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Come and experience the luxury orgy that Alice and company are about to experience!



While Sam and Maya are about to end their evening in a most unexpected way, Alice, Val and Matt are leaving for a very special...

Hello / Good evening to you and welcome to this new free erotic story from La Plume d’Eros “The Luxury Orgy”! This one is a direct sequel to the previous story “Sam and Maya are playing voyeuress“. You will live a memorable evening that will change Alice, Matt and Val’s life, but will also completely disorientate Samantha… Enjoy your reading.

-- Samantha --

Our offence could have been perfect if we hadn’t come across a little grandpa walking his dog and looking at us, all dishevelled and defrocked, with a perplexed look on his face?

– Oh, boy! That was intense ! Maya raved !
– That was… weird…
– Admit you liked it, playing peeping Tom!
– I’m not going to say I didn’t, but… I won’t do it again…
– Oh believe me, that was just the beginning of a long list!
– A long list?
– Well yes, our long list!
– Our?

Maya pulled up in front of me, stiff as a board. She took a deep breath and turned to me.

– Sam, I really need to tell you something…

She had suddenly lost her jovial air and looked at me with an almost terrified look, a state in which it is rare to see her. Maya approached me gently, lowering her eyes, touching her fingers like a child who comes to confess a big mistake. I know very well what she is going to say and it amuses me to see that there are worse people than me when it comes to talking about such things. The beautiful brunette takes her courage in both hands and tries to raise her gaze…

– Sam listen I… It’s not easy to… Because, you see, I… I mean, you… we’re… I mean, we’re… Ah ah ah uh… Well, I don’t know how to say this… You see, I… Ah-ah-ah.

Her shy little laughs reveal the true face of Maya, that of a young woman who lacks self-confidence and doesn’t dare to be happy. Behind her good mood and her always crazy behavior, she is actually terrified to be alone. It is disconcerting to see how quickly the Maya of a few minutes ago, spouting sauciness in a more than embarrassing and unusual situation, has become the shy Maya unable to put two words together. After a few seconds, I felt obliged to help her. Impossible not to melt for her eyes of beaten dog, her clumsiness and especially, not to fall for this Maya, the one she really is. I gently approach her and put my hands on her shoulders.

– Look at you my heart, all trembling. You shouldn’t have so much * PAFFFF* !

Stroke?! Is someone taking advantage of my inattention to try to steal my bag?! So there! He’ll see what I’m made of ! Take that! Not one or two, I’m delivering one of my best punches right in my attacker’s face! He’ll think twice before attacking people now. As the punch reaches its destination, I feel like I’m floating in the air, as if my body was naturally dancing while levitating. One pirouette later, I find myself in the arms of a stranger with brown hair, deep blue and dark blue eyes, visible even in the dark. The sky, starry astonishment, gives this scene a supernatural air. Without my being able to do anything about it, I find myself huddled in his arms, invaded by an intense sensation of warmth that takes hold of my whole being as my gaze plunges into his. What seemed like an eternity passed before the sharpness of the moment broke this delicious moment.

– Ohhh! Samantha, Maya! Hello, Maya!

I turn my head towards the voice, completely unsettled. What’s happening to me? I’ve never felt this sensation before. Coming to my senses, I realize that the figure running towards me is none other than Alice, our cabinet secretary. Laughing, she puts her hand on the shoulder of the man who holds me in his arms and addresses him.

– What an entrance Mike! I see you’ve met Samantha! The way you deflected her fist was so graceful!
– I’m so sorry Samantha, I didn’t look ahead, it’s my fault. I didn’t hurt you,” Mike asked me in a more than sensual voice as he gently put me back on my feet.
– I that… No no I… It’s nothing I… Sorry it’s me who…
– It was beautiful! Maya enjoyed herself. Not everyone can counteract Sam like that!
– Come on Maya that’s… I mean it’s… I’m sorry about uh…

Mai Diablerie! I’m completely at a loss for words! I look like the Maya I looked like just a few seconds ago! Dive into Mike’s eyes, words can’t come out of my mouth! His presence knocks me out, I’ve never felt like this before… His look tells me that he is as surprised as I am.

– Oh don’t worry, she needs a lot more! Hi Mike, my name is Maya ! I’m Alice’s… Well Alice’s boss. Maya held out her hand to Mike to say hello.
– Hi Maya, nice to meet you… Alice has told us a lot about you, and Sam too…
– Ah re… Really… In good I hope so… Ah ah… I stuttered… But what’s happening to me?
– Well, well, well! What a coincidence, Alice continued. As long as we introduce ourselves, the two handsome young men behind there are Matt and Val ! You certainly know Val!
– Hmm… Yes, I do… Oh!” Les Boules du Boulanger ” ! Ohhhh your cakes are so good Val ! A pure delight ! Chanting Maya as she approached him.
– Oh well thank you, it’s always a pleasure,” Val replied.
– As for the name of your bakery… Maya gave him a friendly nudge. That’s really well done! Hee-hee!

While everyone else is talking happily, I feel like I’m hypnotized by Mike. When I try to look away, I feel like an invisible force forces me to look at him again, so that Alice’s loud voice becomes just a soft ambient noise.

– What are you doing there? Not because I want to play curious, but because we’re going to a party! If you feel like it, you could come with us!
– Alice, are you sure you want to go to this kind of party with your bosses? Val whispered in his ear, trying to be discreet.
– Well, why not, we’re outside, they’re not my bosses, they’re my friends outside, aren’t they?
– Ah-ah-ah. That’s nice Alice thank you, but Sam and I were just about to go home, we’ve already had a very busy night, so…
– Oh yes, as Sir I’m too reasonable, laughed Alice while giving Mike a look. Early bed, meditation, smoothie and company!
– Ohhhhh! That reminds me of someone… Maya gave me an amused look.
– Ahhhh? I can’t tell you how hard it is to get this charming man to move! But we forgive him, he can do so many things! I’m jealous ! Then he never drinks alcohol so it’s cheap!” Alice said mischievously.
– Oh well… It still reminds me of someone… Maya seemed to lose her smile… Well then… We wish you all 4 a very good evening. It looks like it’s going to be a good one, try to finish Maya off…
– Oh… Yeah. Um… Well, anyway it was fun meeting you here! I’ll see you at work. Matt, Val, shall we? Mike are you coming home too?
– Yeah Alice, I’m gonna go home thanks. Mike turned to Maya and I. Well… It was nice to meet you and I hope to see you soon.
– It’s a pleasure! Smile big Maya.
– Y-Yes with pleasure… Pleasure… Mike. (But pull out your fingers Sam!)

After everyone’s radiant smiles, our paths branch off in three different directions… As we all leave in silence, a strange feeling takes hold of me, as if I feel a lack. It fades away when the sweet voice breaks the silence.

– Uh Sam… I know this may be inappropriate and I’m getting in the way, but… Would you be free to maybe have a drink with me?

I turn around and face Mike, who has turned back. There was a long silence. It was like a Western, where each character waits for the other to draw before drawing in turn. Everyone else had their eyes on me, and Maya was the first to shoot…

– Oh, well. Actually, we were just about to go home. We’re tired, I live two blocks away, so we…
– Yes, I’d like that! I answered without even thinking. I wish I could, Mike…

After a long embarrassed silence, I turned to Maya who looked at me in a strange way. Understanding my mistake, I tried to rectify the situation.

– Oh uh no sorry, I promised Maya to take her home and she had to tell me something important then.
– What was it? No no no Sam uh… if you feel like it… go ahead… no problem… I’ll be home in two minutes and then I’ll have plenty of time to talk to you… No if you want to go, really go. She says to me with a smile.
– You… Are you sure?
– I’m sure. Go on, get out of here! Good evening everyone, don’t do too much foolishness! Did she scream as she walked away and wiggled her arm in the air.
– Good evening Maya! Alice answered him with the same enthusiasm. Well come on guys, we’re going to have fun! Wouhouuuu !

Alice forced Val and Matt slightly and they seemed to be absorbed in the show. Mike slowly approached me to get up to my level, while I took a quick look at Maya disappearing in the dark. I felt a twinge in my heart when I saw her, still struggling to understand what made me agree to have a drink with Mike… When my eyes turned back to him, it didn’t make things any better. He addressed me in a soft voice.

– Um… Is there a place you like to go? I confess that I rarely go out so… If you don’t mind telling me where I can invite you… He confessed that he was slightly embarrassed.
– Yes… I understand, I rarely go out too but… Yes, there’s a quiet little bar that I like, come on. I answered him with a small laugh.

But what am I doing… Why does Mike captivate me so much? And why tonight when… Maya… Sorry…

-- Alice --

And ba and ba! You could say he didn’t waste any time on the Mike! But still, Samantha… It’s really strange…

– Uh… Sorry, I’m feeling a little uncomfortable right now, but… I don’t see why… Shyly asked Matt.
– Hey hey… I must admit I thought you homos had some… I don’t know… Hidden senses to communicate? I asked him and teased him.
– Very funny Alice! Matt’s right, it was really weird! Val answered me.
– Of course Mike is special, but at this point… I was thinking aloud.
– But what’s so surprising I don’t understand? They touched each other and they totally hit on each other, what’s the big deal? What’s the big deal is that if everything you’re telling us about Samantha is true Alice, she’s meant to get along with Mike, isn’t she? They’re also… I mean, you know? Even a gay man would like to go out with her! said Matt as Val looked worriedly at him.
– Hey, hey, hey! I admit they’re the same, yes. With one difference !
– Which is?
– That Sam is completely, totally… Lesbian.

Kind of like I just dropped some terrible news, Matt stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me with startled eyes.

– Are you serious right now?
– Yes, I am, and believe me, that’s as lesbian as you get. Not to be pejorative, guys ! You know exactly what I mean. I love Sam ! And I love you !
– Oh yes indeed… I understand better the discomfort… But are you sure ? Hesita Matt.
– Hee-hee, I’m sure.
– But did you see the way she was looking at him ? Val, I’m not crazy, did you see her ?
– Yes, I agree with you. If I hadn’t known Samantha was a lesbian, I would have thought exactly the same thing as you. What upset me a little was Maya’s face when she accepted the invitation without hesitation… Well at the same time it’s Mike… Let’s not lie to ourselves… Even a lesbian can want him… Nargua Val looking at Matt.
– Hey ho ho ho ho you ! We’re on a date ! Pretend to be mad Matt.
– With Alice around ? You bet ! Rigola Val.

It’s true that technically they’re on a date, although I did crash the party a bit! In my defense, tonight is a big party in a luxurious apartment, with lots of interesting things and people, and I really want to go. The only problem is that it’s by invitation and only Val has one. So with my talents, by sneakily taking advantage of his great kindness, I managed to convince him to go with me, at least so that I could go back. Precisely, we’re not very far from the building where the party is taking place. Large glass hall, top-of-the-range furniture, overpriced accommodation houuuuu! We’re going to have a great time! There will be lots of good things… And I’m not talking about food! Val’s on her way to the front desk. Visibly known by the staff, he thanks them and takes an access card. Classy, it’s like a spy movie! We get into the elevator and while I hop on, Matt looks at Val insistently.

– You’re…? What are you looking at me like that Matt?
– Well I think everyone here knows you pretty well. Do you come here a lot?
– A lot.
– Do you? Is this kind of party your thing? I mean, do you like to go often?
– Oh yeah, all the time!
– I’m sorry?
– I’m just messing with you, you idiot ! I’m the one who provides the bread and pastries for the restaurant here. I come here every day.
– And it’s a four star! He knows how to knead the loaves, our baker! Was I just teasing Matt, who seems to be a rather jealous person… He’s going to have a good time tonight, poor guy…

The big elevator door opens and takes us directly to the… The apartment. Seriously! Seriously! The thing leads directly to the flat! But it’s so classy! We enter a kind of hallway where a big guy, over 2 meters tall, comes to meet us.

– Val, how are you doing, brother?
– Tek, hi! Val grabbed the big guy’s hand and their shoulders clattered together. I want you to meet Alice, a good friend, and… Matt, who’s coming with me.
– There’s three of you? Normally the invitation is nominal, Val.
– Yeah, I know, but come on, Tek, be cool. We won’t be here long and Alice, who’s here, is gonna be the life of the party, believe me !
– Um… I don’t know, Margot’s pretty strict about it…
– What if… Val came up to him and whispered. What if the next delivery I had Balls and Lightning and Croissants falling off the truck right into your hands Tek?
– With some cupcakes with custard filling?
– You’re a tough businessman… sold! Is it a deal?
– It’s a deal,” Tek laughed. Come on in, the evening has already started, I hope you’ve got a good heart!

Tek opened the heavy wooden and… Marble, is it black marble??? Whoo! And we unveiled a huge living room that must be 4 times my apartment! The first thing that shocked me was the powerful music, inaudible from the vestibule, despite a simple door. Then, it was the amount of light, food, drinks and art objects in the room. It really is another world! And finally ohhh yes! The reason for my coming! It’s fucking all over the place! Straight, lesbian, gay, bi… There’s something for everyone and… Huuu… Is it physically possible to do that ? Giant! Like a kid, I jump up and down and start taking off my jacket and hand it to Val.

– Val, Val, Val! Where do I put that! Where do I put my clothes? Where do I put them???
– Calm down, Alice. Do you remember what I told you?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! To wear clothes I don’t care about… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh !
– There you have it, your clothes you probably won’t find them. Go, go have fun.

As I start to unbutton my blouse, Matt walks towards Val obviously slightly embarrassed. He tries to whisper but he’s having trouble with it. I’m really good at lip-reading… It helps a lot…

– Uh Val… I thought that… I mean I don’t know if our little challenge was a good idea…
– We agreed, didn’t we ? It’s something you wanted to do, isn’t it ?
– Yes, yes, but… I don’t know if I can do it… I know we said we’d get together after we’ve been through this but… In my head we’re already together so…
– Any advances? Val said mischievously. Come on, Matt! We challenged ourselves to do one last crazy bachelor thing before we get together, so let’s do it ! And together… Don’t you think that’s cool?
– Come on, now… Ok, together, let’s do it!Matt’s eyes changed completely. I gotta say that Val is a really good catch! All right! I’m here to enjoy! I’m going to let these two have a little fun with their latest singles challenge!

To be honest, it’s brand new for me, it’s my first time participating in an orgy, hence my extreme excitement! I mean, being in a foursome is not an orgy, is it? I don’t know. Well it’s ok, I’ve always wanted to try orgies ! And this is a luxury orgy ! Getting caught by models in the middle of champagne and on furniture worthy of my apartment, classy ! It takes you to a whole new level!
Slowly, I finish unzipping my blouse as I walk among the guests. Models, politicians, porn stars, sex workers… Who are all these people? They’re scary! I cast curious glances at everything that is being done and in reality, it’s more like what I expected… I move towards the center of the room, relatively depopulated compared to the rest. It must be a VIP place! To my right, on a luxurious white leather sofa, a beautiful redhead is being taken by two really fucked up guys. As I pass by her, she tilts her head back, letting out a cry of pleasure. I grab her mouth and stick my tongue in it. When I’m finished, she addresses me with a look of ember:

– Hmm, you’re not cold-blooded, are you? You must not have an invitation… you are?
– I’m Alice! Yeah, I’m new, do you have any advice for me?
– Well, that depends. Oh! Fuck yeah, don’t fuck me anymore! Fuck me harder! Yes, yes, yes! Come on, more!
– That depends on… Cut it off.
– Han… Do you like women or men?
– I take anything that’s good enough to give me pleasure! I said, defying her with my eyes.

The beautiful redhead laughed and got up, leaving her two lovers of the moment hungry. She grabbed a girl in the middle of a conversation a little further away and threw her with a natural gesture between the two males in rut. Then she grabbed my cheeks and gave me back the lick I had offered her.

– I hate to be indebted.
– It’s a good thing you didn’t sleep with me then…
– I like you, Alice, come with me.

Naked, she walked towards the bar at the back of the room. With a gesture, she ordered the bartender two drinks, which she had almost immediately. She took one, handed me the other and toasted with me.

– How do you know I’m new?
– Because no regular would dare to do what you did to me, my dear.
– Oh, why’s that?

The young woman laughed and motioned to me to look behind me. A huge portrait, worthy of the most megalomaniacal queens, depicted her on a roaring Lion. My light went on.

– Oh, my…
– Like you say yes. Oh…
– So you’re… Margot Liona…
– That’s right.
– Yeah, so I just stuck my tongue down the throat of the daughter of one of the richest, most powerful families in the country… Well… Will you let me enjoy the orgy before you kill me? Can I give you one more?

She burst out laughing. She stared at me, looked at my body carefully and approached me.

– Wouldn’t you rather put your tongue somewhere else?
– That depends… Is Madam good enough to give me pleasure? Wealth isn’t everything.
– Insolent! I like it! Yes, yes, yes, damn it Alice! Finally a woman with character! Oh my God, everything here is so boring, kowtowing, kissing my ass! I want to be resisted!
– Well just ask them, they’ll obey you, won’t they?
– No, no! I want it to be sincere! You! You’re sincere! So Alice… Do you think you’re here by chance tonight?

She swallowed her whisky straight down and came up to me, taking off my blouse. Then with her soft hands, she caressed my belly to unbutton my jeans.

– By any chance? No, not by any chance. I’m where I’m supposed to be… as always.
– Confident… Perfect, and would you trust a complete stranger, Alice?
– No… But you’re not a complete stranger, because I know your name and I’m in your house…
– Ah ah ah ah ah! Finally someone who could give me a good night out! Jim! Heel! She snapped her fingers.

A man in a stern-looking suit stepped forward. She asked him to bring “the six-piece service” and he left. Seconds later, six men walked towards us. Margot turned towards them, stroked their bare torsos and turned around and walked towards me.

– Well, Alice? Are these men to your liking?
– Do you guarantee they’re up to it? If not, we might as well be alone with you while they get excited about us. I’m the one who doesn’t know how to use it…
– She’s being difficult too…

She grabbed me by the bra and led me to the famous white couch, which hadn’t been touched up since. Obviously, this is where the Lioness is having fun… She threw me on it and with an expert gesture, took off my shoes, jeans and bra, taking advantage of my momentum. Then she came and glued her mouth to mine. With great movements of her tongue, she licked my lips, my ears, my neck, and then licked my chest with envy. Taking advantage of her caresses, I raised my eyes to the ceiling, surprised to see that the six men, sex in hand, were already getting excited about us, as I had told her. This vision had the effect of an electric shock in me, so much so that my body caught Margot by itself to turn her over and give her back her caresses.

