t stop me from taking my breasts out of the bra to caress them again. I rub them against each other, pinching my nipples until my desire is too strong, I have to masturbate! With both hands, I come to offer intense caresses to my clitoris and I lose my mind. Very slowly, I put powerful pressure on my clitoris, dangerously sliding a few fingers towards the entrance of my vagina… My breath speeds up, I want to go faster, to masturbate like crazy, but I mustn’t do it. No, I have to wait… But I can’t stand still any longer, I want to enjoy myself too much. But you mustn’t cheat. No manual masturbation no… I plunge into my dreams for a few moments while caressing my breasts and buttocks until a bright idea comes to me. I go to my room and come back with my little purple vibrator, all round and cute. Hey! I don’t cheat, my fingers don’t touch my clitoris!

I look at the time, Nathan’s about to come in. I’m in the mood for some fun right now ! I turn on my vibrator and slip it between my legs, over my panties to my clitoris which in turn starts vibrating with pleasure. On the minimum speed, I let it give me what I want. With my right hand, I put different pressures on my toy to try to get more, while my other hand goes through my belly, my breasts and sometimes stuffs a few fingers in my mouth… Hum, if only I could take advantage of this saliva to finger myself… I want it so much! Out of clumsiness, I activate the second speed of my toy, then the third. Oops, what a gourd… The vibrations are getting more and more intense, and so is the pleasure I get from them. My pelvis begins to move in rhythm. I imagine its limb inside me, its warm breath in my neck, which makes mine accelerate. I can’t hold back my little cries of pleasure and I’m starting to lose it… My pelvic movements become more and more pronounced, my pleasure increases, as does the volume of my cries and the strength of my left hand on my breasts. Without Nathan’s intervention I would certainly have gone for an orgasm… But that’s not the case.

My evening guest is standing in front of the door, I feel his gaze on my breasts, which I present to him, squeezing them with all my strength, which gives me a new shiver of pleasure. Sensually, I tidy up my breasts and kneel down on the couch. Biting my lips, I welcome her…

– Hi, handsome… Sorry I started without you. I’m way too hot tonight… You don’t mind…?
– You seem pretty sure of yourself… Didn’t you think you might not have enough energy to make it to the end?
– Huh… Let’s see how you liked the show. Come here, show me if you’ve got a tape of Nathan.

He comes up to me with a crunchy smile. I’m sure that behind the shy Nathan there’s a real sex animal hiding behind him, at least I hope so with all my thighs… While he’s coming towards me, I take the opportunity to watch him. He’s wearing a tight little white sweater, which shows that he’s well built without being very muscular. It suits me… My eyes are lowered and rest on his sex, molded by his jeans. I need a little time to see that he liked my little show a lot. I know it’s well edited, I’ve already seen Maya take care of her dick but now it’s mine. When he’s at my level, I undo his belt, unbuckle the jeans and take out his sex. Oh yeah, you’ve got a hard-on… but not enough yet. Without a word, I take it in my mouth and start to suck it passionately. I’ve been waiting for this since the day I saw him getting jerked off by Maya! It’s kinky and I like it. While my mouth and my tongue offer him pleasure, I feel his eyes wandering over my body… I decide to draw his eyes on my buttocks by raising my back as much as possible so that he can devour my curves and my buttocks with his eyes. Immediately, his eyes plunge into the desired place and his sex makes a start in my mouth. Yes voilà, desire me… Become my sex beast. Look at my ass. Go ahead, let go.

I add to my blowjob a good handjob to make him hard, which doesn’t take long to happen. His gaze plunges into mine while his sex goes all the way into my mouth. I also control the deep throat and obviously, it surprises him as much as it excites him. He opens his mouth almost as wide as I do, the pig. The harder I feel his sex in my mouth, the more I feel that I’m getting wet and that I’m going to explode. I take his cock out of my mouth and spit on it, so I can increase the pace of the jerking off and see how far he can take it. A few seconds… He’s ready, I’ll be able to enjoy it a little bit. He asks me to stop and slips his fingers into my mouth, which I suck as well as his cock, while I slowly continue to jerk him off. He asks me a second time to stop, at the risk of spitting. It’s time to move on to the second part. I get up, kiss him tenderly while taking off his sweater and T-shirt, confirming my observations. With my foot I slide his jeans off and once Nathan is completely naked, I throw him on the couch. Standing in front of him I looked at his body and became intoxicated with all the envy that came from him. He holds his limb at the base to show me that he is ready to take me. Do I ask for more or do I just impale myself on it directly… I want it so badly… I know it will slide perfectly into me but I can’t help wanting more and more. In front of him, I turn around and unhook my bra. Do you feel like a little suspense or not? I know you’ve already seen my breasts, but let me make you languish a little longer. I drop the underwear to the floor and slide my hands along my hips to grab my panties and slide them down to my ankles, taking care to bend over to offer him my ass in visual. He seems to like this vision as I notice that he starts jerking off. Not so fast my cutie, I want you so much that you’re going to have to hold on for a while, save some. On the way up, I spread my buttocks and give myself a little spanking before moving back towards him.

