The photo shoot…



You are going to meet Mei and Chris for the first time during a very, very, very hot photo shoot... Who's going to cum... ? Let's see it without further delay...

Welcome to a new naughty story of La Plume d’Eros, where you will meet Mei and Chris for the first time, during a very very hot photo shoot… These two new characters, very important in our universe, will be introduced to you by a duo that you know well now: Maya and Sam… what’s going to happen today? How many orgasms are we going to have ? Let’s see this without further delay in this new story told a little differently than usual…

—– SAM —–

Chocolate… Smells like chocolate! I’m so hungry for a chocolate bar… Oh no… A good big jar of melting chocolate, I’ll plunge my spoon deep into it, then I’ll put it delicately on my tongue before sucking it with passion… Then slowly I’ll lick each part of it to revel in…

– “Sam”? Sam, are you all right?” Maya asked me, tearing me away from my dreams full of chocolate orgies…
– Huh? Excuse me?” I replied in the moonlight. She laughed before continuing.
– “You… You were thinking something dirty…”
– “Something dirty? Why would you say that?”
– “Stop it, you’re drooling and you were sticking your tongue out… – She‘s coming towards me slowly – You weren’t thinking of giving me a little pleasure to warm me up, were you?” She asked me mischievously.
– “Ah ah, very funny. Have you got the time?” I asked in order to change the subject…
– “5:10 p.m… It’s not right to let two young women stand around!” she exclaimed, trampling on the spot.

We were both shivering, huddled in our jackets, in front of a huge matt black hangar door, in the middle of a completely deserted street. The wind was icy on this Saturday and the first thought that came to my mind to try and warm up was a big jar of chocolate! Although Maya’s idea of licking something other than a spoon is not bad either… As if asleep by the cold, I feel myself back in my dreams… Maya is now naked, lying on her bed… I approach her, slowly… Sensually… I lick her body before… Pouring a big jar of chocolate on her breasts and…

– “Atchoum!” Maya pulled me from my dreams again.
– “Huh? Oh, bless you…”
– “Thank you! What the hell is Chris doing? Usually he’s always on time, it’s very strange! Seriously, this guy is your mini you!”
– “My… My mini me?”
– “Yes your mini you! You look at him and you cry… He’s the perfect guy!”
– “Huh…”
– “What’s that look?”
– “You know exactly what that look is! You… Ah… Well, that’s all right. Are you sure he tolds you to wait for him outside his photo studio?”
– “Yes!”
– “Maya… How much are you sure?”
– “Sure I’m telling you to… Sure! – She takes out her phone – Look, here’s his message: “Meet me at the studio at 5 o’clock, come straight home…” She takes her eyes off her phone and her puppy-dog look comes across mine…
– “Oupsi… Maybe we should have seen if it was actually open… Hey hey…”
– “Maya… You looked when arrived…”
– “Ah…”, she gives me a little apologetic grin…

Can’t blame her, her eyes are so crisp that he would melt anyone… I grab the heavy metal door and force it open. “Miss Sam, I bow to you! In your hands, nothing stays closed for very long… Doesn’t it?”, Maya bows to me in a mischievous tone of voice… I’m torn between despair and fun… She smiles at me, kisses my cheek and hops inside. We enter a huge room, at the same time ultra modern in its equipment and very old school in its architecture. The heavy door closes behind us. On the ceiling, huge wooden beams are adorned with projectors, each one stranger than the other, turned in all directions, like a gigantic concert stage. The ochre stone walls give the building an incredible cachet and offer an inexplicable feeling of well-being. The beauty of the place slowly reveals itself, as we walk along the steps that lead us to the heart of the photo studio of Chris, a great photographer and model… At the bottom of it, a young woman looks at us with a shy look. Her big rounded and broken glasses hide her beautiful slanting eyes full of stars and she wears ample clothes that hide her pretty forms. The closer we get, the more she seems to panic…

—– MEI —–

Is it… is it them? Are these the models of today? Too shiny! Too much shine! They’re absolutely beautiful, fascinating! I look down on my little belly… I watch them move forward again and I feel terribly guilty about my sleepover-pizza-series from yesterday… The blonde elven goddess spots me with her eyes and gives me a smile so powerful that it makes me take a step backwards. So sincere, so pure… They come towards me. Maybe I can still hide behind the green background? Yes, that would be a good idea! That way we wouldn’t see my… Oh, here they come! I put my glasses back on my nose as if it could protect my eyes from their beauty, but it only makes me see more clearly their luminous, mystical aura!