The excitement overflowed into me. Having a lesbian relationship is not in my habits, being watched by six guys jerking off on me either, nor being the center of attention of a whole room having sex. Look at me, I’m the one banging the Mistress of Ceremonies at your orgy where I’m not even invited! Send me… The more I lick the Lioness, the more I feel the heavier looks on me. Did I do well to put myself in such a situation? Oh damn it, I’m here to enjoy! As I go down on her clitoris to offer her a delicious cunni, I feel hands caressing my buttocks. Then my breasts. I look up at the Lioness who is squirming with pleasure, seeing that she too is being caressed by four hands. Caught in the heat of the action, I slip two fingers inside her to provoke powerful cries. Let’s see who dominates the sex food chain here…

After long minutes of being stroked while I offer her pleasure, she turns me over and starts to lick me in turn. Lying on my back, I now have the vision of steel hard limbs all around me. I don’t even know anymore whose hands are caressing my thighs, my chest, my feet… I’m only there to enjoy. I’m only there to enjoy myself, I reach out both hands to grasp two limbs within my reach and slowly start to jerk them off.

Margot gets up and pulls a strap-on dildo out from under the couch, which she passes in a graceful gesture. Grabbing my hair, she gets up from the couch and addresses me.

– Do you like double Alice?
– When it’s done right, yes.
– Then pick the one that’s gonna take your ass.

Lorgnating what’s available to me, I grab by the sex the beautiful guy I started jerking off earlier, who obeys me like a perfect little dog. Nothing to say, having power is fun! He sits down on the sofa and Margot sits me down on her erect limb. Too bad for him, it’s my back he’ll see… Suffer… Slowly, I let his sex inside me and start moving on it. I hope for his sake that he’s got stamina. I feel so desired, all these looks of envy on me, all these jerked off cocks waiting for me to take care of them, look at me and desire me! The Lioness leans over to me, gives me a light slap with a “I can see you wanted that!” and gets into position to penetrate me in turn, looking at my breasts which are facing her. Violently, I feel the dildo entering me. She’s not kidding, she’s a dominatrix… My excitement is so strong that it doesn’t matter to me… The dildo could be twice as big, it would still fit… I am caught between two movements, unable to move. I let myself be carried away by their pelvic movements, enjoying the pleasure while the handsome blond guy on my right gets up on the couch to show me his cock. To my left, a handsome black guy does the same and here I am with two cocks on my face, licking and sucking each of them in turn, without knowing where to put my head, or rather my tongue. From time to time, Margot has fun masturbating me and licking my tits at the same time, which gives me such pleasure that I forget to suck the guys, who have to rub themselves on me to have fun. The more it goes, the more I enjoy this orgy…

When I ask for more, Margot stops and picks me up, takes off her dildo and hands it to me. She wants to see how I use it… Clumsily (hey, it’s the first time I’ve ever used it!) I put it on, throw the rich girl on the dick that was grabbing my ass just before and penetrates it as violently as she did with the sextoy, giving it back to her. In powerful movements, I fuck her to give her as much pleasure as possible, while licking her tits in my turn. Except that…

– Hey you back there! Can’t you see my ass is bored? Was I ordering the one behind me. I don’t know who he is and I don’t care, as long as he gives me pleasure.

Two seconds later, doing pelvic movements not only makes me feel good for Margot, but also makes me feel good for the one who’s sodomizing me. It’s her turn now to have two cocks in her mouth, have fun my dear… In front of me, behind the sofa, a seventh member shows up… Unknown to the battalion. He looks at me, carefully jerking off his dick. I don’t let go of my gaze and stick out my tongue to taunt him. Alternating his gaze between my mouth and the Lioness, it didn’t take him more than a few seconds to ejaculate on the sofa, spitting all his excitement on the white leather. With my mouth wide open, I can see that he wants me but cannot come in this VIP circle, he is not at our level, he can only envy these members who touch me and the pleasure I offer them.

As he leaves, he gives me the view that allows me to see Matt and Val sitting apart on a small sofa in a corner of the room, surrounded by other men. Obviously, there is a corner for those who only want male pleasure. And they seem to enjoy the show, without wanting to participate in it. Shyly, each of them has his hand down the other’s pants. They’re cute…

I am drawn from my observation by the handsome brun who takes Margot with me. He’s about to spit. Margot orders me to make him enjoy it, and I obey without even thinking, so much I am caught up in the game. I pull myself out of his vagina, get on my knees, then wait for a few more penetrations before hearing “Oh yes I’m coming!”. I grab the submissive’s member and pull him out of Margot’s buttocks to jerk him off all the way. With a powerful jet, he comes to flood the belly and the bottom of his mistress’ breasts. After a few seconds, another member approaches me, on the verge of ecstasy. I take it in my mouth with a quick movement, until I feel a discharge of juice in my mouth. I could check “Make two men spit in less than 15 seconds” on my list. I spit the sperm he offered me on his still hard cock and swallow what little I have left in my mouth.

Only four fighters left in this orgy… Margot looks into mine and I understand that she is playing the same game as me. She dismisses the two outsiders with a nod of her head, before taking another one in her arms. This one lifts her up so that she can put her legs around his waist and make the dick run inside her. Behind, in a sandwich, a second male in rut penetrates her buttocks again to execute an acrobatic position. Never mind, I can do the same. I seize the first one who offers himself to me and does the same. After several minutes of double penetration, I feel that the pleasure rises in me. Suddenly, the man behind me reaches his limit. He withdraws but I don’t let him go. Taking advantage of my flexibility, I go backwards to find myself in an even more acrobatic position. Here I am lying in the void, my legs clinging to each other’s pelvis, the sex of the other in my mouth. His purses tickling my forehead, I offer him a deep throat to give him one of the most powerful orgasms he could have had. With difficulty, I swallow it all, before straightening up. For her part, the Lioness also finishes one of the competitors on her breasts, which only leaves us with two challengers left! In a common gesture, we throw them on the white sofa and straddle them, being sure to be able to kiss and caress our breasts and clitoris in parallel. I can feel the orgasm rising… The sex in me that gives me pleasure combined with Margot’s tongue strokes and her hand that masturbates me are going to get the better of me. But I don’t want to lose, I offer her in return my most torrid caresses.

The one I’m riding on is about to come… Damn submissive, unable to keep up! I change my orifice and make him take my ass so that he can come inside me. After a few movements, I feel his dick contracting inside me, then the heat of his sperm and the power of his cries, which makes my desire to come terribly high. While he’s coming, I take a look at Matt and Val, who are now jerking off under their pants… They’re playing shy, it’s cute… Margot comes to pull me out of my thoughts again.

– Well it looks like we have one last contestant to finish…
– What if we teamed up, dearest?

As Margot continues to ride the last fighter, I ride his sweaty face to enjoy his tongue and make my orgasm rise. His virile tongue licks the entrance to my buttocks and vagina in turn, while my hand masturbates and fingers me forcefully. Margot bites her lips, moaning with pleasure, her eyes fixed on my chest and my sex. After only a few seconds, the last competitor is about to come.

Both slip between her thighs, putting our tongues on his glans. Margot squeezes her hand around his cock which I in turn squeeze over it. In a common impulse, we set the latter in motion in order to milk our last submitted competitor. Slowly, the man’s torso contracted in cries of pleasure, accompanied by a spurt of semen that warmed our hands. Finishing it slowly, Margot licked the sperm and then came to share it with me. Without even taking care of the man we had just finished, we embarked on a powerful kissing session, while masturbating and fingering each other. She grabs a long double dildo from under the couch, obviously a magical place, and we settle down on it so that it penetrates us mutually. While she is having fun getting it in and out of our vaginas, our hands masturbate us more and more wildly, in a duel of pleasure. A man comes towards me, jerking off and spitting in my face. Then it’s Margot’s turn… Then another, and another… I can now check “Bukakke” on my list, it’s raining sperm! While I’m being flooded, the excitement is at its peak! Margot looks at me defiantly… I can feel it: she’s going to come before me, I have to hold on a little longer. Her gaze turns to a woman who comes to masturbate and come on top of her, and obviously she’s right. Letting go of pleasure the dildo, I seize the opportunity to catch her in my turn and push her as much as possible, forcing her to take as much pleasure as possible. Her eyes rolling in their sockets, her body in spasms, she screamed with pleasure while receiving a last ejac’ on her breasts. In front of all of this cumming limbs, her own orgasm and the different orgasms resounding across the room, I, in turn, let myself be overcome by pleasure and start screaming. The orgasm takes over my whole being, I no longer control anything, everything becomes blurred and the sounds around me seem so far away, I get so much pleasure out of it. It takes me several seconds before I come back down to earth… When I come to my senses, a man is jerking off on me, visibly ready to come.

Margot looks at him furiously and says ” – Can’t you see we’re done! Get out of here, punk! ». Hop there! I know someone who missed his chance… Margot hardly gets up again, then throws me a towel.

– Here, take this… I thought I’d be surprised, Alice, but not that surprised. You rarely meet such a dirty and dominatrix…
– I’ll take that as a compliment… Was I wiping myself dry.
– Do you do that a lot?
– No, it’s my first time, and to tell you the truth, I didn’t think it would be so tiring. I understand that you only do it once a month…
– Oh, but I do other things… she came up to me. I like you, Alice.
– I’m flattered Princess, but girls are just for fun, sorry.
– That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about… I mean, if we’re going to take a shower, I’d rather talk about this privately, quietly and without a lot of sperm in our hair…
– Are you asking me to take a shower?
– No, I’m ordering you to come take a shower.
– If it’s such a nice request… I was joking. I’m on my way, I’ll just tell the two guys I’m with not to wait for me.
– They can come if they want!
– Ah-ah-ah. No they can’t, no matter how beautiful you are, they’re not coming. No, I’ll be right back.
– You see that black door over there, that’s my quarters. Come when you’re done, but I hate to wait for my dear.
– You won’t have to.

With a satisfied smile, the Lioness walks away from me, wiggling her ass to make all the horny males who haven’t come yet drool with envy. For my part, I run to Matt and Val to see where they are, trying to be more desirable than her.

– All right then, boys! You don’t look like you’re having much fun, do you? Go home and have some quiet sex, this orgy’s not your thing !
– You on the other hand… You look like a fish in water, are you sure this is the first time you’ve done this? Matt asked me.
– I’m just good at it. What about you, Val, haven’t you been here before ?
– Yeah, but… But my thing is to watch, not do, you know…

I can’t help but notice Matt’s satisfied smirk on the face, but he doesn’t seem to be into that kind of thing either.

– You don’t look comfortable Matt… get up.
– No I admit I… I wanted to try and see but no, it’s not my thing. It’s too wild for me you know it’s… For me it has to be more intimate more…
– Why are you guys here then?
– It’s, uh… Pfff it’s kind of stupid but we kind of challenged ourselves, you know, to do this kind of extreme experiment that we both wanted to try before we got together to… I don’t know how to take up a challenge, Val answered me. It was kind of like… one last kind of hardcore single thing…
– Try one last thing as a single guy before you get together?
– Get out of here, Alice… Raquel Matt.
– Oh no on the contrary, I think it’s cool !
– Just one question… How many times have you been cummed on Alice ?! How did you do it… It’s a little animal, isn’t it ? Although I must admit that seeing all those men come is… Interesting…
– That’s what I like Matt. You see, for me sex is a game, it’s something I have fun with, like you when you play the guitar ! Some people play football, I do that. It’s a team game, you know? Anyway, you don’t have to force yourself, it’s not your thing, boys ! Get out of here, you did it!
– Yeah, I guess you’re right… it’s just not our thing, Val.
– Yeah you’re right… Too bad, I wish we could have done it, you know we’re doing it together. We said we’d at least have a… Well, you remember.

Remorseful, without really understanding why it’s so important for them to touch each other in a game like this when they don’t like it, I try to find a solution… Suddenly the light comes on. I grab them by the arms and lead them to the opposite side of the room. Behind two small armchairs.

– But what are you doing Alice? Asked me to lose Val.
– Ok you want to do this little common fantasy together to start your relationship on a successful challenge, why not. You want to jerk off without participating in this awesome thing! Hey, no criticism, I totally get it, everyone has their own delusions, okay? Come on, jerk off!
– Excuse me! Exclaimed Matt shocked.
– Jerk off! Do you want me to show you how it’s done?
– Hands off! What the hell! In front of everyone and in front of you?
– You just looked at me. I admit it excites me to see you touching yourself there… Then no one else will pay attention to you, look around you. Besides, I’m hiding you and the chairs too. Come on, guys, enjoy yourselves… you want to! It’ll be our secret, ok, no one will ever know what we did here… It’ll stay between us! Come on, take the challenge, for you!
– I don’t know Alice it’s… It’s really weird, it’s… Then it’s you… Val was hesitating.
– Exactly it’s me… It might as well be Alice the nympho, right ? Come on !

I took matters into my own hands and made them touch their genitals. After a long hesitation, Matt and Val were attracted to two gay couples who began having sex nearby. Matt looked at Val, and they had some sort of telepathic communication or something.

– I… What do we try? Do you think we’ll be happy after… we can start something? Isn’t that kind of a stupid challenge?
– Remember what I told you the first time we met Matt, I’d rather do than regret it… Then we wanted to do this together…
– Yes, well…
– Ohh come on, give you a handjob! So what if I’m a woman? I love gay stuff… And without me there would have been nothing so… Don’t be shy, let go ! And do me a favor ! Uhh! Knock yourselves out! Yes, you!

After one last look, they took out their already hardened genitals. It makes me feel funny, but the situation excites me again, in spite of everything I’ve done… Slowly, they started jerking each other off, looking scared around them. The more time went by, the harder their cocks were and the faster their movements. Shy as they are, they won’t last long, and I want too to start masturbating… My libido is explosive tonight… I mean, more than usual… The more their acorns touch, the more their breaths jerk, the more their bedpans move, that’s it, they’re starting to like it…

– A… Alice you don’t have to watch… I mean…
– Shut up Matt, jerk him off… Yeah, like that… Doesn’t it turn you on to play the peeping Tom like that?
– Yes, but…
– Give him a wank, come on… He loves it, don’t you, Val?
– I’ll tell you what… If you keep this up I’m gonna come Matt…
– I already feel like spitting, too…
– You’ve been there for a while… Then the situation… Look at the muscular guy over there, how he spits… Don’t you want to do the same?
– Yeah, I wanna spit Matt out…
– Me too… I’m coming, keep jerking off Val, I’m coming!

As we get together, each of them spills their sperm on the other’s glans, holding their screams like they don’t want anyone to notice them… So cute and exciting… Watching their two dicks exchanging sperm puts me in a state that I force myself to hide from them so as not to embarrass them any more.

– There you go guys… Wasn’t it nice to watch that little orgy?
– Yes… Yes, but as a bachelor… Matt confided in me.
– Yes, we did… Nodded Val. Thank you, Alice. I guess I… I don’t know what to think right now…
– Um… I’m glad I could help! Well I’m gonna go, you guys go home without me, I’m gonna stay here! And don’t put your pants back on like that, here you go…

I threw my towel over them to wipe them off. They looked at me with an astonished and slightly disgusted look… There are some things on this towel. Before I could get through the black door, Val stopped me by grabbing my arm.

– Uh Alice… I know it’s none of my business but, be careful with Margot Liona… She’s not really a good person to be around…
– Oh don’t worry! She’s cool!
– No, she’s not cool Alice… Be careful. Please.
– Come on, go spend the evening with your new boyfriend, go for it! Oh, and… Congratulations!

I walk through the heavy black door, glance behind me to greet Val, who looks much more worried than usual. Stop looking at me with that look of pity on Val’s face! Don’t you understand that’s what excites me, the danger, the adventure? You’ve got it all and I’ve got what? You can’t understand what it feels like… You never will. I’m sorry, guys, but this is how I want to live… and this is the first step. I’ll see ya…

This is where we leave each other for today, hoping that this little orgy of Alice and company will have made you have a pleasant time… We are ready to launch the great adventure that will unite all our characters! See you soon for the rest. Don’t hesitate to support us if you want us to continue our work and meet us on Twitter!

Sam and Maya playing voyeurs...



During an evening between girl friends, Maya is going to propel Sam in the heart of a very naughty plan with two strangers ...

Hello / Good evening and welcome to this new free naughty story from La Plume d’Eros… Samantha and Maya are back, and this time they’re gonna play naughty voyeurs. Are you surprised about Sam? I guess you’re right. But let’s not forget she’s with Maya… It was a quiet start to the evening…

As often on our little blog, this story is composed of two parts: a narrative part without sex to spend some time with our characters and a naughty part for your pleasure. You can go directly to the naughty part if you wish. Enjoy reading and thank you for your presence

[ Softly ] – It all starts at the Three Lovers Restaurant…

When the waitress brings us the bill, I can’t help but take a furtive look at her buttocks, sublimely molded by her dark blue jeans that remind me of…

– Wow, you little perverted… Teased me, Maya. You could do that more quietly Sam…
– So… Sorry?
– I saw you staring at her butt… She looked at it with interest too… Although I can’t blame you… But then, I much prefer yours.
– I don’t… No, I was just wondering if she was taking all the head shots, so I thought I’d see if she had a notebook… Somewhere.
– Ah ah ah ah the head yes… Like that’s what you’re interested in! Maya laughed.
– Not everyone thinks about sex the way you do Miss Maya, I was trying to… I obviously wasn’t that sneaky… I’m rusting…
– Hmmm… Well, I’m sure you were thinking about what’s under the pants and not…
– Well, well, well. Watch it. I’m gonna make you pay the whole bill.
– Oh, but I’m just a poor little dermatologist myself. On fire, yes, but poor little dermatologist… Whereas you, the great physical therapist who…
– Stop, stop, stop! I swear, if you keep this up… Was I threatening her with humor.
– Oh yes, I’ve been a naughty girl… Punish me!
– I think you’ve been a girl who’s been drinking too much.
– That’s nonsense. I’ve only had a drink or two, Maya justified herself by handing me her empty glass…
– Oh, you did?
– That’s right!
– Get up and see…

Maya stared at me with a defiant look, put her glass on the table and in a burst of confidence, stood up sharply… Her chair smashed backwards, just like the glass and cutlery washed away by the tablecloth that was stuck between her thighs. While trying to catch up, Maya lost her balance and almost smashed herself against the table next door. Lucky for her, I still have good reflexes. Here I am now in the middle of a restaurant, a pretty half-rocked brunette completely drunk in my arms, with all the attention of the room. Gorgeous… As soon as she sobers up, she’ll hear about it! Maya regained her equilibrium and continued to type the poster by getting up on her chair and making big gestures, like the Madame Loyalty of a circus!

– Tadaaaaa, she shouted. Thank you, thank you! And we can applaud my friend Sam for this number, which I’m sure, miss the waitress with the beautiful buttocks, assures her yours!
– Maya! Get off! What the hell are you doing?!
– Oh yeah, yeah, okay. She threw herself in my arms. You know, I think you’re a little bit right. I must have had a few too many drinks… Again…

She burst out laughing and pulled out her credit card. She walked up to the waitress, put her forearm on the young woman’s shoulder and with a look like in the worst erotic movies, asked her: “How’s it going, gorgeous?” They walked away while I was putting in a little order to limit the breakage. After several minutes with no news, the anxiety grows in me: what new catastrophe Maya is causing? I find her a few meters away, trying to… Hitting on the waitress! Seriously! When she gets a punch in the nose it’s like a tornado! Maya noticed my presence, gave me a naughty look and ended her conversation with the waitress by kissing her on the cheek. She jumped back to me.