Without a word, I bend down and come inside. Oh, yeah. There’s the moment I’ve been waiting for, his dick coming inside me. Soon, I’m pushing it all the way to the bottom. I let out a cry of pleasure, so strong is this one, and enjoy for a few seconds the contractions of his sex that stimulate the bottom of my vagina. It’s so good, I’m sure that if he masturbates me I can already come. By leaning on his knees, I start to come and go. Slowly at first, where I take the time to walk the full length of his sex, bringing his glans to the entrance of my vagina and then plunging it deep inside me. I love it so much that I can’t help but speed up and go for a wild ride. As I speed up, his hands come and grab my buttocks to knead them and impose an even faster pace. Go ahead, it excites me even more! Feel your hands on my ass and ask for more. Take me even harder, come on! Yes! The more his cock feels good, the more I want to scream and let go. I want more!

– Come on Nathan, take me harder ! Kick my ass!
– Um… Lean…

I grab the coffee table in front of me, bring it closer and use it as an appi, just in case. Gradually, his pelvis slams against mine and his dick gets into me faster and faster. Oh fuck, I can feel it coming… If he keeps taking me like this I’m going to come. I feel the contractions of my vagina and his cock like they’re in sync and there he is spanking me lightly. Not like that! Fucking like this! I give myself a huge spanking to make him understand that I want him to slap me harder, which he soon understands. His dicks are now ultra wild and fast, and give me immense pleasure. I add a layer when I come to masturbate, I want to come. I feel that my orgasm is rising but that his too and at this speed, he will arrive before me… The moment I’m close to orgasm, he stops. No, no, no, not now! I want to come it’s so good, make me come!

– No, no! Don’t stop, I’m gonna cum ! Nathan again, take me !
– I… I can’t…Give me two seconds. Alice !

I get up and immediately come and sit on his face, so he can lick my clitoris and my ass, I don’t want to fall down again! He sticks out his tongue and starts to make me feel good. Yes, that’s how it is, on my clit, don’t stop! I grab his hand and stick it in my vagina. I’m so excited that you can almost tuck in all your fingers, come on! Finger me and lick wildly! Yeah, like that… I feel he’s greedy, it’s not a shy piece of tongue playing with my sex, but all his tongue, even his whole face. When he licks my buttocks, his nose comes to tickle the entrance of my vagina and I feel that he does it on purpose. It excites me terribly, he’s not afraid to get wet! No bad pun of course… No I can’t take it anymore, I want your dick again, give me there!

I throw myself on the couch and spread my thighs wide, I can’t take it anymore, it’s short but I want to come! For pity’s sake I want to come ! He grabs my ankles and pushes my legs to the side to take me with them closed. No big boy, that’s not what… Oh unless… Trained by his pelvic blows, my head hits a hard little thing. I left my vibrator under a pillow. What if… Oh, what the heck? I grab it, put it in first gear and put it on my clit. Ohhhh yes, yes, yes there… His cock inside me and the vibrations of my toy make me take off. It feels so good! Now I feel like I’m going to come fast, yes… I want some more, I want some more! Second gear… Third gear… Fourth gear… I’m asking him to pick up the pace too. Without asking his opinion, I spread my legs as wide as I can to offer him the sight of my clitoris drowning in the pleasure of my vibro. With my right hand I take care of my clitoris and with the other I caress my breasts. Fifth speed… My body trembles with pleasure, I’m going to come! I’m coming! I ask him to accelerate again and I engage the last speed of my vibro.

I feel I’m coming. I let go of my whole body and let my pleasure rise to its maximum, I feel that my orgasm is going to be phenomenal. I seem to be in free fall. I feel Nathan’s cock banging, the vibrations of my toy and the pleasure rising, again and again. I throw my toy on the floor and order Nathan to masturbate, I leave him no choice. His fingers press down on my clitoris and he starts violently tugging on my clitoris. I’m coming… I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming! I grab the cushions behind me and I feel the pleasure explode inside me. My back bends to the maximum, my head goes backwards as if I were possessed and I let out a powerful cry of pleasure, followed by many others. My head is spinning, I want more! I grab my breasts and try to give myself even more pleasure. As I continue to cum, I raise my head and lower my eyes to watch his dick give me pleasure, which again stimulates me, I feel a new dose of pleasure. I take my hand away from him and start masturbating in turn, to let a second smaller but intense orgasm come.

A few seconds later I opened my eyes again and looked at Nathan. His head tilted back, he uttered little cries of pleasure that quickly turned into a deeper scream when he pulled out his cock and started to jerk it off with enthusiasm. I look him in the eyes and revel in his pleasure-ridden face until I feel his hot sperm on my stomach and breasts. My gaze then turns to his cock that spits everything he has on me, and to his hand that jerks him off more and more gently. From my index finger I come to get some of his semen and bring it to my mouth while looking at him.

He collapses on the couch but I ask for more. Embarrassed, he looks at his cock which is already declining. Taking advantage of my still immense excitement, I grab my vibro and start masturbating again, fingering myself as hard as I can, which quickly brings me a third and last orgasm… Hummm… Yes there… So that’s it… Look at me having fun again… Yes… Hum… Phew… I think I’m full for now… Until next time…

Nathan smiles at me and asks where the bathroom is. I go with him to rinse off and immerse myself in my dreams again… How can I go on with the evening now?

That it for Alice and Nathan’s little sex romp until the next one? You’ll have to come back and follow their adventures! Thanks, and see you soon on La Plume d’Eros!

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