– “Hello? We’re Maya and Sam we’re here for the shoot…”, the blonde goddess said to me.
– “Oh, you must be Mei! Chris told me you’d welcome us…” the brunette goddess threw her hand forward and I looked up in fear, as if she was going to atomize me at the slightest touch…
– “Uh be-be… ” Damn… I can’t get a word out!
– “Maya! It’s good to see you! Excuse Mei, she’s an extremely capable assistant, but a little shy. Especially with beautiful women. She’ll be fine afterwards.”

My boss came to meet them! Saved! He too is dazzling, but at least my little eyes are used to it! Suddenly, when the three of them are together, something hits me and freezes me on the spot. I feel like my nose is bleeding like a stream.

– “Ah! You see! Even Mei noticed! I’ve always thought so!” laughed the brown goddess called Maya!
– “Noticed what?” wondered the blonde goddess called Sam.
– “But! But! But look at you! He’s the mini you!”

The mini you? How dare she talk about Chris like that… That man is a marvel, half God. I mean… I… The blonde goddess… I’m sorry, Miss Sam’s even shorter than he is. Well, it’s true she looks a lot like him… A lot of charisma, a radiant smile, blonde hair, green jade eyes, the body of a goddess, the presence of a… Help…

– “My name is Chris, nice to meet you, Sam, and thank you for agreeing to come today,” he said, gently shaking his hand. If we were in a manga, a wave of devastating golden energy would have spread violently, breaking everything in its path, including me. And I’ll look at them, tiny little ones from space and…
– “Oh with pleasure. I must admit I’ve never done a photo shoot like this before, so this is a nice opportunity to find out!”
– “Seriously? Never?”, Chris wondered.
– “Yes, why?” asks the goddess… Miss Sam.
– “I’m sorry, it’s just that… Your beauty and charisma would make you an exceptional model…”
– “Yes, yes – Miss Maya pushed Miss Sam out of the way as if to get Chris’s attention – but what do you want, she chose medicine. A beautiful lesbian doctor!”

Miss Maya’s eyes seemed to defy Chris’s. Why did she specify that Miss Sam was a woman of lesbian sexual orientation? That’s none of Chris’s business… Oh wait… I get it! Maybe Miss Maya is jealous because she’s in love with Miss Sam or Chris, so she clearly states her sexual orientation to make the man understand that he doesn’t have a chance with the woman! Is this a method of manipulation? Or is this a method of domination? Of defiance? The human being is fascinating!

– “Yes, you’ve already told me about it. Then I’ll be happy to make an appointment with you, Sam!”
– “Hé, hé, hé – giggled nervously Miss Maya – If you want I can even give you a chance to go. By breaking your leg or something?”

The two characters now stare at each other… What will happen? Miss Sam watches the scene with amusement, biting her lower lip and laughing shyly. Argh! I’m still bleeding just looking at her lips! The tension is at its peak! Miss Sam notices something on the floor and steps forward, but I can’t take my eyes off the other two. The faces seem to change expression and… They explode with laughter? Laughing? Where’s the fight scene where they take terribly classy breaks to fight over the heart of the blonde goddess? Miss Maya would jump to the ceiling to inflict an air raid and there, in a shock wave, Chris crosses his arms to parry and…