– Woof! she threw at me.
– Uh…
– I come back to you with my tail wagging like a little dog to her mistress! Get the leash out!
– Maya, you don’t have a tail…
– Ohhhhhhh yeah yeah, true! You hate it too!
– But… You hear yourself…
– Well then, like a little pussy cat… This on the other hand…

Maya walks towards the exit, sticking her tongue out at me without looking in front of her… That’s why she’s smashing her way through the restaurant glass door… In slow motion, she moves backwards, stretches her arms out in front of her and growls in an incomprehensible language. At last, here’s something that makes me laugh!

A nightcap at the Beer Lovers Bar…

With her nose immersed in her pineapple juice, Maya looks at me with her usual look of a beaten dog. In order to make her come down a bit, I invited her in a charming little bar where I usually go for a walk. Soft music, subdued atmosphere, ideal to calm down and relax. At least in normal times…

– Saaaaam! When I said I wanted a nightcap, I didn’t mean a juice box! You’re the reasonable one, not me!
– That’s why I’m making you drink this pineapple juice…
– Uh-oh! I’ll tell you what ! I can put a little rum in it, right? It’s still pineapple juice !
– Oh yeah, and then you’re going to say that to the glass door of the bar afterwards?
– Make fun of me ! While I was doing something important first !
– You see that ? And what’s the important thing, Captain?
– Captain…? Oh yes, rum, rum! Pirate! Maya laughed her head off…. She really drank too much. No, no! Seriously… I threw us the highlight of the night!
– With the waitress? What are we gonna do, wash up?
– Oh yeah, you’re gonna get all wet… She started laughing stupidly again.
– Maya?
– But you’ll see! For now, let’s drink! We have to wait until 11:00 and it’s uh… She looked at his watch. He’s, uh… Uh, he’s, uh…
– 11 o’clock…
– Ohhhhh! Already! Then we have to go! Come on, come on, come on!

This time when Maya got up, she stretched her arms out to the side like a tightrope walker. Just when I thought she was back in earnest, she started jumping around as if she was on a wire in the void. A pineapple juice won’t have been enough. After paying, I caught her by the front door, arms in front, feeling the emptiness as if she was in the dark. Trying not to burst out laughing, I approach her.

– Do you want us to turn the lights back on?
– Shh! The glass in these things is so dangerous! It could attack you at any time!
– Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah… And the clean ones are the most dangerous!
– Well, go on, then! Let me see you!
I opened the door for him. – After you…
– Hun! You were lucky this time!

In a mixture of amusement and apprehension, I let go of the door behind me. Maya wrapped herself up in her jacket, put her bag back on her shoulder and started walking down the street. I don’t like to play the curious, but with Maya drunk, it’s better to know the rest of the program…

– So Maya? What about now? And please don’t say “to the waitress’s apartment”…
– Just so you know, she’s in a relationship and for once, you got the eye. She’s a lesbian too. It’s so rare that you right…
– You know, just because I look at women doesn’t mean I want to sleep with every woman who looks at me…
– Oh, I believe you! You know, the way you look at women, they don’t have to look at you very often ! Maya laughed.
– That’s very funny, Maya.
– Come on, you’ll see, I’m sure you’ll like it and you’ve never done this before ! It’s going to be exciting!
– Now you’re scaring me…

Still jumping, Maya continued on her way… Strangely enough, despite the blow to her nose, she still has a great sense of direction. At least the fresh air will sober her up a bit. After several minutes of walking in the big empty streets of the city, talking about everything and nothing, we find ourselves in front of a small local villa, the only one still lit in places around. It’s a cute little white house that looks like it came out of an animated film. Maya stops in front of the gate, turns towards me and smiles.

– Okay, well… And now we’re…? I asked her apprehensively.
– In front of the waitress’ house!
– Maya!!!!!
– Wait ! You told me not to say “the apartment” ! But this is a house!
– What are you up to! Maya gave me a dirty look… Oh no, no, no… Maya, don’t do that! No serious foursome!
– Oh no no no no no no no no no, don’t worry !
– Okay, well…
– She didn’t want to… Mumbled Maya in her scarf.
– What !!!!
– Relax ! It’s something else, we thought it would be fun ! I talked with her and she’s… I mean… She’s a…
– She’s a?
– After you… taunted Maya by opening the little red gate of the villa.

[ Naughty part… ] – But what did you do, Maya… ?

In a small movement, Maya opens the gate of the villa. To my surprise, she asks me to move forward with a wave of her hand. We continue in the alley, still lit by the small garden, to the front door, also in a pretty burgundy red. Maya opened it most naturally in the world.

– Chop, chop, chop! What are you doing here!? This is a break-in Maya, what the hell?!
– It’s not! Breaking and entering is when no one invited you! We were invited! Come on in.
– Invited? When were you invited?
– Come in. I’ll explain. But hey! Don’t make a sound ! She laughed in a low voice.
– Maya, is not…
– Come on Sam, it’ll be fun… Trust me… Will I do something illegal… Seriously… seriously?
– Jerking off a patient is illegal?…
– Uh… I don’t know. Well, come on, then!

She pushed me inside and gently closed the front door. It’s confirmed, her blood alcohol level has dropped significantly, otherwise the whole house would have known we were intruding. Maya went ahead of me and continued into the house, taking my hand to guide me. Suddenly, small moans of pleasure began to guide us… I stop but Maya pulls me harder by looking at me and waving at me not to make any noise. But what are we doing?! It’s unbelievable! The moans get louder and louder as we approach a half-open door at the end of the corridor. There, Maya takes a quick glance, turns towards me with a very excited look and beckons me again, this time so that I look through the opening of the door. I refuse it, I suspect what I’m going to see there! I cast a reproving glance at Maya, who insists and pushes me forcefully towards the door.

This buttocks… I recognize that buttocks! This is the waitress’s place for sure! What do you mean, Maya has lost her mind! We broke into a stranger’s house and we’re spying on her! I violently step back from the door and grab Maya to leave but she holds me back and makes her lips slide in my ear.

– Stop it! That’s the highlight of the evening! she whispered to me.
– The highlight !? Maya stop it ! It’s completely illegal ! We can’t do this !
– But she asked me to do it !
– I’m sorry ?!
– Yes ! Ok I was a little drunk and I proposed a threesome… Sorry, sorry ! Maya shook my hands and begged me to forgive her. But she refused because she’s in a relationship. So I suggested a 4-way! Sorry, sorry, sorry! She shook hands again. But that’s not her thing. I looked at her angrily. Neither yours, yes, sorry! So she said no, but on the other hand… She likes to show off, you see… She really, really likes… Except that her fiancée she… She doesn’t… So she proposed me to…
– Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! You mean the waitress…
– Marie.
– … Marie. … Offered to you to sneak into her house and stare at her while she was making love to her fiancée, who doesn’t know anything about it?!
– That’s it! Maya jumped up and down gently on the spot.
– But at what point did you think it was a good idea Maya! Seriously! And if we did this to you what would you say!!!?
– I always close the door… Come on Sam… This is a once in a lifetime experience… don’t you think it’s exciting…?
– No, sorry. That’s just not ethical.
– Oh no come on! We’re doing Marie a favor, you know. She’s always wanted it and I… I really want to try!
– And her fiancée?
– Oh well, she’ll never know! It’s us. We’re not going to film, we’re not going to tell anyone!
– And the waitress… Marie, does she trust you, like that?
– Sam seriously… Look at me, I look like an angel, don’t I? Who wouldn’t trust me?
– Maya I swear…
– Come on Sam… Maya took my hand and dipped it in her open jeans between her legs… She’s soaking wet… I told you we’d get wet… didn’t I…? Come on Sam look…
– Maya we… You’re… you’re… When did you unbutton your jeans…?!
– Just a few minutes… for me! We’re not doing anything wrong it’s… A sexual experience… Just say yes… Please, please, please, please!

Maya had her puppy-dog look again, but this time she had a hard time holding it, probably because of my hand waving between her legs to caress her. I find it very hard to accept the situation, morally speaking. Of course it’s something Maya and Marie wanted, but still… For her girlfriend it’s not… I was cut off by a powerful cry of pleasure. Maya raised her eyebrows and rushed to the door, taking me with her, my hand still stuck in her jeans.

The entrance of the peepers…

The space of the door, although narrow, allowed us to see the scene very clearly… Marie, the waitress, was in ’69 on her lover. Maya whispered in my ear that her lover’s name was Sonia… Ah… Thank you for the clarification that will be … Anyway… So Marie and Sonia, was in the middle of 69, obviously very pleasant. With a sensual movement, Marie got up and clung to Sonia’s breasts, in order to sit entirely on her face. She threw her long blond hair back and looked straight towards the door. My heart leapt, as if the killer from a horror movie had calculated me! But here, no bloodshed, rather a beautiful smile of Marie who looked at us, pulled out her tongue and winked at us while caressing her breasts, before leaving in a powerful cry of pleasure. Maya is not lying, the waitress did leave everything open and organized it for her pleasure… The situation is very strange. I blame myself but, she’s starting to turn me on…

It’s not good at all, what are we doing playing peeping like this? It’s not right! Lost in my thoughts, I’m called to order by the lovers who change positions and embrace each other to kiss. Finished already? Damn, I could have seen some… Oh! No, no! This is not right! It’s really not right… I go back to ask Maya to leave but my eyes are lost on Sonia’s kidney failure… The dark skin, wavy black hair… A body like Maya’s and… Maya? I’m just looking at her… She’s terribly excited, hand in her jeans slowly masturbating. No, we can’t! We’ve got to get out of here. As I slowly step back, the lovers change position again and Sonia looks towards the door! Nothing. The darkness must be keeping her from seeing us. We really have to be very careful to notice our presence. I barely have time to catch my breath that with a quick gesture, Maya unzips my jeans. I look at her accusingly, but she smiles at me and slips behind me, plunging her hand into my panties…

– Um… Sam, um… you actually like it, don’t you? The danger, the forbidden, don’t you find it exciting?
– Maya we shouldn’t be ah… Ahhhh… What the hell is this? I didn’t realize I was getting so wet!
– I told you you’d get all wet… Maya whispered to me as she licked my neck… Don’t you think it looks like us… ? Marie, the beautiful blonde, and Sonia the hot brunette… ?
– Maya we…

I can’t go on with my sentence… Maya blocked my mouth with her other hand to shut me up, while offering me a delicious masturbation, slow and steady. Attracted by Mary’s cries of pleasure, my eyes turned towards her. Here I am playing the voyeuress, being masturbated in silence while I watch two strangers, at home, making love. However Maya is not wrong… The two young women look a lot like us, so much so that I can easily put myself in Marie’s place and… What she’s about to do is going to be… Terribly… Well, now… I feel like the heroine of an erotic book…

Do you want me to stop… …Maya whispered in my ear while continuing to press her hand against my mouth. Absorbed by the scene before me, my head performed a repeated left-to-right movement on its own. Embarrassed, all red, I felt Maya’s hand sensually touching my lips before moving towards my chest… In my turn, my hand slipped behind me to dive into her thong. In silence, stuck one against the other, holding back our cries of pleasure, we are launched into an exciting mutual masturbation.

Marie is lying on her back, comfortably installed in this bed which looks extremely soft. Her cries of pleasure are provoked by the succulent cunnilingus offered by Sonia. Slowly, she enjoys frustrating her lover by licking her entire genitalia, going only a few times on her clitoris, provoking the famous cries. The situation must also increase her excitement … For long minutes, Marie lets her pelvis move to the rhythm of Sonia’s caresses, while going through her own body to offer herself more. On her neck, to go down to her breasts and knead them before coming to caress her thighs and then come back to her chest to firmly pinch her nipples in small cries of pleasure. Regularly, her head and her bust are lifted to the rhythm of the pleasure she is enjoying. She bravely tries from time to time to look her lover in the eyes, but quickly she makes them roll in her eye sockets before going backwards, bowing to the caresses. I put myself in her place… To feel Maya’s warm tongue on my clitoris at this moment would be pure happiness… Wait a minute… wait a minute… If I’m going to be there, why not do it right?

Slowly, I’m sliding my pants down. Immediately, Maya understands what I want and gets down on her knees, offering me her tongue. I hold on to the door frame, being very careful not to make any noise or touch the door. My pelvis is in rhythm with that of the beautiful waitress, who once again turns her gaze towards us. This time she doesn’t look away and smiles at me while caressing her breasts, then she looks at Maya and opens her mouth wide, sticking out her tongue. The situation excites her terribly and I confess, so do I… As Maya becomes more and more insistent, I begin to have trouble holding back my screams. Fortunately, Marie’s shouts come to cover my strong breathing. Always at work, Sonia starts to masturbate, visibly in need of pleasure… Just like Maya. We start to mimic and it’s terribly exciting. The more Marie takes pleasure and the more I take. My gaze alternates between the two lovers and Maya. The glow that comes out of the door allows me to see her tongue slowly slipping on my clitoris, in small movements, sometimes gentle and fast, sometimes powerful and slow. Regularly, she plunges her ember gaze into mine, making me want to kiss her. Seeing Maya do this to me, while masturbating and playing the voyeuress give me sensations I had never experienced before.

Marie’s cries are more and more intense. Sonia accelerates the movement as if she wanted to make her come. In large and powerful strokes of her tongue, accompanied by her fingers, she lets loose on the sex of the waitress. The space between Marie’s cries is getting shorter and shorter, and the beautiful blonde is looking for something to hold on to, without success. Her bust straightens up, her hands come violently gripping her chest… She is on the verge of orgasm. In front of this scene, Maya plays the game and accelerates in her turn. Slowly, I feel my orgasm rising. I push her head to try to make her slow down, all in silence, but she insists… My orgasm rises and Marie’s screams don’t help. Once again, I try to stop Maya who doesn’t want to know anything. It’s coming… I’m going to come and so is Marie… I’m coming I… No more. Maya, in perfect sync with her counterpart, stops doing me any good, gets up and undresses completely. I admire her madness, and I confess that it excites me more. Maya grabs my cheeks, kisses me with every tongue out, and guides me to her sex. It’s my turn to play with my tongue.

No need for me to watch the scene all the time to get excited, I just have to take a look at it once in a while, while I concentrate on the pleasure I give Maya. Marie also seems very gifted, given Sonia’s spasms and uncontrolled gestures: not knowing what to do with her hands, so intense is her pleasure, she runs through her body at full speed. Just by her cries of pleasure I can easily guess how much fun Marie is having… I decide to synchronize the pleasure I give Maya with Sonia’s decibels. The more she shouts, the more Maya will have difficulty to hold back. The hands of my pretty brunette run through her beautiful body caressing her breasts and trying desperately to push my head back gently to be able to hold on longer, but I won’t let go.

Elle est sauvée par notre petit jeu de mimétisme, puisque Marie est désormais à quatre pattes, se faisant sauvagement doigter et masturber. A son tour, Maya passe derrière moi, me bloque une jambe avec l’une des siennes pour être sure que je ne tricherai pas et se lance dans une torride masturbation. Je m’amuse à frotter mes fesses contre son clitoris, comme si nous combattions pour le plaisir. Tandis que nous nous amusons, Marie elle, rigole beaucoup moins. Elle a perdu son sourire pour arborer un air très sérieux, presque sévère, tellement son plaisir est puissant. Il est très facile en regardant les doigts de Sonia lorsqu’ils entrent et sortent de son sexe, de voir à quel point elle aime ça… Avec force, ceux-ci font crier la belle serveuse qui a du mal à tenir sur ses bras. Durant un long instant, Marie se laisse lentement aller vers l’orgasme. Sonia la doigte et la masturbe avec force, jouant avec le point de non retour de Marie. On sent de suite qu’au lit, elles se connaissent parfaitement. Cependant cette fois-ci Marie n’est pas du même avis et dégage avec tendresse la main de Sonia de son clitoris afin de s’en occuper elle-même. S’ensuit une superbe séance de masturbation solo, tandis qu’elle profite des doigts de Sonia, qui s’aventurent de plus en plus profondément. Marie n’en démord pas, elle veut jouir. Sa masturbation est de plus en plus intense et Sonia ne peut qu’abdiquer lorsqu’elle s’aperçoit que son amante est sur le point de jouir. Dans de puissants cris orgasmiques, les yeux de Marie roulent dans leurs orbites et elle continue son plaisir solo, comme si elle désirait que jamais ne s’arrête son orgasme.

Lost in this show, I forget to control myself… Maya’s fingers playing on my clitoris are now unstoppable, I feel the orgasm rising. Seeing Marie come excited me too much. Very quickly, I get spasms. Maya, with a mischievous smile, puts her hand in front of my mouth to barely hold back a cry of pleasure. As she slows down the movement I rectify it and put my hand on hers to keep the rhythm, I am still in full orgasm and I don’t want her to slow down. I take the opportunity to savour the sight of her hand on my sex, flooded by my pleasure. Sensually, Maya brings her fingers to her mouth, licks them with a provocative look before kissing me wildly. For her part, Maya is already imploring a second orgasm by enclosing Sonia’s head between her legs while blocking any withdrawal. She pushes her lover’s face into it and prepares herself for a second orgasm, which she wants right away…

Faced with the cries of this new orgasm, I can’t help but masturbate again, I want another one too. Maya licks my breasts while masturbating on stage. With her look, her lips, her breathing, I feel that she is on the verge of orgasm too. One next to the other, masturbating with one hand and caressing us with the other, we watch Marie having her second orgasm. She can’t take it anymore, screams with pleasure and taps the bed as if to soften it. In front of such a spectacle, Maya grabs my breast while looking at her clitoris. She is going to come. I have in front of me two beautiful women in full ecstasy and I don’t know how I can stop myself from being the third one… Watching Maya come, I feel the drool coming out of my mouth wide open. I alternate the glance between her face so magnificent tensed by the pleasure and her hand which gives her so much pleasure. I pull myself together and as I launch into the movements that were going to lead me to my second orgasm, I realize that it is now other moans that can be heard, moans in chorus.