– “Ah ah Maya! I’ve missed seeing you! It’s been a long time! So, what are you saying?”
– “Oh well the daily train, you know… No wonder it’s been so long, between Miami, New York, Tokyo, Paris… Mister doesn’t have time to land, does he?”
– “Oh, I’m just thinking of calming down and settling down…” replied Chris, throwing a beautiful smile at Miss Sam.
– “You, settle down? I can’t believe it… Well, anyway! Tell us everything!” Miss Maya said in a cheerful tone.
– “Yes then, the shooting. I have a contract with the ImTam brand, do you know it?”
– “Hoooooouuuu! The brand of luxury pajamas, right? Sam, you’ve heard of it, haven’t you?”
– “Yes, I do, I’ve got a pair of their pyjamas that a friend gave me, they’re fine.” Miss Sam replied with such a beautiful expression…
– “Seriously! You’ll have to show it to me! So cool! So this brand, it wants pictures?”
– “Actually, yes, except they specifically asked for photos of amateur, unknown models who fit their criteria…”
– “Their criteria? Because they make lists of criteria, these people?” Miss Maya was outraged with a grimace.
– “You have no idea… It’s become more and more pathetic… They fit the models, male or female, in boxes, molds. You don’t fit: “The door is that way goodbye.” They break careers with a snap of their fingers just to stick to trends and make money… It’s pathetic. When I started it was more respectful… That’s a big part of the reason why I stopped working for the big brands, people are treated like cattle, models or photographers, believe me…”
– “But you’re still under contract with ImTam…” Miss Sam asked.
– “Exactly. I’m obliged to do this last shoot and I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t want their lawyers on my back… So do you accept?”
– “I don’t know Chris… I’m a little cold feet about what you told us… I’m not really into that kind of thing…” Miss Maya said sadly…
– “Oh, of course there’ll be compensation. Mei, please, can you give me the pill?” Chris asked me.
– “Uh, yes yes well… Of course… The, the fee is 2100€ per model for 15 pictures…”
– “Two… Two thousand one hundred euros for 15 photos?! Per model!” Miss Maya seemed surprised.
– “We’re talking about ImTam Maya… It’s almost stealing for you know, that’s why they’re looking for amateur models… It’s a very powerful brand and… Well, what do you think Sam?”
– “Oh well… Let’s think about it calmly. Okay, the practices of these big brands are unethical. Can we do something about that now? No… Chris has to do these photos or else he’ll get into trouble so he asked us to help him. 2100€ each is a very nice sum and we get to have fun, right? I don’t see anyone from ImTam here… So let’s see this as a way for us to help Chris and Mei and make a multinational company spend 4200€ to give us a moment of fun.”

There was a long moment of silence… We went over all the arguments in our heads… Seen like that… We take money from bad guys to have fun with legally… It’s not so bad! She shines even brighter, I slowly put my glasses back on my nose.

– “Um… I’d like something though, Chris.” Miss Sam continued.
– “I listen to you?”
– “Is it possible to give this money to Mei instead of me?”
– “Uh… Well, yes, yes, it’s a budget that I manage, so yes…”

My heart stopped beating! Give the money to me? Why, how, where? My body froze, my glasses fell off and I held my notebook against me, staring at Miss Sam. She came towards me, bent down to pick up my glasses and handed them to me. I came to my senses and grabbed them.

– “Your glasses are all broken, Mei. You should get new ones, and they cost an arm and a leg. – She walks towards me, as if to kiss me, I stiffen again! She talks to me in a low voice. – And so you can help your parents, please accept it. But I want you to know I’m not doing this out of pity, I’m doing this because I’m happy to help, okay?”

My parents, how did she…? Oh! As I look down, I realize she’s discreetly putting a paper back in my notebook. Damn it! The letter I was writing to my parents! It must have fallen out earlier when they arrived and I lost it, I didn’t pay any attention to it! That’s what she must have picked up earlier! But why did she pick it up? Why are you offering this to me, a complete stranger? I’m taking my courage in both hands!

– “Miss… Miss Sam! That’s very kind thank you very much but I can’t accept! I haven’t earned the money I…”
– “Oh oh… That what you think but… ! – laughed Miss Maya – You’ll have to put up with us Mei! I’d almost say you’re underpaid!”

She gave me a happy look, but it made me realize that no matter what, Miss Sam wouldn’t change her mind. My heart began to beat, and I felt it fill with warmth, joy, and gratitude! I bowed down before them to thank them, and rushed to the control room to begin to prepare the material. Chris laughed and spoke to them again, at least to Miss Sam, since Miss Maya had already gone to see the outfits.

– “Okay,well, Mei has already got it all set up. The outfits are in your dressing room. Get ready quietly, get dressed and meet me on the set, we’ll take the pictures and then we’ll put the outfits together, ok? Oh and Sam… Thank you for Mei, you have no idea what this is gonna mean to her…”
– “I guess you tried to help her too, didn’t you?”
– “Boof… You could have caught her but I… I couldn’t, she always finds a way out! She’s a pearl that girl, she could go far, but she’s content with the assistant position when she’s more than capable of running a studio on her own. She’s a genius draftswoman, a very good photographer… But…”
– “She doesn’t fit in any mould… I see the problem… I’m glad she accepted, it will help her! Come on, I’m off to meet Maya.”

I observe Miss Sam entering the dressing room… Suddenly, my mind is crossed by an arrow… I start to imagine a scenario for my next erotic manga… I confess, I’m not very good at human relations in real life, so I like to take refuge in my series, my manga… And since I was little I love to draw! At the beginning, it was very innocent, but the more I got older, the more naughty the scenarios were… I’m ashamed, but I like it, I can’t help it, today at 28 years old, few are my creations where the characters don’t take pleasure between them. Miss Sam and Miss Maya would make besides two excellent characters in a scene of erotic manga… Oh yes I picture the scene very well…

As Sam pushes the door of the dressing room, she finds Maya completely naked, sitting with her legs apart in a big red armchair… Sam delicately turns the lock of the door and walks towards her friend, whose ardent gaze sends her flashes of desire… The naked young woman stares at her lover and slowly lays her gaze on her luxurious outfit, a beautiful turquoise nightdress, tight as a button, which reaches her mid-thigh… Her bare shoulders suggest that as underwear, she wears only a small lace panties, which is just waiting to be removed …

– “Oh, yeah… We’re barely on the second outfit in the shoot and you’re making such provocative advances towards me… Is it the outfit that’s having that effect on you?”
– “Maybe… Or maybe I’m taking advantage of your kindness and I’m sure you won’t leave me in this state… I’m here, naked, wet and drooling with excitement…”
– “Uh-uh… And I suppose you’d like my tongue to lick all the wet spots so that… You can get dressed safely…?”
– “Um… Except I know you… The more you work on it, the wetter I’ll get… So you’re just gonna leave me there Sam…?”

As she finishes her sentence, Maya begins to caress her chest with a sigh of pleasure and slowly moves her hand down between her thighs. She begins her masturbation slowly, without ever taking her eyes off Sam. She savours the moment with passion and after a few seconds, she begins to feel her own thighs rubbing and getting dangerously wet… While Maya continues to indulge herself, Sam comes towards her with his mouth slightly open, before besieging her with kisses. Her lips get lost in her neck, then on her breasts that she kisses with envy. She takes the time to suck each of Maya’s nipples before slipping her head between her wide open legs. Her hand comes to leave the place in order to cling to the chair, as if she knew in advance that the pleasure that was going to be offered to her was going to force her to hold on. Gradually, Sam gives Maya succulent lick strokes, each of which causes both women to sigh with pleasure. After a few moments, she offers her two of her fingers, making Maya bend over on her armchair, which doesn’t seem to be able to hold back her pleasure movements. As Sam sinks deeper and deeper inside her, Maya is looking for something to hold on to. She doesn’t find anything else than her lover’s head, which excites her even more. The more Sam’s tongue and fingers play with her sex, the harder Maya has to hold on to her orgasm. Suddenly, she asks her to stop.

– “Stop… stop… Sam stop… I’m going to cum otherwise stop…”
– “And then…? Wasn’t that the point?”
– “Um… No… That wasn’t the point…”, Maya grabs Sam and throws her in the chair. She takes off her nightgown…
– “Don’t get it dirty… Or they’ll charge it… Your underpants on the other hand… They’re soaked…”
– “Come on, offer me your tongue… Maya… Give me pleasure…” pleads Sam as she caresses her own breasts but Maya pulls out her tongue with a smile and gets up…
– “No… Not now…”
– “Not now? But you’re crazy! You’ve seen the state I’m in! I can’t go back like this!”
– “Oh yes, you’re going to go back like that… And believe me, I’m not going to spare you… I’m in the same state…”

Maya gets up and grabs the next outfit for the shoot, leaving Sam hungry for pleasure on the big red chair, legs apart. Despite her friend’s low blow, she seems completely caught up in the game. She gets up in turn and puts on the outfit. While Maya unlocks the door, Sam catches her from behind, one hand on her clitoris, the other on her mouth to muffle her screams. She then launches out in a relentless masturbation, mistreating with ardour Maya’s clitoris which, looking down on her sex, rolls her eyes with pleasure. Then suddenly, nothing more. Maya turns over with surprise but as an answer she has the right to only one wink of an eye. Sam opens the door and walks towards the set while looking the young woman straight in the eyes. She smiles and gives her back her provocative look.

The photo shoot is back on track. The set is now laid out like a lush hotel room, reflecting the palaces often frequented by young women in these luxurious outfits. “Ouch… This set could not have come at a worse time!” our two lovers thought at the same time. Chris, ready for the shoot, asked them to sit on the bed to take the pictures. He gave directions to the models of the day.