The two women are against each other, scissors-like, rubbing, clitoris against clitoris. As Marie begins to weaken, Sonia speeds up the movement. You can feel in her gaze and her movements that she is reaching orgasm. Seeing that I have not rejoiced again, Maya starts to masturbate me again and in order not to lose a drop, grabs my hand so that I do the same thing to her, begging me with her eyes to have a second one too. The more the girls accelerate their rubbing, the more we accelerate our movements like two addicted voyeurs. Sonia stops suddenly as if to prevent her orgasm… “Oh no shit… No I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming!” will be her last words before screaming with pleasure. Neither one nor two, Maya sticks herself against the wall and accelerates her pelvic movements, she enters my fingers inside her so that I finger her, while she masturbates, rather awkwardly since she takes care of me with the other hand… However, this clumsiness makes her execute small moody movements which, combined with the excitement, make me leave with her. We look into each other’s eyes, mouth wide open and leave together for our second orgasm. Miraculously, we hold back our cries… On her side, Sonia is astride Marie, who hastens to lick the whole of her sex. She clings to her lover’s hair and moves as if she were riding a huge sextoy. She also wants her second orgasm…

That’s when we decide to stop playing the voyeuress… The two orgasms having brought us back to reason, we decide to get dressed carefully, while still watching the scene a little more. When Sonia is about to have another orgasm, we decide to slip away in silence. We go back through the front door and close it, then cross the alley and finally exit through the small gate. The lights go out, as if our departure was the end of their work. Our offence could have been perfect if we hadn’t come across a little grandpa walking his dog and looking at us, all dishevelled and defrocked, with a perplexed look on his face…

– Oh, boy! That was intense ! Maya raved !
– That was, uh… weird…
– Admit it, you liked it, playing voyeuress !
– I’m not going to say I didn’t but… I won’t do it again…
– Oh believe me, it was only the beginning of a long list!
– A long list?
– Well yes, our long list!
– Our?

Maya pulled up in front of me, stiff as a board. She took a deep breath and turned to me.

– Sam, I really need to tell you something…


Thank you for following this new adventure of Sam and Maya, the voyeurs of the day! We hope you enjoyed it! And you, do you like playing voyeur / voyeurs? Feel free to leave a comment! See you soon on La Plume d’Eros!

Sex and fantasies... Mei's naughty fantasy...



Back home, mei indulges her naughty imagination... Slowly, she creeps under the sheets and... She fantasizes...

Hello / Good evening to you and welcome to this new naughty story! You are about to enter Mei’s intimacy and for a change, this erotic tale will be told in the third person… We hope that it will bring you a moment of pleasure and relaxation… Have a good read.

It’s been four days now since Mei met Sam and Maya during a photo shoot that particularly marked her… Mei, extremely is shy by nature and quite introverted, is still struggling to recover and even forgive herself for the perverse thoughts that crossed her mind that day… Lost in her dreams she could have done something irreversible ! Luckily for her, more fear than harm. Only since that day, in spite of her immense excitement, she didn’t dare to masturbate, for fear of falling back into those fantasies… Yet today, she finds it very hard to hold back…

The day was quiet, in the studio the shootings went on and to his great surprise, Chris asked her several times to do them himself, as he had “meetings” outside. This kind of exercise doesn’t bother her too much, as she has an innate gift for photography and taking portraits here and there doesn’t stress her. At least as long as people don’t undress in front of her. That’s where it becomes quite problematic. But not today, not today it’s was quiet day… Until she goes to check the dressing rooms… While as usual she goes around the studio to check that everything is turned off and closed, She comes face to face with the famous red armchair… Armchair where in her naughty dreams, Maya and Sam had a lot of fun… While shaving the walls, Mei turns off the lights of the room one by one, staring at the armchair as if it were a wild beast ready to jump at her throat at the slightest sudden movement. Without a sound, she goes around the terrible animal to extinguish the last light at the back of the room… But nothing helps, despite all the will she shows, she can’t help but think back to the succulent cunnilingus offered to Maya on this same armchair… Slowly, Her body relaxes and she feels an immense excitement in her, with this impression that a little voice inside her implores her to undress, sit down and masturbate like a madwoman as she thinks back on it all .

“Goo-hoo! No, no! What an idea… No! Not here! Hurry, I have to go home!” Mei tried to convince herself by talking aloud. It’s something she loves to do, talking out loud. She often wonders if this habit is there to fill the loneliness she feels so often, like talking to someone. She comes to her senses and closes the dressing room door. Last check in the props room, where she sees a new object of the devil: the bed used for the shooting. Once again, the little voice implores her to undress and make herself feel good in this cosy bed… Planted like a stake, salivating as if she had a delicious muffin dripping with chocolate in front of her, she struggles with herself and ends up victorious once again. She turns off the light and walks towards the heavy metal door which she closes.

From the studio to her apartment it’s only a few minutes’ walk. On the way, our young woman stops at the bakery “Les Boules du Boulanger“, to finally take a good muffin. There is a difference between resistance and torture… On the way out, she carefully places her precious in her bag and, torn by the cold, plunges her hands into the huge pockets of her jacket. “Ahhh… It’s so comfortable to be warm… Those pockets are magic! They keep me warm, I don’t lose anything in them and I… I can caress my thighs and… My crotch… Hum… Gooooooo! What am I doing? I’m groping myself in public ghiiiii!!!!”. Turning bright red for an act of which only she is aware, Mei starts to speed up her walk. She slams her front door behind her, leaning against it as if a horde of monsters were chasing her. Then suddenly, calm… Happiness… If there is one place where she feels good, where she feels happy and safe, it’s in her cozy nest. With a broad smile of relief, Mei takes off her jacket which she carefully hangs on her coat rack with her bag, without forgetting to carefully take out the muffin. Neither one nor two, she rushes into her room and puts on her most comfortable pyjamas. As a final touch, she dips her feet into her panda slippers and there she is on a little cloud. She throws herself into her couch and delicately unwraps her muffin… Mouth watering, she bites into it and feels like she’s sinking into her couch… Another bite…

“What? It’s already over! Um… I should’ve got another one!”. Slumped down and looking like a beaten dog, Mei looks towards her kitchen… Suddenly, she jumps up and rises up in a hurry! “I still have a piece of cake from yesterday!”. She rushes to the fridge and discovers the famous slice, which she looks at with envy. Without being begged, she grabs the plate and goes back to the living room. However, she has a doubt… Because she wants to draw tonight and if she doesn’t make it to the sofa, it’s going to be difficult… Cornelian choice… She decides, after a few thoughts and bites of cake, to go drawing. She turns on her computer and her tablet and settles down. When she finishes her last bite, she takes her courage in both hands…

It’s time for her to face her fantasy! After all nobody but her and maybe a little Maya knows about it and this can make an excellent scene for her erotic manga… With great determination, she grabs her stylus and here she is thrown into a long and difficult drawing session. As the stylus strokes, her characters indulge in forbidden pleasures, enjoying and offering orgasms, each one more original than the other… Suddenly, Mei stops drawing… She puts down her big round glasses and slumps in her chair… She looks at her work boards and a few seconds later raises her head towards the ceiling. Then she puts her glasses back on her nose and goes back to her boards to proceed with the proofreading… She replayed her fantasy in her head once more… Once, twice… Then she checked that she had been able to transcribe it as she wanted in her drawings… Again and again… After long minutes of proofreading and checking, Mei leans heavily on her chair and slowly lowered her gaze to her thighs. Her two hands are powerfully rubbing her crotch, as if her whole body could no longer hold back and was acting on its own. As if helpless, Mei slowly opens her mouth and lets herself be overcome by desire. Just like her lips, her thighs open gently and leave the field free for her hands which begin to caress her more and more frantically… She hears her little voice telling her “Stop struggling… We’re just the two of us to know… Do yourself some good… You want to… Do yourself some good…”.

Mei stops all action immediately. She takes off her glasses, rubs her eyes and scratches her head while brushing her hair. Her tousled hair falls all over her head and she blows on it, swelling her cheeks. She looks behind her and sees her bed calling out to her. “Hummmm… After all… Why not… It’s not as if I don’t have the right to fantasize… It won’t hurt anyone… Hummmm… I can’t hold on any longer… If I cum one time it will be better afterwards… My concentration will be even better! Yes…”

Like a spring, she jumps on her bed, pulls up her T-shirt and slowly starts to caress her breasts. Her hands take the time to run across her bust, slide over her navel and up onto her chest, where they take the time to make her desire rise. Sensually, Mei licks her fingertips and comes to deposit a little saliva on her nipples, which she enjoys massaging slowly, giving her a gentle shiver. Gently, her right hand goes down between her thighs, before slipping under her pants. She lets out a sigh of pleasure, a sigh of relief, as if to get rid of all this self-frustration accumulated for days. Immediately forgetting all modesty and embarrassment, Mei launches into a frenzied masturbation, kneading her left breast with all her strength and moving her pelvis up and down as if she were rubbing herself against something… Or someone… Biting her lip so hard that she almost hurts herself, her desire is far too strong. In a sublime dance, she takes off every piece of clothing that covers her body and finds herself completely naked. She walks towards her dresser and takes out from it a small red dildo, with small rabbit ears, almost too cute for its purpose… This one immediately finds itself in the mouth of the mangaka, who sucks it with passion, emitting little scream of envy, as if she had in her mouth the sex she has been desiring for so long. Once the dildo is well moistened, she slides it down to her crotch where she plays with her clitoris… She activates the vibrator of her toy, plays tenderly with her pleasure organ before embarking on one of her most intense masturbations… She closes her eyes and gets lost in her fantasy…

She is projected at the photo studio with Chris, Maya and Sam. The two young women are completely naked, lying on the bed with white sheets, caressing and licking each other’s breasts. Chris, already in his boxer shorts, takes out his cock and starts jerking it off, excited by the scene in front of him. His gaze plunges into Mei’s and seems to ask her to come and suck this member so hard, a member that he is slowly moving up and down. As she moves forward, Mei is held back by Takumi, her favorite character, out of nowhere, who represents the perfect man and whose stories she stages in her current manga. His conquest of the day seems to be Mei herself. He holds her firmly by the arm and looks at her with a look of ember, which would melt any woman according to Mei. An open black curved shirt reveals her sublime torso, muscular just as it should be, and if we let the eyes dive a little more, her unbuttoned pants invite us to take an immense pleasure… Giving an embarrassed look to Chris, the latter smiles at her and turns his gaze away to approach the two young women in order to join them in their frolics… Alone with Takumi in front of this depraved scene, Mei feels her whole body burning with desire. She grabs her lover by the shirt and draws him towards her, kissing him with all her strength. While exchanging succulent kisses with him, she fervently takes off his shirt and throws it as far away from them as possible, as if to prevent him from getting dressed again one day. Her hands go down on his sex and she realizes that he’s already stiff like she likes him… After a last languorous kiss, she lifts her mouth from Takumi’s, who seems to want more. She goes down on her knees, bites her lip and stared at her lover’s sex under the boxer shorts and takes him out. For a few seconds she looks at him only with small movements, then she jerks him off while watching the other three enjoy themselves immensely. Then she gulps him down as much as she can, throwing herself into a succulent blowjob. She can’t help but watch Sam and Maya reproduce exactly what she does, passionately sucking Chris who seems to enjoy it… Takumi slides down her pants and grabs Mei’s head to increase the pace… She feels that he likes it and it excites her even more. Slowly, she slips one hand into her panties and starts masturbating as well…

After a few minutes of pleasure, Takumi grabs Mei by the arm again, picks her up and kisses her with enthusiasm. He takes off her sweater, then her T-shirt, unhooks her bra with one hand and embraces her firmly from behind. For a few moments, he masturbates her while she enjoys the show. Suddenly, Mei feels her feet leave the ground, she levitates. Takumi takes her to the bed and throws her on top. The discomfort she feels being on this shared bed is quickly dissipated when Sam comes to caress her breast while sucking Chris. As for Takumi, he takes off Mei’s pants and starts to make our shy geekette roar with pleasure… Seeing this immense pleasure, Sam can’t help smiling at Mei and approaches her… Without a word, she starts licking her breasts in turn. With Takumi’s tongue on her clitoris and Sam’s tongue on her breasts, Mei doesn’t know what to think. Her pleasure keeps increasing. Apprehensively, she opens her eyes and looks at her breasts. The sublime smile that Sam addresses to her is the first thing she sees, before her lover loses it and licks her breasts with her tongue pulled out, in a very provocative way is terribly sexy, while holding her gaze… For a few seconds, Mei is immersed in this green look of Jade and almost forgets her pleasure. But it quickly comes back when Sam starts to finger her, straightening up to let Mei see Takumi’s eyes plunged into hers, his tongue still at work. Only a few seconds later, she is forced to ask them to stop. Takumi soon gets his mind back and she is turned around by Takumi, who soon pushes his sex inside her. Here she is being caught, her eyes glued on Chris’s sex penetrating Maya savagely. Sam sits between the four of them and enjoys the show while masturbating. Mei, as if embarrassed by the situation, offers Sam a shy but exciting look and this one, exploding with laughter, approaches her and offers her sex, legs wide apart. Mei then embarks for the first time on a clumsy but visibly pleasant cunnilingus. Takumi’s pelvis beating against her buttocks makes her make small head movements that seem to please Sam a lot… So much so that she comes to open her vaginal lips as if to ask for even more pleasure. In doing so, she loses her support and goes backwards. Chris, visibly inspired by the sight of Sam, comes to take her mouth, leaving Maya for a few moments. Maya doesn’t want to stay without doing anything, she comes to ride Sam in 69 to find herself face to face with Mei and starts kissing her while masturbating Sam. Then suddenly, she puts little headbutts to Mei who understands that Maya is again being caught by Chris, while being licked by Sam.

Our mangaka falls down on her chest and starts to finger Sam. Drawn forward, Takumi bends over and kisses Maya. Here is Mei embarked in a real orgy… Takumi, taking her buttocks with power, kisses Maya who herself is savagely dismantled by Chris, whose purses are licked in rhythm by Sam when she is not licking by Maya and who takes advantage of the pleasure that Mei offers him by fingering her…

After a few minutes, the positions change and Mei starts riding Takumi. Takumi, lying on his back, finds himself with Chris’s cock in his mouth, while Maya and Sam are back in a lesbian scene… Mei catches Chris and kisses him in turn, asking him for his cock. Chris leaves Takumi’s mouth to take Mei’s mouth. For long seconds, Mei doesn’t know where to go in her head, trying to synchronize her mouth and her pelvis… She tries to catch her breath but sees Maya from the corner of her eye who seems to be on the verge of orgasm… And not just a little since a few seconds later she screams with pleasure while Sam licks and fingers her relentlessly. Her pelvis rises, her fists close from the sheets and her orgasm makes everyone want to follow suit… In front of this show, Chris gets behind Mei to take her in double penetration, but she kindly refuses, which provokes a smile to Chris who starts to jerk off faster and faster, until he spits in Maya’s mouth, still dizzy. Takumi seeing Chris ejaculate like that, turns Mei over, puts her on his back and whispers to her between two sighs of pleasure that he’s going to take her like that and make her come. While Chris and Maya are out of the race, Takumi starts to take Mei as wildly as possible, while masturbating her at full speed. Mei knows that she won’t last long, feeling reinforced by Sam coming over her face, asking her to lick his buttocks and the entrance of her vagina while she masturbates and makes her come. Mei does so and grabs the young woman’s breasts at the same time. The more the seconds go by, the louder the three are… Opening the revelry, Sam is the first to come, taking advantage of the caresses offered by Mei’s tongue on her sex and her anus. She has a powerful orgasm that makes Mei completely leave in her turn, who enjoys under Takumi’s caresses. Takumi manages to hold on for a few seconds, but finally comes out and places his cock on Mei’s face. Sam catches the member on the edge of ejaculation and jerks him off until he spits everything he has on Mei’s face with his mouth wide open. As she finishes sucking her lover’s penis while enjoying the last drop, Mei slowly dives back into reality…

She opens her eyes and looks at her breasts and then at her sex. She had a delicious orgasm… Her sheets are soaked and she’s sweaty, but it was worth it… She takes a few seconds to recover until she feels her body burn… Her body, then her face. Suddenly, she turns bright red, grabs her sheets and hides under them at full speed!

“Goooooooooo! What the hell did I just do! Miss Sam! Forgive me! Takumi! Chris! Maya! I’m sorry! What the heck! But, but that’s not me at all! Besides Miss Sam would never do that either! And neither would Chris! Neither would Takumi! He doesn’t like men! And neither does Miss Sam! And I do! But I never want to do this! Ghiiii! Why did I fantasize about this it is, it is! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Sorry, sorry!!!!”

Hidden for a few moments under her sheets, Mei gradually came to her senses. She comes out of hiding and looks around… As if to reassure herself, she talks to herself aloud: “Good, good… It’s bad, it’s bad it’s… Hum… It’s nothing, it’s nothing. Just because I don’t want to do it in real life doesn’t mean I can’t imagine things. No I didn’t hurt anyone I… Takumi would tell me it’s normal to… Oh Takumi sorry… Miss Sam… I… I’m going to take a shower… I’ll calm down, it’s not like I’m going to see them again right away! Miss Sam is a nice person, I admire her, she wouldn’t mind I’m sure, but you don’t want to see her while it’s going on because I…

Mei is cut off in her monologue by her phone ringing, startled! Panic-stricken, she hides her sextoy, gets dressed at the speed of light, as if the person on the other end of the phone could see everything that was going on at home. She grabs her phone… She doesn’t know the number… She hesitates and finally answers.

– He… Hello?
– Hello, Mei?
– Yes… Who’s this?
– Hi! It’s Maya!
– Hoouuuu! Mei feel completely embarrassed, Miss Maya? I… I… Sorry!
– Sorry? For what?
– Well, I…
– I hope I don’t disturb you, I have a knack for falling at the wrong time!
– No, no, no, no, no…
– Well, Chris gave me your number, I hope you don’t mind! I’d like to talk to you about something, would you be available for lunch on Friday?

Mei feels like her brain is no longer connected to the rest of her body. Maya inviting her to lunch? “What the hell’s going on! Oh no I could never go! What am I gonna say! She’s going to get bored with me and I’m not going to make it I… I know she’s nice but… Then she’s funny and I felt good when she was talking to me at the studio… I should probably say no because I don’t… What should I do ? If I slip up and talk about the dream! Help me…”

– Uh, well… Mei swallowed her saliva with difficulty. I don’t know if I’d be much good at small talk, but…
– Oh don’t worry! I speak for three! So it’s okay then?
– Uh… I… Yes…
– So cool! Can I pick you up at the studio at 12:30, is that okay?
– Yeah, sure.
– Great! Remember to save my number just in case. I won’t bother you any more. Good night and see you Friday, Mei!
– Um… Thank you… Thank you too Maya… See you Friday and thank you.
– Thank you, thank you! Bye bye!

Maya’s hanging up, but Mei’s holding on for seconds with the phone glued to her ear. When she decides to take it off, she is at first only embarrassed, thinking back to the scene on which she has just given herself so much pleasure… But then, without knowing why, she starts to smile. She puts down her phone while smiling, then walks towards her bathroom. When she gets to the bathroom door she stops abruptly and turns around, as if a wild lion was behind her… “Did I just… Jump to my door?”. With big eyes, Mei pushes her bathroom door open, undresses, letting her generous curves reveal themselves again and looks at herself in the mirror, a broad smile on her lips…


So much for Mei’s guilty pleasure… You can imagine that her meal with Maya will trigger her implication in our great story, even if we can say that everything already started with the shooting, without whom, Maya would never have called Mei… We hope you liked this little story and we tell you to see you soon for the rest ! Bye bye.