– “Okay, girls. So the goal here is to look as natural as possible, okay? Pretend the outfit’s so comfortable that you won’t leave it again! Just act natural, have fun, and I’ll do what I have to do on my own, don’t mind me. Okay? Just… Come on, let’s go.”

The handsome photographer shouldn’t have said those words. No sooner does he begin his second shooting than the two women start exchanging ardent glances, filled with desire. Slowly, their hands start to look for each other, then move around their bodies and linger on their hips, their backs, their buttocks… their thighs. Chris sees that the scene is getting hotter and hotter, and hesitates to stop it… But he’s missing a few pictures. He starts to speed up the shooting in order to have his last shots and to be able to end the session, so that they can continue quietly elsewhere, in their intimacy. After a few minutes, he looks on his computer at the pictures he has taken, to make sure he has what he needs, it would be stupid to make them change and then have to start again. Although a little too sensual, Chris thinks the shots are good. He will be able to tell them to go back to change in the dressing rooms where they will be able to continue… But when he raises his eyes and puts them back on the bed, he realizes that Maya is naked, offering a dreamy cunnilingus to Samantha… She clings to the sheets, without being able to take her eyes off the tongue of her lover who offers her so much pleasure. Chris remains for a few moments paralyzed in front of the stage… Sam takes off his nightgown and the two women position themselves for a graceful 69, without paying attention to the photographer and his assistant. A sensation of warmth runs through the photographer’s body and he feels his sex getting erect. It’s time to stop the session, it goes too far.

– “Okay, girls, let’s…”

He doesn’t have time to finish his sentence… Lowering his eyes, he realizes that Mei is caressing his sex, biting his lip in a look of imploring. Not knowing what to do, Chris looks at her surprised and questioning. Mei moves closer to him, licks his neck and looks at the two young women still immersed in their 69. Slowly, she caresses Chris’s cock and after making sure it is as hard as possible, unzips her photographer’s pants and pulls out his dripping limb of desire. She grabs him in her hand and looks him in the eyes again, starting to jerk him off gently. Her gaze goes to the bed and invites him to do the same. Mei then embarks on a perverse jerk-off, masturbating her boss in front of this exciting lesbian scene. Chris, without a word, pulls up his shirt, pulls down his pants and boxers a little more and starts to caress Mei’s buttocks. Mei’s gaze is drawn to the two sex bombs. The louder Maya and Sam’s screams are, the louder her jerk-off is too. Chris finds it hard to realize the situation, but he starts to enjoy the scene with immense pleasure. Mei plays so well with his dick and his whole cock that he feels like he could come at any moment, not to mention the duet that offers him a striking sexual show…

Suddenly, Mei, in sync with Maya, and Sam stops jerking him off. She takes him by the hand and brings him closer to the bed, to better enjoy the show. Sam, amused by the situation, lies down on her back and invites Maya to come and sit on her face to enjoy her tongue and the show that Mei and Chris offer her in turn. Seeing this, Mei slips her hand down her pants and starts to masturbate in turn. She kneels down in front of the photographer to give herself a blowjob while enjoying herself. The two duets lose themselves once again in moments of intense pleasure, teasing each other with their eyes. Maya watches with envy as Chris’s sex goes in and out of Mei’s mouth. Mei casts a sneering look at the young woman from time to time when she licks the photographer’s sex all the way down, before taking the glans back into her mouth. Amused, Maya often retorts with small shouts, spreading her vaginal lips apart as if to get even more pleasure. In response, Mei masturbates more and more intensely, as if to share the pleasure. Chris is also immersed in her pleasure, sometimes watching his sex being passionately gobbled up by Mei, sometimes watching her giving herself pleasure and sometimes getting excited in front of the lesbian scene that takes place a few meters away from his eyes… The more his gaze lingers on these pairs of breasts, buttocks and mouths opened by the pleasure, the more he feels his pleasure rising…