Girls' night out - Free erotic Story for you



Claire, Sam and Maya are having a girls' night out together... And they're gonna tell each other some very interesting things...

Hello to you and welcome to this new free naughty story, “Girls’ Night Out.” Today, Sam brings you into the intimacy of a moment she will share with Maya and Claire. The three friends get together for a few hours to chat and enjoy the moment. You will discover many crispy anecdotes and live some very hot moments… Thank you for being here and without further ado, it’s time for Sam, who is just chatting with Tim, Claire’s husband… Be careful, it’s an XXL story, much longer than usual… In parallel, you will be able to find “Tim’s evening”, which is linked to the girls’…


Samantha, who came to pick up Claire to take her to Maya’s, talks with Tim while waiting for her friend to finish getting ready. They’re talking about work and this is where you enter into their conversation…

Tim continues to talk to me:

– “You bet, you must see some nice ones at the office… Anyway it’s nice of you to come and get Claire, because obviously she’s planning to get drunk…”
– “Don’t worry, I’m happy, it will do her good to relax a little, she’s not easy every day either…”
– “It’s true. And so you never drink?” he asks me a little surprised.
– “No, it’s really not my thing.”
– “So yes, you’ll be… Sober, that’s good… At least there will be someone with his mind… Because sometimes Claire… Well, you know her.”
– “Do not worry, everything will be fine. For her… And for you…”
– “For me? Why do you say that?”
– “Oh for nothing…”, I said with a big smile.

Claire, late as usual, came running in half-coiled and almost picked herself up like a big pancake, caught by her momentum. She didn’t forget to kiss Tim and faxed herself in the passenger seat of my car. Out of breath, she threw me:

– “Ahhhhh… Ahhhhhh… Sorry Sam I… I didn’t see the time I… Ahhhhhhh… I really have to get back to sport I… I’m going to die… Ahhhhhhhhh…”

I can’t stop laughing before I start the engine. Tim steps back laughing too and we’re ready to go to Maya’s house.

– “Well, girls, good night to you and see you later,” Tim says.
– “Thanks Tim, and don’t worry I’ll bring your wife back in one piece…”, I tried to reassure him by seeing his worried look.
– “See you later my love!” Claire said, visibly excited to spend an evening with her friends, the first evening in a long time.

And here we go. At this hour, the traffic is rather quiet and even if Claire doesn’t live very far from our village, we have a few minutes drive. After catching her breath, Claire started the conversation.

– “Ahhh… I should take better care of myself, like you Sam.”
– “Did you run that much?”
– “No… That’s just the worst… I’ve made room, bathroom, bedroom and car…”
– “Indeed… It would do you good…” I said with a smile.
– “Okay! Maya, Maya, Maya… What does she have in store for us this time?”
– “Ah ah, with her you can expect anything… But it’s going to be a great night!”
– “Oh yes, I’m sure it will be! Do you think she…?” she asked me with a serious air…
– “That she started the mojito without us?”
– “No… did she?”
– “Oh yes… “So what? You had to taste it to check that it was good !”, that’s what she’s going to get us out, you’ll see…”


Having a copy of the keys to Maya’s house and Maya having told me to go straight home and “pretend I’m at home”, we go in and find her with a glass in her hand, with a big smile on her face. She runs to greet us and the three of us look at her glass… With a huge smile and her eyes closed, she takes us out:

– “Well, what? We had to taste it to make sure it was good! Giiiiiiirls! I’m so happy to see you ! Go inside and… Whoa… Was there always a walk here?”

Bingo, there was no shortage of that. She’s already a little tipsy and the excitement of girls’ night out doesn’t help her crazy. She loves mojito and makes it a point to make sure it’s always perfect. But for that, you have to taste it… And she can’t hold her liquor very well. Luckily, like Claire, she’s a happy drunk. When they get a punch in the nose they laugh and dance, but they never do anything very mean. It’s going to be a very lively evening…

– “Go on, get settled! So on the menu attention! Makiiiiiiis! Vegetarians for Sam and us Claire with good, very good salmon! I wanted to make egg rolls but hey… Claire… It would have reminded you too much of Tim and his little egg roll !”, Maya pouffa before leaving in a mini crazy laugh.
– “Little egg roll? You have a very strange conception of how big Maya is…” Claire argued, defending Tim.
– “Huuuuuuu… Come on! Come on! You want to fight,” Maya put herself in a boxer’s position, followed by Claire, who imitated her.
Amused, I calmed down the game: – “Well, well, ladies, let’s start more quietly, shall we? Given your Maya’s condition, the mojito should be ready, right?”
– “Oh my Sam! Always on top! That’s right captain! There he is! Who wants a drink???? Or two??? Uh-oh! We can drink it straight from the bowl, can’t we?!”
– “And of course, in your excitement, you made the mojito before the makis…” I was having fun.
– “But she’s so strong! Claire saw that! She should have been a detective!”

Claire burst out laughing as she looked at me and walked towards the fridge. She opened it and renewed her burst of laughter when she saw that absolutely nothing was ready. She threw me with difficulty between two laughs: “Well, on the other hand, the dessert is superb! Maya also went to the fridge, looked at the ingredients and for some unknown reason, exploded of laughing in her turn. Well… It’s time to make the said makis, in order to make Maya slightly sober. Each of us grabbed the ingredients and we started to prepare our evening meal. The three of us glued on the central island of Maya’s kitchen, we have fun making the prettiest rolls possible… Maya, not yet fully recovered from her mojito making, starts making her own again. While making a roll, she went into an obscure delirium:

– “Hoouuuu… Hou girls look… You saw how I roll this big maki here… With my two hands houuuu… If he could I’m sure he’d dribble with sauce !”
– “Ah… Obviously you still have some mojito left in your Mayan veins”, Claire humorously said.
– “Jealous! “You say that because you cut them off and they’re so small! Whereas I am… Biiiiiiiiiiiiig…”, Maya drooled in front of her roll…

Before finishing her sentence, Maya almost dropped the maki on the floor. She caught it by miracle by doing lots of useless pirouettes and continued her speech:

– It’s all right! It’s all right! It’s all right! Plus it’s too bad it’s Sam’s… Hey Claire, Claire…”
– “Oh yes Maya, I can feel it coming from miles away…” sighed Claire visibly dejected by the joke that was coming.
– “Your colleagues are in it! Lawyers! Lawyers, you know? (french word game, because”avocado” (Avocat) is pronounced same way that Lawyer (Avocat))” Maya laughed.
– “Here, I’ve never had that one before…”, Claire despaired.
– “Madam lawyer… Admit that your favorite bar is your husband’s!” Maya launched Maya with a very serious look.
– “Now I think that mojito level has abused Maya a bit, you normally go down faster than that…” Claire laughed.
– “Noooooooooooo! So little, there’s no sushi ! Ahhh ! Come on, cut your colleagues and let’s eat !!!! I’m hungry !”, Maya threw Maya along with the makis.
– “Good idea, it’ll do you good to eat… Give me my colleagues then…”. Claire grabbed the knife and cut the last portions.

Maya laughed again and went to set the table. We had decided to set the table in the living room, on the coffee table. Maya put big, soft blankets on the floor and threw tons of cushions on it. Besides I wonder where she can store all this stuff, it must take a monstrous place. She also came back with a huge panda plush, bigger than her, and put it in the place she had planned to occupy. Curious, I wait until she goes back to get some cushions to get closer to the plush. Her open arms invite me to give her a big hug and its is so soft that this cuddly toy is a real danger! Maya’s hand comes to rest on my shoulder and she whispers in my ear, as if she was going to reveal me a terrible secret:

– “Hey, hey! He’s cool my big teddy bear, isn’t he? And wait, he’s even cooler with this! Look, look, look!” – Maya leans over the panda’s buttocks and shows me what looks like a USB plug in her anus… What’s the idea of putting that there? She repeats her sentence – “It’s hot! You charge the battery and poof! For three or four hours you give him a warm hug! It’s a killer! But it’s my own cuddly toy,” she continued, huddling up to the panda like a child… Finally, with a very serious look she whispered even more softly to me: “Sam, I have an idea! Let’s have a threesome! You, me and the panda! We’ll warm him up first and then we’ll rub him!” she finishes before continuing her hug.

I’m bugging out for a while… I want that stuffed animal! Not to rub up against him, no! But for cocooning! Claire pulls me out of my thoughts by arriving with the plates of makis that she has brilliantly trained, going from Maya’s weird big roll to a five-star dressage! Maya drops her panda, drools in front of the plates, runs to the kitchen and comes back with the mojito and glasses.

Seeing the mojito, Claire looked at it with big eyes and said: – “Uh, Maya… maybe some water for dinner, huh? Mojito for after?”.
Maya stops, thinks for a few seconds and all happy answers: “Oh yes yes you’re right… It’s dessert! With dessert! But it’s not for aperitif ? Oh yes but I’m too hungry, no aperitif then ? Let’s eat !”

You shouldn’t try too hard to find logic in Maya’s lyrics when she’s tipsy. Anyway, with a very pleasant musical background and soft lights, we settle down on these piles of very comfortable cushions and start our meal. At the beginning, the conversations were very banal, work, subway, sleep and small anecdotes of usual life. Maya who breaks such a thing, the famous unforgettable customer, Tim who does this, Tim who does that… Only, when Claire and Maya go ahead in the evening and the mojitos, they like to talk about naughty things… But that will be for a little later, for the moment water still throne on the table.

– “Ah, that’s better! Sorry, the mojito had gone to my head a bit. Mmm, this is a good maki! Hum, hum! Oh by the way Claire, how was your birthday party with Tim, was it good?” Maya asked with a mouthful. (The famous birthday party is here…)
– “Oh yes, perfect! We had a great time! I had a great time!”
– “Ahhhh ? Tell me about it,” Maya asks after swallowing her maki raw.
– “Oh well… Let’s just say that I had prepared the evening well so that it would be great,” replied Claire, obviously wanting to dodge the subject.

She may be an excellent lawyer, but when we are all three of us, Claire always tends to talk too much and always tries to make up for it afterwards… Unfortunately for her, Maya never misses an opportunity to play the curious.

– “What did you do? Dirty things all week?” Maya asked very interestedly…
– “Maybe…” Claire tried, hoping it would change the subject.
– “Um… You’re going to tell us what you did, aren’t you?” Maya walked towards her, as if to hypnotize her!
– “Uhhhhh… No!”, Claire replied, staring at her in the eyes as well.
– “Oh the wicked one! Oh, oh wait ! I’ll show you a super power! Are you sure you don’t want to tell us?” Maya laughed.
– “Affirmative!” Claire said amused.
Maya turned to me : – “Sam, Sam ! We’re doing our superpower!”
– “Maya… If Claire doesn’t want to tell us it’s her choice…”, I tried to make her understand…
Claire laughed: – “Your superpower? I’m curious to see it hold… I’m not sure if it works on me…”
– “Oh! Sam, it’s a dare! We’re doing it, we’re doing it!” Maya implored me excitedly.
– “Are you sure about this Claire?” I asked, trying to warn her one last time…
– Go! Show me what you got, doctors!”

Since she won’t take my warnings seriously, there’s nothing more I can do. Maya sits in front of her and stares at her. In my turn, I lean on the coffee table and stare at Claire, every part of her face is in my line of sight. I signal to Maya that I am ready. Claire laughed and laughed nicely at us.

– “This is superpower, girls? Staring at me until I given up? If you only knew what they put me through at work to…”
Maya cut it off: – “Shhhh no no that’s not it ! Wait! Look me in the eye… Hum… Don’t say anything ! You… Did a striptease… Bought a huge sex toy for him… No for you… You’ve… Paraded naked all week at home hum… Sextos ! You took naughty pictures for him… You watched porn at a big movie night and offered him a long handjob… Or no you made a naughty video for him… Or… Wait, wait Sam is there something?”, Maya turns to me…
– “I’ve got it…” I said with a smile on my lips.
– “And bim! Super power!” Maya threw herself at her panda.
– “You have it, what do you mean you have it?”, began to doubt Claire.
Maya stood up and had fun: – “That’s our superpower! I’m just saying things out of the blue, you can tell that from my imagination it’s coming out of my head, and Sam finds the right answer by looking at people!”
– “You… Seriously, you expect me to believe that? Like in the movies? Sam seriously?” Claire looked at me and wondered.
– “It’s up to you to see if you really want us to know… Especially Maya.” I tried to warn her again.
Claire squinted her eyes: – “Are you kidding me…?!”
– “Claire…”, I issued a final warning.
– “Come on, Sam! What did I get Tim as a present?”
– “Well… You shot a sex tape and then you sexted him…”, I explained to Claire, who widened her eyes.
– “No… You…!!!!!! “, Claire backed away.
– “Ah!!!!!! We got you, didn’t we ?!”, Maya exclaimed happily.
– “It’s witchcraft! Tim’s in on it, that’s it! You hacked me???” Claire glanced at her smartphone.
I reassured her: – “Don’t worry about it, it’s just that as a physiotherapist I constantly deal with people who, out of shame or fear, lie about their ills… As it’s a real scourge and a brake on their recovery, I’ve done training to detect lies and that kind of thing… And with the habit…”
– “It’s become our superpower! Hoouuuuuuuu the little naughty… A dirty video… Were you masturbate yourself in it ?”, Maya came forward with her head on her hands.
Bright red, Claire answered : – “In your opinion Maya… It’s… Well ok and then, I have the right to do this for my husband no… ? You’ve never done it for yourself ?”.
– “Rhooooo he must have loved the big pervert! Hmm me ? Yeah, once I wanted to see what I looked like when I masturbated! What about you Sam?” Maya asked me…
– “No, never…”
– Seriously? I’ve got to fix this, I’ll get the camera!” Maya said to me as she got up.
– “Maya… Tell Claire about your idea instead, since you’re into birthdays…”, I told her to calm her down right away.
– “Oh oh yes yes yes yes Claire ! I have a great idea! It’s soon your anniversary of marriage to Tim and you’re not? Didn’t you want to have a little party? Didn’t you talk about it?”
– “Yes that’s right, we wanted to do something fun with friends and family to mark the occasion, why?” asked Claire.
– “No, because as you know my birthday is not far from your wedding! And with Sam here we made a little money on a photo shoot, we’ll explain it to you, and so I was thinking of renting a place to have a mega party for my 30th birthday and I thought we could do your birthday at the same time !” (see photo shoot here)
Claire seemed to hesitate: – “Your anniversary at the same time as our wedding anniversary? Isn’t that a little… I mean, I’m sorry, but isn’t that going to step on it too much?”
Maya insisted : – “No, you think not ! There will be almost the same people ! Then wait, I was thinking of doing it at the Château de Roncenoire! You know the one of your case there, from last year!”
– “The Castle of Roncenoire? Uh… Yes, wait, it’s true that it’s beautiful, that castle, there’s a way to do something really cool… Then, yes, we can actually separate the two things and take advantage of it to do your birthday one day, our birthday one day… And we’ll bring the family here on Sunday…”, our favorite lawyer started thinking.
– “Yes, you see! Isn’t that a good idea??” Maya enthused!
Claire calmed her ardor: – “Wait wait wait… If you want to rent the castle for the three days, because you’ll have to rent it on Friday too, it’s good for 2 or 3000 euros… I can get a price because I got it out of a hell of a mess during the trial but…”
– “Don’t worry about the money from the shoot, that’s why! Come on, say yes!”, Maya begged her with a little glance.
– “I… Look, I think it’s a good idea, now I’ve got to talk to Tim, you know that. And I’ll call Roncenoire too to see… What do you think Sam?”
– “It’s true that when Maya told me that she wanted to do both events there I thought like you, it was weird… But actually thinking that you could

Maya laughed, stuck out her tongue and cleared out to bring dessert and her famous mojito. Claire grabbed her phone, probably to send Tim the castle idea. (She loves to tell him everything right away.) The dessert prepared by Maya, who loves baking, is a huge red fruit cheesecake. And since she wanted the cream of the decoration to stay fresh, she brings it in her pastry bag, so that we can help ourselves at will, a nice idea… Since I don’t drink alcohol, she brings me a bottle of blueberry juice to accompany it. The girls grab two large glasses and put the mojito in. I know them, they’re gonna get drunk tonight anyway. They don’t do it voluntarily, but they enjoy our evenings so much that they allow themselves some small deviations, such as not watching the mojito shot, a drink they love. On my side, I know that the evening will start to go slightly naughty… And Maya launches the hostilities…

– “Oh-oh! Girls, come on! Let’s do an ‘I’ve never…’, it’s been a long time! What do you say? Just like the old days!” Maya suggested.
– “Come on, it’s been a long time! But light on the mojito or I’ll get drunk on the first one!” Claire laughed, already a little drunk…
– “Are you sure about this? – both turned their heads towards me with a big smile, obviously I have no choice, but it’s nothing, it’s still very funny… Okay, let’s go…”
Maya hastens to begin: – “I’m starting, I’m starting! I’ve never… tried to please myself with my tongue…”

Claire and I look at each other with a look of doubt. Obviously, we are both trying to imagine in our heads how to do such a thing. Maya laughs and sticks her drink in her mouth! Claire wondered:

– “What! But! But how? The flexibility it takes! Wait, whoever starts the sentence has to drink too? But how did you do that, Maya?”
– “So you throw your legs back and wedge them under your arms and then… Wait, I’ll show you!” Maya said before she started to lie down…
I stopped him dead in his tracks: – “No, no, no, it’s ok, we can see the thing Maya, thank you.”
– “But wait, but… I do this, I pulverize my chest and back and then… Is it really good in the end?” Claire asked, still astonished.
Maya answered: “Oh uh… Boaf… It’s a little like tickling you know, it doesn’t work so well when you do it on your own… Like masturbation, it’s always better when you get it, isn’t it?”
– “Yes… Well, I guess it depends on who’s giving it to you but…”, I exclaimed thinking back to some experiences…
– “Good for me girls… I’ve never… Had a threesome… or more…”, Claire said again.

Maya and I look at each other, then we both raise our glasses. Claire burst out laughing and looked at us.