Maya’s screams begin to be uncontrollable, her gaze plunged on Sam’s tongue and clitoris, she tries to spread her lips as much as possible to expose her organ to her partner… The screams intensify, his breath is short… “Oh… Oh… Oh yes yes, Sam go ahead, go ahead I’m going to come, I’m going to come… Yes again again again ahhh… Ah…. Ah I’m coming don’t stop ahhhh… Yes, yes…” Maya gets lost in a noisy orgasm and the sound of Sam’s tongue on her clitoris almost echoes in Chris’ head. Excited by this scene, Mei also starts to expel little screams and Maya’s orgasm makes her want to speed up her blowjob, which she now accompanies with a quick and powerful handjob. Chris’s glance lands on her cock, jerked off and sucked with such force that when Maya gives her last cry of pleasure, he feels her pleasure coming out. “Oh… I’m coming, I’m coming, keep going, jerk me off…” Mei, with a beautiful smile, stops sucking the photographer’s dick in order to jerk him off with all his talent, offering his mouth wide open, tongue out. “Go ahead, spit in my mouth…” As Sam gives his last lick to Maya, who finishes coming slowly, Chris’s sperm comes to cover Mei’s tongue, who seems to have more and more difficulty to stop herself from coming too. Mei slows down the jerking off and seems to take a lot of pleasure in emptying Chris on her tongue, she seems to be asking for more. She ends up sucking one last time this sex that makes her want it so much and swallows everything before taking a deep breath and giving a few last movements back and forth as if to check that she wasn’t missing a drop. While she’s absorbed by the satisfied the dick in front of her eyes, her attention is diverted by Sam’s screams… She turns around and realizes that Maya is fingering Sam by licking his breasts, with the only aim of making her come as soon as possible. It’s almost difficult for Mei to follow Maya’s hand because her speed is so intense. The assistant lets go of the limb in her hand and lets herself slide on her buttocks to sit on the ground. While enjoying the scene, she also launches herself into an intense masturbation. She watches passionately as Maya gives Sam so much pleasure and begs her in her head to hurry up and enjoy, because she is reaching her limit. Her fingers also get inside her and she can’t help but now bring her other hand to her clitoris. Her pleasure is immense and she continues to beg Sam to come with her. Her wishes are soon granted… Faced with Maya’s mastery, Sam can only abdicate and let herself be overwhelmed by pleasure. While the first one sucks her breasts fervently by continuously sucking her nipples, Sam tries a last look at them. Too exciting, she can no longer hold on. She spreads her thighs, looks her lover in the eyes and says a few words to her: “Oh yes… I’m cumming… Make me cum…” Her head goes backwards, her eyes roll with pleasure and her bust rises from the bed as if sucked up by the heavens. Slowly, orgasmic spasms invade her body but Maya does not slow down. She fingers Sam even more forcefully while licking her breasts relentlessly. Sam’s buttocks get up and her gaze comes to rest on her sex, before launching a piercing cry of pleasure. In front of this scene of pleasure, Mei feels herself leaving and she accelerates the rhythm in her turn, faster and faster… “Oh yeah yeah… It’s coming, I’m going to make me cum too yes…” With her eyes locked on Sam’s buttocks and the visible contractions of her vagina, Mei comes in turn, trying to camouflage her little cries of pleasure.

Everyone in the scene sits down and tries to assimilate what has just happened… But Mei is once again attracted to Chris, who seems to be getting a new handjob, excited by this new series of orgasms…

– “Mei…? Mei!? Boo-hoo!”
– “Gua!” I said, scared to death!
– “Are you in the moon? What’s wrong with you?”
– “Oh Miss Maya! Forgive me, I was just… Thinking about the lights…”
– “Ah… Hand in the pants?”

I look at my hand… What a shame! Caught in my perverse thoughts I disconnected myself from reality and even came to touch myself unconsciously! Miss Maya looks at me and bursts out laughing…

– “Ah! You’ll give me the mark of those lights, eh? Ah! And stop calling me names,” she winked at me.
– “Uh, yes, sorry, I…”
– “Hey! We know all about that, don’t we. Come on, the photo shoot’s starting, we need you! I look good in the first outfit, look !”

Miss Maya is spinning on herself to show me the first outfit from the shoot. Of course she is beautiful in it… I imagine myself for a moment in her place and immediately see all my little beads deforming this superb fabric… No… It’s not for me no… I like my big T-Shirt much too big ! I go with her to the set, all red. I don’t even dare to look Miss Sam or Chris in the eyes anymore, I feel so embarrassed to have imagined all this… The material is in place, I try to come to my senses by immersing myself in my work, impossible…

It’s decided, tonight I’m putting it all down on paper… I have a very good scene for my manga. I mean, if I can make it to tonight… Because I really, really want to masturbate…

Ah Mei… The shy little Mei you just met, just like the beautiful and talented photographer Chris, have just started a fantastic adventure without even knowing it… The second their paths crossed Maya and Sam’s, their lives changed… We hope you liked this new free naughty story, and we hope to see you soon for the next one ! Thank you for your fidelity!

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