– “Girls, we’ve been friends for 15 years, but I don’t actually know you! Any group sex? You?”
– “Baaaa me it’s… That’s not really on purpose! I don’t know about Sam but…” Maya explained shyly…
– “Tell me about it!” Claire asked, amused.
Maya started her story: – “Weeeeeeeell… When I was 20 years old my boyfriend at the time took me to a party with some friends from our class who were nice! So I thought it would be cool, especially since he told me that those parties were not like the others and that we had a lot of fun there…”.
– “Ah well obviously…”, pouffa Claire.
– “Ah ah… Anyway, at the beginning everyone was talking quietly in a small group, then after a while two of them started to touch each other… Like that quietly on the couch! So I said to myself that they could be a bit careful and go into the bedroom, but the others, when they saw that, started too, as if it was a whistle for a top start! And my boyfriend at the time started to suck another guy in the quiet, suddenly looking at me! What a shock! So, to be discret, I said I wanted to go to the bathroom and freshen up a bit, just to slip away discreetly. With two guys? No, thanks. Arrived in the bathroom, I open the door, turn around and lock the door. Suddenly I hear small shouts of feminine pleasure. I turn around like in a horror movie and I see three girls, licking each other! One on the sink, one on her knees taking care of her and one lying on the floor taking care of the one on her knees! You see the trick, don’t you? Yeah, well… Hard to cool off, there was a bum in the sink! Only at that moment I didn’t know I was bisexual, I thought I was straight… And to see that well… I don’t know why, when one of them smiled at me and asked me if I wanted to come… I said yes. And that’s how I had that experience, without really thinking. I think I was completely lost in realizing that I liked women too, and it was like my mind wanted to have confirmation of that, so as the opportunity presented itself… But that was the only time. Since then I like lesbian sex, but not with other people, it’s too impersonal. I didn’t like that… so I never did it again…”
– “Interesting. It must be hard to find out like this,” Claire sympathizes.
– “Boa in the end it made me understand a lot of things… Then I don’t regret it, because I met Sam and then… There you go…”, Maya blushes.
Claire turned to me: – “Here you go… Sam?”
– “Ah, because every time we have to detail…?” I asked, hoping to avoid the thing…
– Rho coooooome on Saaaam! It’s the three of us! We have so many!” Maya says, leaning on the panda and stroking her soft, hairy arm.
I said: – “Ok ok… Well… It was… Five years ago I would say… I was training in the east of France and at this training we often ate together afterwards to talk and… share. There was this very attractive physiotherapist, Kelly, who after a few drinks asked me if I wanted to put into practice the theory of “massages”, if you see what I mean. I figured why not, after all I really liked her. So as we were all in the same hotel we went up in her room by taking the elevator and as she had a drink in the nose, she started to kiss me up in this one… She slipped her hand in my panties and started directly… I admit that at the beginning I liked it, only she didn’t stop when, a few floors higher, another physiotherapist entered in the elevator. When I asked her to stop, Kelly answered “But it’s okay, I’m sure she likes what she sees…” and looking at the other physiotherapist, I saw that she was indeed looking at the hand that gave me pleasure while biting her lip… So, when we arrived at the top floor, we smiled at her and we went to Kelly’s room, where we started our business… Only after a few minutes, when I turned around, I saw the other physiotherapist completely naked, masturbating while looking at us… And who knows why, we both waved to her to join us and… There you go… She must have thought that masturbating in the elevator was an invitation or something… Don’t ask me why I did it, I don’t know that at all… I’m almost ashamed of it… I’m almost ashamed that I took advantage of two drunk women… I’m not proud of it… And like Maya, I didn’t like it too much… Especially nowadays, I consider sex as a token of love more than a game so…”

On this last sentence, I see Maya standing up, opening her mouth as if surprised and blushing seriously. Maybe I just made a mistake… We slept together a few days ago. It’s true that… Well, I don’t really know but… Luckily Claire comes to resume the conversation…

– “Interesting also say so… Fortunately you do not like it then because there you have two beautiful women a little drunk in front of you … Tell me is it true what they say about lesbians? During girls’ nights they want it to end in a threesome…”, Claire asks me, laughing, sarcastically, because of course she doesn’t think so for a second…
– “Oh yes… I can’t wait for us all to be naked making love… Drink, drink…”, I laughed with her.
– “It kills me all that… – Claire cried raising her glass – Like bisexuals it’s sex starved and it skips everything that moves, women with the same man since always it’s bored, lesbians it wants to catch all women who pass… What can it do to people and why these prejudices, huh?!”. That’s it, she’s a little tipsy…
Maya outbids, like a patriot: – “Boaa let them talk Claire! They’re ignorant! They can’t imagine themselves in the place of others! What we want is like everyone else, to find our soul mate! Like you do! Go on, sister!”, Maya and Claire clinked their glasses, I’m almost in a cold sweat… As long as they take it easy…
– “Come on, Sam, you’re up! I never…’ what?”, Claire said.
– “Um okay… I’ve never… Cheated on a partner!”

Damn… Maybe the theme is a little too serious for this kind of game, no? The three of us looked at each other in the whites of our eyes and Maya and Claire said at the same time:

– Never! No, but there’s nothing worse! – they looked at each other – Bravo my friend, I knew you were a good person! Come on, let’s drink to that!”

And they started drinking… They’re clever, they find a way to have a drink all the same! Maya, already annoyed by the game, asks to change!

– “Girls, it’s so boring! I downloaded a pawn or truth app, that’s good ! And I paid for this one, so it better be good, I’m telling you! Do you fancy it ?! Yeah you’re in ! Where’s my phone. Phone ? Well, why doesn’t it ring when I call it? Phone! I’m calling you here! Whoo-hoo-hoo!”

Obviously without much choice, Claire and I abdicate to Maya, determined to play her app. She goes to get her phone and I notice that Claire takes the opportunity to write a message. I can tell by the look in her eyes and lips that she is sending a message to Tim. And obviously a very daring message given her smile… I think it’s really beautiful the passion that Claire and Tim have for each other, I’m even a little bit jealous to tell the truth, because I would also like to be happy today, to be an accomplice like that. Maya comes back to the living room, Claire puts down her mobile phone and we resume the conversation.

– “Voilà! So! Sesame, open up! Calm down Sam, I’m not talking about your thighs!” Maya joked.
– “Excuse me?”, I replied surprised by her borderline joke.
– “I’m joking, I’m joking, come on! So, indicate the number of players: 3! Yes, 3. Their sex? Waiting for pleasure…”, Maya burst out laughing.
– “Here, have some more mojito,” said Claire as she poured it…
Maya came to her senses, at least what’s left of it: – “Crr crr crrr… Sex: F, hum hum… Action, truth or both? Oh ba just truth and then to make it right, the three of us will answer every time ! Unless Claire you wanna try some action ? Do you wanna try the dirty lesbian stuff?”
– “Maya, Maya, you know, I love you like a sister my Maya, but even with you I would never cheat on Tim. I would never cheat on my little husband.”
Maya nodded in agreement: – “Of course I know that, sister, I was just kidding, you know that, right?! Come on, first question! Ohhhhhhhhhh ! Who do you think is your best lover ?! I’m Saaaaaaaam ! Definitely!”
– “Tim, of course,” Claire replied, looking at me and raising her eyebrows as if to “congratulate me”.
– “… I would say… Maya…”, I finished.

Maya looked at me with her eyes wide open, as if shocked by what I had just said. She seemed overjoyed but also very surprised. Then she said:

– “Claire, Claire… You’re Tim’s best lover, aren’t you?”
– “You better be…” Claire laughed.
– “But then… That makes us sex goddesses! Wouuuuuuuuh! – Maya shouted, raising her arms like a rock star and informing the whole neighborhood in passing… – Good next question then. What is your highest number of orgasms in a single intercourse…?”
– “Whoa uh… In the same sex rapport, right? So that’s… Three for me,” said Claire.
– Not bad! I’m four!” Maya smiled and looked at me with envy. Indeed I remember… I offered her these 4 orgasms…
– “Are we agreed that it’s with someone?” I asked…
– “That’s it, not solo, with someone. So?” Maya answered me.
– “Well then… three too…” I replied.
– “Um… That makes you the best lover here, Sam!” Claire laughed.
– “Wait, wait, wait, wait! Why did you want to specify ‘with someone’? Because alone you had more?” Maya asked me.
– “That’s not really the question Maya…”, I tried to dodge the question…
– “I’m the mistress of the house and the game! What’s up? How much?”
– “… 12… “, I said quietly.
– – “12 !!!!! But , but ! But how?” Maya laughed.
– “I guess I must have been really excited and I had a lot of different toys at the time I had a… Collection…”
– “Claire, you heard that! 12 ! Me on the fourth I was drained and yet my libido is huge you… Claire?”

Claire seemed lost in thought… Then suddenly she resumed the conversation.

– “It’s not a bad idea… Maybe with different kinds of toys it’s possible, then, isn’t it?” she said.
– “I… I don’t really know, it must depend on a lot of things… Mood, shape, toys…”, I explained.
– “There you are, poor Tim! I’ll tell him it’s your fault Sam if he has to give her 12 orgasms!” Maya castigated me with humor.

The three of us laughed and resumed the game. Maya looks at her phone and asks the new game question which is: ‘How long did you have your fastest orgasm, alone or not’… She is the first to answer this game question…

– “Wow I’ll say… One minute roughly… I never really timed… But it was at the office between two rendez-vous…”
– “If your patients knew that Maya… We’d have too many people in the office… I’ll say one minute alone too…” I said back…
Claire hesitated a little, blushed and: – “Ah… I’ll say 4 or 5 seconds…”

Maya and I are laughing, almost amused and admiring! Maya was the first to speak, to get her anecdote crunchy.

– “Four or five seconds! How the hell did you do that?!”
– “Oh it’s um… Well you told your crispy anecdote I can do that too… It’s one day Tim and I wanted to warm up all day without ever touching… I was really very very very very excited and… After hours of waiting as soon as he touched me and well…”
– “You came…” Hmmmm! I’m jealous! I want to do this too !”, Maya amused herself by giving me an angry baby look. What do you want me to do about it, kiddo?

After this last question, I noticed that Claire is having trouble holding it together, especially after looking at her last text message. Suddenly, she gets up and takes a sip of mojito, Maya looks at her, always amused by the last answer before throwing it to her:

– “You’re not gonna try to beat your record, are you?”
– “You’re so stupid… No, Maya, I’ve got too much mojito in my bladder… I’ll be right back.”

Claire struggled past Maya, her teddy bear and her pile of pillows and slipped away for a few moments. Maya laughed and took the opportunity to clear the table a little, which I help her do quietly. As I walked past the hallway, I couldn’t help but hear the sound of a camera shutter release. Claire, I think you’re a bit too excited tonight, we should talk about something else… Although Tim will be happy but also quite worried if you do what I think… Caught in my thoughts, a bit surprised, I go back to the living room and find Maya, with her hand slipped into her panties, slumped over her big stuffed animal, masturbating very vigorously, legs wide apart. I stare at her, she seems to take a lot of pleasure… She addresses me, without letting go of her masturbation…

– “Hum yeah… I want it so much now Sam… I’m sorry, but after talking about dirty things… And thinking about the orgasms you gave me there… I can’t take it anymore… You don’t want to come and make me come now…? Quickly?”
– “Maya hold back a little, there’s Claire anyway… Then you know I don’t like to botch things up…”
– “But she’s not here… I’m sure she’s sending Tim dirty stuff… Come on… Try to break the record, make me come!”

Watching Maya give herself pleasure like that, my mind starts to get confused. Luckily, Claire comes back quickly and Maya barely takes her hand out of her panties. She also gets up and quickly goes to the bathroom in her turn… She comes back very quickly and gives me an amused look… She just washed her hands… Claire started the conversation again.

– “Sorry girls, can we get back to it… We’re talking a lot of naughty stuff tonight, it’s rare that… Mojito ?”
– “Sure, then it’s funny sometimes! You see, we’re learning a few more things”, Maya amused herself by holding her glass with both hands and looking at us in turn with a little amused look.
– “So you want to stop there girls?” I asked with a little hope, seeing that they were hot as hell…
– “Boa a few more, right? At the point we’re Sam… It’s funny,” replied Claire.
Maya stood up: – “Ahhhh! That’s my Claire! So next! During a mouth ejaculation, have you ever had all swa…llow… ? Claire?”
– “Oh yes… Countless times… Maya?”
– “Sometimes yes… Well Sam we don’t ask you… Oh Claire ! We should concoct a cocktail for her ! Let her discover the taste if…”
– “Fabulous oh yes… You don’t know what you’re missing…” Claire amused herself with a grimace…
– “If it’s so acrid, why do you swallow too?” I asked them.
– “For my part it’s because sometimes I prefer it rather than having it everywhere and having to get up… I swallow, I drink a glass and hop…” Claire laughed.
– “We really must make you taste Sam! Don’t you want to take a sample from Tim and give him a taste of Claire?” Maya joked.
– “What the hell! It has to be fresh or else it’s almost deadly,” Claire went on to add.
– “Ah ah ah ah”, Maya laughed again. Claire gave me a look of curiosity…
– “Sam, tell me… I’m asking you this out of curiosity, no offense…”
– “Tell me, don’t worry.” I replied, apprehensively… When you start a question like that…
– “Well, sometimes Tim and I watch porn and he loves lesbians, you know… Well, I assure you, I’m 100% straight… But when I see lesbians coming, well, yeah… I’m hot, you know it tickles me… So I know it’s because I identify with pleasure but I wanted to know, it’s a bit stupid… Seeing a man come, how does it feel ?”
– “Have you ever seen any animal films about breeding, Claire?” I was having fun.
– “Uh, yes, I have… But…?”, she replied a little confused.
– “Well, it has the same effect on me…”, I finished.

Maya accentuated her laughter… Claire started to laugh too and continued the discussion.

– “Oh, yeah, okay, so it really doesn’t do anything it you.”
– “Right, although contrary to popular belief, seeing one man having sex or even two men having sex doesn’t disgust me at all. “It just doesn’t really turn me on. As a woman, I think that seeing another woman enjoying herself reminds you how much you love to have sex, but the fact that it’s lesbian doesn’t change anything. Except you see two women enjoying themselves, so…”
– “Twice as much fun! Girls, can I show you something?” Maya emitted as she tried to recover from her laughter.
– “Uh… You’re scaring me now, Maya!” Claire worried.
– “No, you’re silly… That’s a dirty thing on my phone!” Maya said as she looked for something on her phone.
– “You’re still scaring me…” Claire replied.
– No, I’m not! Look!”

Maya launched a naughty site and put us in front of a scene of two beautiful lesbians… There was a slight uneasiness at first, but seeing that we were all three a little uncomfortable, the atmosphere relaxed. Maya moved forward in the timeline of the scene as if nothing was wrong (and especially as if she knew the scene by heart…), although she had some difficulties because of the 5 glasses of mojitos she had just ingested. Claire threw him…

– “Uh wait Maya I… It makes me a little uncomfortable to watch this with you it’s… I’m only doing it with Tim you know…”
– “No, don’t worry, I’m just showing you something, look! There !”, Maya showed us the scene.

It was a passage where one of the two women grabbed the other from behind like a wrestler and gave him a huge and visibly succulent orgasm while spreading his legs with hers and massaging her chest firmly. All in all, Maya shows us only a few seconds but we feel the temperature rising… Maya takes the phone off and looks at us :

– “Confess, girls! Lesbian, bi or straight… This scene! This scene no?”
Claire, a little embarrassed, replied: – “Well uh… It stays between us eh! I feel a little bad but yes, I must admit that… She seems to enjoy herself and… I’d like to see with Tim what it feels like…”
– “Maya… You should lay off the mojito… You’re getting too drunk and we know you… When you go on these things…”, I recommended him.
– “Shhhhhhhh Sam! Go one more! One more? Please!” Maya begged…
– “Well, last one then! “, nodded Claire.
Maya reopened the application: – “Great! So the last one: tell your craziest sex scene! Oh that’s funny ! Claire you’re starting?”

– “Hey ! Why am I starting ? Well uh… Crazy can mean a lot of things uh… Well then uh… Well it was probably last Christmas at my in-laws house… Tim gave me this toy connected there, the ultra powerful vibrating bullet that you control on the phone, you know what I mean ? – We both nod – Well, as we knew that we were going to be a little bored at that meal, we took it with us and we played it during the meal… So I was very… Excited as you can imagine… After the meal, everyone disperses more or less to go about their business, don’t you know? The uncles do that, the others do that, in short… We had decided to sneak away to… Relieve ourselves… – Claire blushes as she tells her story – So Tim takes me upstairs in a kind of office where according to him, nobody ever comes because nobody is interested… He starts to caress me, take out what he has to take out and we start to…”
– “Make love! So? Someone came in and saw you?” Maya asked like a kid in front of a cartoon.
– “No, but almost. While we were… Busy, we heard footsteps coming towards the office where we were, panicked, we looked for a hiding place and ended up in the room’s closet! It was a stroke of genius that within seconds Tim’s grandfather, uncle and nephew showed up! His uncle wanted the nephew to tamper with something on the grandfather’s computer… Only I don’t know why, we didn’t stop… I felt Tim starting to take me back… And who knows why I let him do it… We were a few meters away from them, in a closet and we were making love… I might as well tell you that it was one of the times I swallowed… Here we are…”, Claire finishes…

– “Oh, I can see you in the closet on your knees there, finishing him off while he’s careful not to make a rhuuu noise…”
– “Thank you Maya for this clarification…” I remarked to Maya.
– “Well, what? Yeah well I know you don’t mind but… It’s up to you Sam, come on!”
– “Um… The wackiest thing…” I was digging through my memories…
– “Wow… There’s that many?” Claire asked me, laughing.
– “No no, it’s just that I hesitate between two situations… I think it’s the one on the plane…”
– “A plane? Tell me about it,” she hastened to ask Maya.

– “Well, once, on my way to Germany for a conference, I flew with a girlfriend from back then… One of the few girlfriends I had. On the way there, everything went pretty well, even though we spent all our time laughing about “can you imagine, if we did that…”, you probably know. On the way back, however, we slept at the airport hotel, because the plane was taking off very early. When we woke up, we suddenly felt like making love… So we started and after a few moments, we were cut off by the alarm clock on the phone… Only when we turned it off, we realized that it wasn’t the alarm clock, but the second reminder… And that our plane was leaving in 20 minutes. So of course, panick on board, we packed our bags, we hurried to board the plane and we were sitting in the plane just barely… Only when the adrenaline kicked in, the excitement came back…”
– “Oh yes, you hadn’t finished yet?” Maya asked.
– “No… So we still try to restrain ourselves, the take-off goes by and the pilot announces 45 minutes of flight… Then again, she whispers in my ear that we could finish what we had started in the plane’s toilet. I still wonder why I agreed but the fact is that we continued in the plane’s toilet. And we never should have. Already the toilet was very narrow, far from the fantasy we had of it… Hard to find good positions in this cramped place. But now that we had started… When I had found a good position to… Enjoy the trip, there was a big air hole and I half knocked myself out on the ceiling! – Maya and Claire started laughing – Wait, it’s not over yet! Without us realizing it, the air hole had opened the toilet lid and while changing position, my girlfriend had put her foot in it and she was stuck! So go and take it out, then I put it back in and… Well, I masturbate while sitting behind her and a new air hole makes her eat herself right out of the mirror! So there was a big stain on it and nothing to really clean it up… Once again we manage to get back inside, I make her come and there’s not a man knocking on the door telling us that it’s been busy for a long time and that we should think about going out… So it cools us down a bit and we feel stupid for not having thought that we should both go out at the same time… So we go out at the same time in front of this guy, who must have been in her 20s and turned bright red when she saw us and understood what we were doing, and here I am, completely frustrated with a bump on the head…”
– “You’re you… – Claire had a hard time talking because she was laughing so hard – you stayed like that? You poor thing!”
– “No of course… I grabbed my coat and ended up all alone, pretending to be asleep…”, I explained with still this slight shame…
– “Ohhhh my poor Sam! I’d never have let you finish on your own! I would have slipped my fingers under the coat…”, Maya comforted me.
– “Well, that’s it…” I said, wanting to move on.
– “It’s so cute!”, pouffa Claire…
– “I wouldn’t call it cute, but… in retrospect it’s kind of funny, yeah. Well, you laugh but it’s your turn Maya…”

Maya finished laughing and went on. – “Ah yes to me, not very complicated to choose. Well, do you remember this guy, Grégoire, in 3rd year? – We confirmed her with our heads – Well, once we went to Paris to visit, because we’d never been to the capital before. Since we had a bit of money, we rented a rather luxurious hotel in the center of the city. When we got there we noticed something that struck us, the windows were one-way. You know when on one side it’s a normal window and on the other a mirror. Well when we arrive we look at ourselves in the windows because it surprises us, we go in, we see that we normally see inside, then we go out and we realize that it’s very funny to do. Anyway, so we arrive at the reception and it offers us two rooms, one on the ground floor that overlooks the main street or on the second floor. We choose the room at zero, one because we don’t want to bang both floors for the same thing, and two because I found it funny to watch people pass by without them seeing us. Well, we’ll leave our stuff and go visit Paris. In the evening, we’ll go back to the hotel and take a shower…”

– “Can you feel the Mayatitude coming, Sam?” Claire asked me. I’m kidding, imagining the rest…
– “Wait! So we take a shower and I find him with his skittle up in the air, telling me that being naked in front of all these people turns him on. I don’t know what was going through his head to that idiot. Completely naked too, I walk up to the window and watch people go by. Sometimes, some of them stop and glance at themselves in the window, as we did at the beginning, it’s normal, it’s always funny. Anyway, the sight of him naked with the sex completely stiff makes me want to go and ride him, you know!”
– “Ah, I forgot about Maya and her outspokenness!” Claire laughed.
– “S… – Maya laughed – So I throw myself on him and I take it in my mouth, you know! So I suck it, I jerk it off, I straddle it and then all of a sudden he asks me if I feel like getting caught against the glass, with people just a few centimeters away from me. I don’t see why not. It’s not like they can see us, right?”
– “Oh Maya…”, in a nervous laugh, I took my forehead in my hands…
– “Wait but… But wait, don’t make me laugh or I’ll never finish! So I lean against the window, he takes me from behind and sometimes it was weird because people were looking at me in the eyes, but they were looking at each other’s faces, you know? So he takes me doggy-style, I stand up, I ride him, I do weird positions and then he gives me a good big facial ejaculation you know, but he’s aiming at the eyes, that idiot! So I get up somehow with my eyes closed, lose my balance and find it again by leaning on the side wall! In doing so, I press a switch without knowing what it is!
– Isn’t that right? It was reactive lenses and you removed the mirror system? Did all the passers-by see you naked?!” Claire asked, caught in suspense.
– “If only! I didn’t take it off, I activated it! – we all three exploded with laughter, a predictable but hilarious fall – Taht fucking thing wasn’t activated! People weren’t looking at each other in the glass, they were chewing me! All the way down it was normal glass !!! We gave a real sex show to the whole street ! Luckily Greg wasn’t very tough, it didn’t last long, but still !”
– “Wait, wait but how come ?! Isn’t it a permanent thing ?”, Claire asked Claire…
– “Then no! You think, neither one nor two I put on something and I go to the reception to ask her for an account! The chick she takes me out “Oh it’s… It’s you in room 3 I… I wanted to call you some passers-by came to see me to… You forgot to activate the room’s cloaking system…”. So I’m furious when I tell her that it’s a scandal, that we have to warn people! She explains to me that it’s a new system, where there’s a button to cover the glass and another to remove it. They do that because it’s classy and it allows people to see the beauty of the room and therefore make them want to come in blah blah blah blah… Ah, they’ve seen the beauty of it, these idiots! She goes on to tell me that before it was occulting with a kind of smoke and that now it exists like that, in short. But the worst is that she tells me that it’s written on the welcome card with the key! Do you think he’d have read it, that fat sucker Gregory?”

Claire and I were folded in half, lying in the cushions. I was running out of air because I was laughing so hard. Maya came over to add a layer.

– But wait! I go back to the bedroom and go back to the bathroom to freshen up! Can’t you see that I still have lots of semen in my hair! I went to the hotel to make a scandal, making a fool of myself once because the thing was marked BIG on the key card and I go there with fresh sperm in my hair! Oh believe me, she must have laughed with her colleagues, the receptionist! Shame, I swear !”
– “Wait, wait, pause! – Claire got up somehow – I’d like to know what kind of weird position you were in!”
– “Ah so if I remember correctly it was… – Maya gets up to mime the position – Well I can not do it because I have no glass and support but you see there like that, I pass the leg there and ho, ho ho ho ho ho!”

Stumbling on her big stuffed toy, one leg in the air in a funny position and with the help of the mojito glasses no doubt, Maya lost her balance and came to spread herself all the way into the cushions, one leg crashing heavily on the coffee table… Or rather on the piping bag filled with cream on it. This one ejects its contents and I take full the face of it… I am covered with cream and I go again in my fou-rire. Maya gets up, wondering what’s going on before looking at me. She explodes laughing in turn.

– “Sammmm… Samm sorry but… but… I just gave you your… Your first facial in your life… Did you… did you like it? Did you see it’s, it’s… “
– “Sticky…” was the first word that came to mind.

It’s impossible for us to talk. We slumped on the cushions, twisted with laughter and unable to talk with anything other than “Gui Gui”, “Crr Crr” or “Hua Hua”… It took us a good five minutes to calm down… Licking the cream that I could like a gourmand, I went to the bathroom to wash my face. Coming back in the living room, I notice that the girls are still slumped on their cushions, still laughing a little but above all seriously starting to fall asleep… I look at the time, 3:45 am… Indeed, it’s getting late… Claire’s phone is vibrating and I can’t help noticing it… Without really wanting to, I see Tim’s message “Are you coming home soon to finish me off or not? Because…” end of the preview… Ho ho… I know one who has had a bit too much to drink and has been warming up her man all night long… Very discreetly anyway. Well, it’s time to put them to bed… I try to get them up:

– “Well, girls, we had a really good time, but I think that last giggle’s about to finish you off… So are those two quarts of mojito you’re shoving on… Wait… one quarts each, seriously?”
– “Um, um… Hum hum… Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam ? Are you coming back to sleep here? Or no, no come on, we sleep here, completely naked, the three of us on the panda! Oh no, or Tim will kill me and I’ll have to talk to clear glass windows reflecting my creamy buttocks with a panda staring at me holding out a bamboo for… Hun, hun… Hun hun hun hun the naughty one!”
Claire was startled and gibberish: – “No, wait, I’ll finish you off ! Huh! Where Tim? Naked where? With a panda? What panda?”
Trying to hold back a new crazy laugh, I motivate them: – “I confirm, ladies… It’s time. Come on, Claire, let’s leave Maya wallowing in her pillows, I’ll take you home to your husband…”
– “Ohhh you’ve seen Maya, look! Sam looks like our mom! She always takes care of us!” Claire mumbled to Maya…
– “Me… I’m Maya, Sam not Sam, Sam you are!” Maya said…
– “No, I’m Claire, she’s Sam. And you’re Maya. Is that clear?” answered Claire with her eyes closed and an alcoholic smile on her face… Yes, it’s time for bed…
– “No it’s Sam!”, Maya took offense.

Here they go again in a big laugh. It’s hard to follow their logic in this state, especially at this hour. Laughing with them, I catch Claire before she goes back to bed and take her to her things. She covers herself as best she can, grabs her cell phone (probably to warn Tim that she’s coming home), while Maya pretends to want to get up. But she is quite unable to do so. So, she prefers to shout:

– “Sammmmmm, Sammmmmm, Sammmm come and give me a big kiss! I can’t get up, the panda is stopping me! Look at that big pervert! He wants me to rub the naughty!”

As Claire laughs her head off again, I approach Maya. She’s pretending to be held back by her stuffed toy. By dint of moving around, her light pants have slipped down along her hips and her T-shirt pulled up lets me slightly see her breasts… As if her clothes were begging to be taken off… Suddenly, she straightens up, grabs my head and licks my lips.

– “You still had a little bit there…” “Uh-uh…” “Cream. Sam, Sam… Thanks and you, can you close up on your way out? The door. “Otherwise panda he goes, he’ll go…”
– “Yes, don’t worry, but maybe you should go to bed,” I advised him.
– “No, no there, the panda and the cushions… They have your parfum, I want to sleep in your smell and I… I… Hummm… “, Maya started to sink again…
– “Good night Maya, I’ll call you tomorrow, or at least later,” I whispered to her.
– “Humm… Or else you come back… Or I’m going to grope myself… Look, here… – she slips a hand in her panties – I’m going to undress and lay naked in the cushions while masturbating… You don’t want to come back afterwards to… To…”, she pricks her nose again, too tired to even move a finger…

I get up and look at Claire, who’s smiling at me. As Maya starts snoring, Claire stands up as if to announce something serious…

– “Sam, it’s a good thing you’re here, you know! I couldn’t stand up to that awful enemy that is alcohol and now I’m even hallucinating! I’m sure Maya masturbates, you know, but not because ! She snores ! Rooooooooooo pccchhhhhhh ! Can you hear her ? So unless she’s groping herself in her sleep, then I’m hallucinating ! And my poor love Tim ! He’s probably doing things while he’s waiting for me ! Come on ! Home!” Claire moves forward trying to put one foot in front of the other, pointing at the horizon like a pirate.

I cautiously escort Claire outside, turn off the lights to Maya and close the door with the help of my doubles. Since when do I have her alters? I don’t know anymore… On the way back, Claire alternates between snoring and cute little “My husband I love him” or “Hey hey, my little husband” with drool on the corner of her lips… From time to time, she dreams of “Oh, he’s a pervert… the pig… I love it”. I hope she doesn’t remember that when she wakes up, otherwise she’ll be very uncomfortable…


A few minutes drive later, we arrive at her house. I pull her out of the car as best I can and notice that everything is still on at their house. Claire looks for the keys in her bag, but she is still in the fog. It is finally Tim who opens the door. Claire throws herself into his arms…

– “My love I love you! Oh I’m going to give you so much pleasure here, go ahead and take it all out! You liked my naughty picture, huh? What about my sextos?”, she tries her best to get her hand in his pants, but she always misses.
– “Wow, uh… Sorry Sam this is…”, Tim turned bright red, very embarrassed by the situation.
I try to reassure him: – “Oh don’t worry, I’ve known her for a long time, she’s always like that after…”
– “Mojitos?” he laughed.
– “Mojitos…”, I confirmed.
– “Listen… Thanks for bringing her back… She’s going to get the poster, though, because it’s the first time she’s been like this… And someone’s brought her back… Like this…”
– “Let’s just say that tonight she and Maya had so much fun that they overdid it a bit… Your wife swallowed a litre all by herself…”
– “1… 1 liter… But wait she’s… Does she snore?”, visibly upset, Tim watched his wife drool on his shoulder.

I can see Tim’s look of desperation. I sympathize and imagine perfectly what happened. Bubbly and certainly a little titillated by our conversations, Claire has become naughty… Only, when Claire is naughty it is only with Tim, I find it really beautiful. Only poor Tim had to be teased all evening and was promised a good little sex when she came back. Problem, Claire didn’t plan her Mojito flow and here she is slumped on her couch, completely out of order… Poor Tim will have to sleep on the crutch… This one is for me.

– “Well uh sorry, I won’t keep you any longer, thank you very much Sam! It’s nice that you had a good time!”
– “Yes, it did us a lot of good, we had a lot of fun!”
– Great! She might regret the quart of mojito tomorrow but she’ll be happy, thank you.” Tim laughed.
– “Well, I’ll leave you to it… Cheer up.”

I turn around and walk to the car. Tim stands there for a few seconds laughing at Claire, takes one last look at me and starts to close the door. I don’t know why, but I can’t help but say one last thing to him…

– “Tim…?!”
– “Yes, Sam?”
– “I… Thank you…”
– “You’re welcome, but… Why?”
– “I… Claire means a lot to me and to see how happy you make her… It means a lot to me too, thank you…”
– “Ahh it’s er… – Tim’s scratching the back of his head, obviously embarrassed and happy at the same time – Well it’s normal it’s mutual you know, she’s… Wonderful it’s…”
– “It’s your wife,” I say with a big smile.
– “That’s right.”
– “Go to sleep well. At last… If you make it…”, I’d finish by sticking out my tongue, to lighten the mood.

He looked at me, smiled a tiny grin and closed the door… I turned on the engine and took off. I like to drive at night in the city, the calm relaxes me. Driving through all those empty, quiet streets, it’s as if my brain is emptying too. I am pulled out of my mini meditation by my phone ringing. It’s Maya! I hope she didn’t hurt herself. I pull up to a square and pick up the phone.

– “Allo, Maya? Is everything okay?”
– “Sammmmmm! Yeeeees I’m fine but I’m going to make out with my hands…”
– “You scared me! Can’t you wait until tomorrow instead?”
– “No… Tomorrow there won’t be your scent!”
– “Do you want to grope yourself on my scent? It’s a little creepy, you know?”
– “No, I don’t want to touch myself, I just want to be… Your smell, you know ?”
– “No I don’t know but you should really get some sleep Maya… You’re blown away…”
– “But no, I’m fine, I’m fine. I mean, I’m not okay, I guess.”
– “The mojito reminds you, sweetheart…”
– “Hummm… Hum hum hum hum hum hum hum… Nooo… No I’m not ok because you’re… You’re not here…”
– “We saw each other a minute ago, you remember, don’t you?”
– “Mm-hmm… Yeah, I remember. But you’re not here now and I know that, well no I think that… Sam I think that… I think that… I think that I… Rooooooooooooooooooo Chhhhhhhhhh….. Rooooooooo Chhhhhh…”

Radio silence, Maya’s asleep again… I need a few moments to check in. She wasn’t going to say that she… It’s Maya anyway it’s… She can’t… Lesbian relationships are about having fun for her… Why do I feel bad like this? I don’t feel good… I’m going to drive, yes I’ll drive around town, it’ll calm me down… Then I should sleep too… The night is a good idea… Yes that must be it… I’ll go first and switch on… It’s not good to ask questions at this hour… I’ll drive… But drive where…?

Taht it for that XXL story! We hope you liked it and that you had a great time with our three heroes! This evening officially launches our first complete book! Of course, we will always offer free content on a regular basis as we always have, don’t worry! Thank you for spent a little time with us and see you soon for the rest! Oh, and don’t forget, if you want to know what Tim did during this party… There’s his party right there…

Photo shoot - Sexy shooting with lesbian sex and voyeur



You are going to meet Mei and Chris for the first time during a very, very, very hot photo shoot... Who's going to cum... ? Let's see it without further delay...

Welcome to a new naughty story of La Plume d’Eros, where you will meet Mei and Chris for the first time, during a very very hot photo shoot… These two new characters, very important in our universe, will be introduced to you by a duo that you know well now: Maya and Sam… what’s going to happen today? How many orgasms are we going to have ? Let’s see this without further delay in this new story told a little differently than usual…

—– SAM —–

Chocolate… Smells like chocolate! I’m so hungry for a chocolate bar… Oh no… A good big jar of melting chocolate, I’ll plunge my spoon deep into it, then I’ll put it delicately on my tongue before sucking it with passion… Then slowly I’ll lick each part of it to revel in…

– “Sam”? Sam, are you all right?” Maya asked me, tearing me away from my dreams full of chocolate orgies…
– Huh? Excuse me?” I replied in the moonlight. She laughed before continuing.
– “You… You were thinking something dirty…”
– “Something dirty? Why would you say that?”
– “Stop it, you’re drooling and you were sticking your tongue out… – She‘s coming towards me slowly – You weren’t thinking of giving me a little pleasure to warm me up, were you?” She asked me mischievously.
– “Ah ah, very funny. Have you got the time?” I asked in order to change the subject…
– “5:10 p.m… It’s not right to let two young women stand around!” she exclaimed, trampling on the spot.

We were both shivering, huddled in our jackets, in front of a huge matt black hangar door, in the middle of a completely deserted street. The wind was icy on this Saturday and the first thought that came to my mind to try and warm up was a big jar of chocolate! Although Maya’s idea of licking something other than a spoon is not bad either… As if asleep by the cold, I feel myself back in my dreams… Maya is now naked, lying on her bed… I approach her, slowly… Sensually… I lick her body before… Pouring a big jar of chocolate on her breasts and…

– “Atchoum!” Maya pulled me from my dreams again.
– “Huh? Oh, bless you…”
– “Thank you! What the hell is Chris doing? Usually he’s always on time, it’s very strange! Seriously, this guy is your mini you!”
– “My… My mini me?”
– “Yes your mini you! You look at him and you cry… He’s the perfect guy!”
– “Huh…”
– “What’s that look?”
– “You know exactly what that look is! You… Ah… Well, that’s all right. Are you sure he tolds you to wait for him outside his photo studio?”
– “Yes!”
– “Maya… How much are you sure?”
– “Sure I’m telling you to… Sure! – She takes out her phone – Look, here’s his message: “Meet me at the studio at 5 o’clock, come straight home…” She takes her eyes off her phone and her puppy-dog look comes across mine…
– “Oupsi… Maybe we should have seen if it was actually open… Hey hey…”
– “Maya… You looked when arrived…”
– “Ah…”, she gives me a little apologetic grin…

Can’t blame her, her eyes are so crisp that he would melt anyone… I grab the heavy metal door and force it open. “Miss Sam, I bow to you! In your hands, nothing stays closed for very long… Doesn’t it?”, Maya bows to me in a mischievous tone of voice… I’m torn between despair and fun… She smiles at me, kisses my cheek and hops inside. We enter a huge room, at the same time ultra modern in its equipment and very old school in its architecture. The heavy door closes behind us. On the ceiling, huge wooden beams are adorned with projectors, each one stranger than the other, turned in all directions, like a gigantic concert stage. The ochre stone walls give the building an incredible cachet and offer an inexplicable feeling of well-being. The beauty of the place slowly reveals itself, as we walk along the steps that lead us to the heart of the photo studio of Chris, a great photographer and model… At the bottom of it, a young woman looks at us with a shy look. Her big rounded and broken glasses hide her beautiful slanting eyes full of stars and she wears ample clothes that hide her pretty forms. The closer we get, the more she seems to panic…

—– MEI —–

Is it… is it them? Are these the models of today? Too shiny! Too much shine! They’re absolutely beautiful, fascinating! I look down on my little belly… I watch them move forward again and I feel terribly guilty about my sleepover-pizza-series from yesterday… The blonde elven goddess spots me with her eyes and gives me a smile so powerful that it makes me take a step backwards. So sincere, so pure… They come towards me. Maybe I can still hide behind the green background? Yes, that would be a good idea! That way we wouldn’t see my… Oh, here they come! I put my glasses back on my nose as if it could protect my eyes from their beauty, but it only makes me see more clearly their luminous, mystical aura!

– “Hello? We’re Maya and Sam we’re here for the shoot…”, the blonde goddess said to me.
– “Oh, you must be Mei! Chris told me you’d welcome us…” the brunette goddess threw her hand forward and I looked up in fear, as if she was going to atomize me at the slightest touch…
– “Uh be-be… ” Damn… I can’t get a word out!
– “Maya! It’s good to see you! Excuse Mei, she’s an extremely capable assistant, but a little shy. Especially with beautiful women. She’ll be fine afterwards.”

My boss came to meet them! Saved! He too is dazzling, but at least my little eyes are used to it! Suddenly, when the three of them are together, something hits me and freezes me on the spot. I feel like my nose is bleeding like a stream.

– “Ah! You see! Even Mei noticed! I’ve always thought so!” laughed the brown goddess called Maya!
– “Noticed what?” wondered the blonde goddess called Sam.
– “But! But! But look at you! He’s the mini you!”

The mini you? How dare she talk about Chris like that… That man is a marvel, half God. I mean… I… The blonde goddess… I’m sorry, Miss Sam’s even shorter than he is. Well, it’s true she looks a lot like him… A lot of charisma, a radiant smile, blonde hair, green jade eyes, the body of a goddess, the presence of a… Help…

– “My name is Chris, nice to meet you, Sam, and thank you for agreeing to come today,” he said, gently shaking his hand. If we were in a manga, a wave of devastating golden energy would have spread violently, breaking everything in its path, including me. And I’ll look at them, tiny little ones from space and…
– “Oh with pleasure. I must admit I’ve never done a photo shoot like this before, so this is a nice opportunity to find out!”
– “Seriously? Never?”, Chris wondered.
– “Yes, why?” asks the goddess… Miss Sam.
– “I’m sorry, it’s just that… Your beauty and charisma would make you an exceptional model…”
– “Yes, yes – Miss Maya pushed Miss Sam out of the way as if to get Chris’s attention – but what do you want, she chose medicine. A beautiful lesbian doctor!”

Miss Maya’s eyes seemed to defy Chris’s. Why did she specify that Miss Sam was a woman of lesbian sexual orientation? That’s none of Chris’s business… Oh wait… I get it! Maybe Miss Maya is jealous because she’s in love with Miss Sam or Chris, so she clearly states her sexual orientation to make the man understand that he doesn’t have a chance with the woman! Is this a method of manipulation? Or is this a method of domination? Of defiance? The human being is fascinating!

– “Yes, you’ve already told me about it. Then I’ll be happy to make an appointment with you, Sam!”
– “Hé, hé, hé – giggled nervously Miss Maya – If you want I can even give you a chance to go. By breaking your leg or something?”

The two characters now stare at each other… What will happen? Miss Sam watches the scene with amusement, biting her lower lip and laughing shyly. Argh! I’m still bleeding just looking at her lips! The tension is at its peak! Miss Sam notices something on the floor and steps forward, but I can’t take my eyes off the other two. The faces seem to change expression and… They explode with laughter? Laughing? Where’s the fight scene where they take terribly classy breaks to fight over the heart of the blonde goddess? Miss Maya would jump to the ceiling to inflict an air raid and there, in a shock wave, Chris crosses his arms to parry and…

– “Ah ah Maya! I’ve missed seeing you! It’s been a long time! So, what are you saying?”
– “Oh well the daily train, you know… No wonder it’s been so long, between Miami, New York, Tokyo, Paris… Mister doesn’t have time to land, does he?”
– “Oh, I’m just thinking of calming down and settling down…” replied Chris, throwing a beautiful smile at Miss Sam.
– “You, settle down? I can’t believe it… Well, anyway! Tell us everything!” Miss Maya said in a cheerful tone.
– “Yes then, the shooting. I have a contract with the ImTam brand, do you know it?”
– “Hoooooouuuu! The brand of luxury pajamas, right? Sam, you’ve heard of it, haven’t you?”
– “Yes, I do, I’ve got a pair of their pyjamas that a friend gave me, they’re fine.” Miss Sam replied with such a beautiful expression…
– “Seriously! You’ll have to show it to me! So cool! So this brand, it wants pictures?”
– “Actually, yes, except they specifically asked for photos of amateur, unknown models who fit their criteria…”
– “Their criteria? Because they make lists of criteria, these people?” Miss Maya was outraged with a grimace.
– “You have no idea… It’s become more and more pathetic… They fit the models, male or female, in boxes, molds. You don’t fit: “The door is that way goodbye.” They break careers with a snap of their fingers just to stick to trends and make money… It’s pathetic. When I started it was more respectful… That’s a big part of the reason why I stopped working for the big brands, people are treated like cattle, models or photographers, believe me…”
– “But you’re still under contract with ImTam…” Miss Sam asked.
– “Exactly. I’m obliged to do this last shoot and I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t want their lawyers on my back… So do you accept?”
– “I don’t know Chris… I’m a little cold feet about what you told us… I’m not really into that kind of thing…” Miss Maya said sadly…
– “Oh, of course there’ll be compensation. Mei, please, can you give me the pill?” Chris asked me.
– “Uh, yes yes well… Of course… The, the fee is 2100€ per model for 15 pictures…”
– “Two… Two thousand one hundred euros for 15 photos?! Per model!” Miss Maya seemed surprised.
– “We’re talking about ImTam Maya… It’s almost stealing for you know, that’s why they’re looking for amateur models… It’s a very powerful brand and… Well, what do you think Sam?”
– “Oh well… Let’s think about it calmly. Okay, the practices of these big brands are unethical. Can we do something about that now? No… Chris has to do these photos or else he’ll get into trouble so he asked us to help him. 2100€ each is a very nice sum and we get to have fun, right? I don’t see anyone from ImTam here… So let’s see this as a way for us to help Chris and Mei and make a multinational company spend 4200€ to give us a moment of fun.”

There was a long moment of silence… We went over all the arguments in our heads… Seen like that… We take money from bad guys to have fun with legally… It’s not so bad! She shines even brighter, I slowly put my glasses back on my nose.

– “Um… I’d like something though, Chris.” Miss Sam continued.
– “I listen to you?”
– “Is it possible to give this money to Mei instead of me?”
– “Uh… Well, yes, yes, it’s a budget that I manage, so yes…”

My heart stopped beating! Give the money to me? Why, how, where? My body froze, my glasses fell off and I held my notebook against me, staring at Miss Sam. She came towards me, bent down to pick up my glasses and handed them to me. I came to my senses and grabbed them.

– “Your glasses are all broken, Mei. You should get new ones, and they cost an arm and a leg. – She walks towards me, as if to kiss me, I stiffen again! She talks to me in a low voice. – And so you can help your parents, please accept it. But I want you to know I’m not doing this out of pity, I’m doing this because I’m happy to help, okay?”

My parents, how did she…? Oh! As I look down, I realize she’s discreetly putting a paper back in my notebook. Damn it! The letter I was writing to my parents! It must have fallen out earlier when they arrived and I lost it, I didn’t pay any attention to it! That’s what she must have picked up earlier! But why did she pick it up? Why are you offering this to me, a complete stranger? I’m taking my courage in both hands!

– “Miss… Miss Sam! That’s very kind thank you very much but I can’t accept! I haven’t earned the money I…”
– “Oh oh… That what you think but… ! – laughed Miss Maya – You’ll have to put up with us Mei! I’d almost say you’re underpaid!”

She gave me a happy look, but it made me realize that no matter what, Miss Sam wouldn’t change her mind. My heart began to beat, and I felt it fill with warmth, joy, and gratitude! I bowed down before them to thank them, and rushed to the control room to begin to prepare the material. Chris laughed and spoke to them again, at least to Miss Sam, since Miss Maya had already gone to see the outfits.

– “Okay,well, Mei has already got it all set up. The outfits are in your dressing room. Get ready quietly, get dressed and meet me on the set, we’ll take the pictures and then we’ll put the outfits together, ok? Oh and Sam… Thank you for Mei, you have no idea what this is gonna mean to her…”
– “I guess you tried to help her too, didn’t you?”
– “Boof… You could have caught her but I… I couldn’t, she always finds a way out! She’s a pearl that girl, she could go far, but she’s content with the assistant position when she’s more than capable of running a studio on her own. She’s a genius draftswoman, a very good photographer… But…”
– “She doesn’t fit in any mould… I see the problem… I’m glad she accepted, it will help her! Come on, I’m off to meet Maya.”

I observe Miss Sam entering the dressing room… Suddenly, my mind is crossed by an arrow… I start to imagine a scenario for my next erotic manga… I confess, I’m not very good at human relations in real life, so I like to take refuge in my series, my manga… And since I was little I love to draw! At the beginning, it was very innocent, but the more I got older, the more naughty the scenarios were… I’m ashamed, but I like it, I can’t help it, today at 28 years old, few are my creations where the characters don’t take pleasure between them. Miss Sam and Miss Maya would make besides two excellent characters in a scene of erotic manga… Oh yes I picture the scene very well…

As Sam pushes the door of the dressing room, she finds Maya completely naked, sitting with her legs apart in a big red armchair… Sam delicately turns the lock of the door and walks towards her friend, whose ardent gaze sends her flashes of desire… The naked young woman stares at her lover and slowly lays her gaze on her luxurious outfit, a beautiful turquoise nightdress, tight as a button, which reaches her mid-thigh… Her bare shoulders suggest that as underwear, she wears only a small lace panties, which is just waiting to be removed …

– “Oh, yeah… We’re barely on the second outfit in the shoot and you’re making such provocative advances towards me… Is it the outfit that’s having that effect on you?”
– “Maybe… Or maybe I’m taking advantage of your kindness and I’m sure you won’t leave me in this state… I’m here, naked, wet and drooling with excitement…”
– “Uh-uh… And I suppose you’d like my tongue to lick all the wet spots so that… You can get dressed safely…?”
– “Um… Except I know you… The more you work on it, the wetter I’ll get… So you’re just gonna leave me there Sam…?”

As she finishes her sentence, Maya begins to caress her chest with a sigh of pleasure and slowly moves her hand down between her thighs. She begins her masturbation slowly, without ever taking her eyes off Sam. She savours the moment with passion and after a few seconds, she begins to feel her own thighs rubbing and getting dangerously wet… While Maya continues to indulge herself, Sam comes towards her with his mouth slightly open, before besieging her with kisses. Her lips get lost in her neck, then on her breasts that she kisses with envy. She takes the time to suck each of Maya’s nipples before slipping her head between her wide open legs. Her hand comes to leave the place in order to cling to the chair, as if she knew in advance that the pleasure that was going to be offered to her was going to force her to hold on. Gradually, Sam gives Maya succulent lick strokes, each of which causes both women to sigh with pleasure. After a few moments, she offers her two of her fingers, making Maya bend over on her armchair, which doesn’t seem to be able to hold back her pleasure movements. As Sam sinks deeper and deeper inside her, Maya is looking for something to hold on to. She doesn’t find anything else than her lover’s head, which excites her even more. The more Sam’s tongue and fingers play with her sex, the harder Maya has to hold on to her orgasm. Suddenly, she asks her to stop.

– “Stop… stop… Sam stop… I’m going to cum otherwise stop…”
– “And then…? Wasn’t that the point?”
– “Um… No… That wasn’t the point…”, Maya grabs Sam and throws her in the chair. She takes off her nightgown…
– “Don’t get it dirty… Or they’ll charge it… Your underpants on the other hand… They’re soaked…”
– “Come on, offer me your tongue… Maya… Give me pleasure…” pleads Sam as she caresses her own breasts but Maya pulls out her tongue with a smile and gets up…
– “No… Not now…”
– “Not now? But you’re crazy! You’ve seen the state I’m in! I can’t go back like this!”
– “Oh yes, you’re going to go back like that… And believe me, I’m not going to spare you… I’m in the same state…”

Maya gets up and grabs the next outfit for the shoot, leaving Sam hungry for pleasure on the big red chair, legs apart. Despite her friend’s low blow, she seems completely caught up in the game. She gets up in turn and puts on the outfit. While Maya unlocks the door, Sam catches her from behind, one hand on her clitoris, the other on her mouth to muffle her screams. She then launches out in a relentless masturbation, mistreating with ardour Maya’s clitoris which, looking down on her sex, rolls her eyes with pleasure. Then suddenly, nothing more. Maya turns over with surprise but as an answer she has the right to only one wink of an eye. Sam opens the door and walks towards the set while looking the young woman straight in the eyes. She smiles and gives her back her provocative look.

The photo shoot is back on track. The set is now laid out like a lush hotel room, reflecting the palaces often frequented by young women in these luxurious outfits. “Ouch… This set could not have come at a worse time!” our two lovers thought at the same time. Chris, ready for the shoot, asked them to sit on the bed to take the pictures. He gave directions to the models of the day.

– “Okay, girls. So the goal here is to look as natural as possible, okay? Pretend the outfit’s so comfortable that you won’t leave it again! Just act natural, have fun, and I’ll do what I have to do on my own, don’t mind me. Okay? Just… Come on, let’s go.”

The handsome photographer shouldn’t have said those words. No sooner does he begin his second shooting than the two women start exchanging ardent glances, filled with desire. Slowly, their hands start to look for each other, then move around their bodies and linger on their hips, their backs, their buttocks… their thighs. Chris sees that the scene is getting hotter and hotter, and hesitates to stop it… But he’s missing a few pictures. He starts to speed up the shooting in order to have his last shots and to be able to end the session, so that they can continue quietly elsewhere, in their intimacy. After a few minutes, he looks on his computer at the pictures he has taken, to make sure he has what he needs, it would be stupid to make them change and then have to start again. Although a little too sensual, Chris thinks the shots are good. He will be able to tell them to go back to change in the dressing rooms where they will be able to continue… But when he raises his eyes and puts them back on the bed, he realizes that Maya is naked, offering a dreamy cunnilingus to Samantha… She clings to the sheets, without being able to take her eyes off the tongue of her lover who offers her so much pleasure. Chris remains for a few moments paralyzed in front of the stage… Sam takes off his nightgown and the two women position themselves for a graceful 69, without paying attention to the photographer and his assistant. A sensation of warmth runs through the photographer’s body and he feels his sex getting erect. It’s time to stop the session, it goes too far.

– “Okay, girls, let’s…”

He doesn’t have time to finish his sentence… Lowering his eyes, he realizes that Mei is caressing his sex, biting his lip in a look of imploring. Not knowing what to do, Chris looks at her surprised and questioning. Mei moves closer to him, licks his neck and looks at the two young women still immersed in their 69. Slowly, she caresses Chris’s cock and after making sure it is as hard as possible, unzips her photographer’s pants and pulls out his dripping limb of desire. She grabs him in her hand and looks him in the eyes again, starting to jerk him off gently. Her gaze goes to the bed and invites him to do the same. Mei then embarks on a perverse jerk-off, masturbating her boss in front of this exciting lesbian scene. Chris, without a word, pulls up his shirt, pulls down his pants and boxers a little more and starts to caress Mei’s buttocks. Mei’s gaze is drawn to the two sex bombs. The louder Maya and Sam’s screams are, the louder her jerk-off is too. Chris finds it hard to realize the situation, but he starts to enjoy the scene with immense pleasure. Mei plays so well with his dick and his whole cock that he feels like he could come at any moment, not to mention the duet that offers him a striking sexual show…

Suddenly, Mei, in sync with Maya, and Sam stops jerking him off. She takes him by the hand and brings him closer to the bed, to better enjoy the show. Sam, amused by the situation, lies down on her back and invites Maya to come and sit on her face to enjoy her tongue and the show that Mei and Chris offer her in turn. Seeing this, Mei slips her hand down her pants and starts to masturbate in turn. She kneels down in front of the photographer to give herself a blowjob while enjoying herself. The two duets lose themselves once again in moments of intense pleasure, teasing each other with their eyes. Maya watches with envy as Chris’s sex goes in and out of Mei’s mouth. Mei casts a sneering look at the young woman from time to time when she licks the photographer’s sex all the way down, before taking the glans back into her mouth. Amused, Maya often retorts with small shouts, spreading her vaginal lips apart as if to get even more pleasure. In response, Mei masturbates more and more intensely, as if to share the pleasure. Chris is also immersed in her pleasure, sometimes watching his sex being passionately gobbled up by Mei, sometimes watching her giving herself pleasure and sometimes getting excited in front of the lesbian scene that takes place a few meters away from his eyes… The more his gaze lingers on these pairs of breasts, buttocks and mouths opened by the pleasure, the more he feels his pleasure rising…

Maya’s screams begin to be uncontrollable, her gaze plunged on Sam’s tongue and clitoris, she tries to spread her lips as much as possible to expose her organ to her partner… The screams intensify, his breath is short… “Oh… Oh… Oh yes yes, Sam go ahead, go ahead I’m going to come, I’m going to come… Yes again again again ahhh… Ah…. Ah I’m coming don’t stop ahhhh… Yes, yes…” Maya gets lost in a noisy orgasm and the sound of Sam’s tongue on her clitoris almost echoes in Chris’ head. Excited by this scene, Mei also starts to expel little screams and Maya’s orgasm makes her want to speed up her blowjob, which she now accompanies with a quick and powerful handjob. Chris’s glance lands on her cock, jerked off and sucked with such force that when Maya gives her last cry of pleasure, he feels her pleasure coming out. “Oh… I’m coming, I’m coming, keep going, jerk me off…” Mei, with a beautiful smile, stops sucking the photographer’s dick in order to jerk him off with all his talent, offering his mouth wide open, tongue out. “Go ahead, spit in my mouth…” As Sam gives his last lick to Maya, who finishes coming slowly, Chris’s sperm comes to cover Mei’s tongue, who seems to have more and more difficulty to stop herself from coming too. Mei slows down the jerking off and seems to take a lot of pleasure in emptying Chris on her tongue, she seems to be asking for more. She ends up sucking one last time this sex that makes her want it so much and swallows everything before taking a deep breath and giving a few last movements back and forth as if to check that she wasn’t missing a drop. While she’s absorbed by the satisfied the dick in front of her eyes, her attention is diverted by Sam’s screams… She turns around and realizes that Maya is fingering Sam by licking his breasts, with the only aim of making her come as soon as possible. It’s almost difficult for Mei to follow Maya’s hand because her speed is so intense. The assistant lets go of the limb in her hand and lets herself slide on her buttocks to sit on the ground. While enjoying the scene, she also launches herself into an intense masturbation. She watches passionately as Maya gives Sam so much pleasure and begs her in her head to hurry up and enjoy, because she is reaching her limit. Her fingers also get inside her and she can’t help but now bring her other hand to her clitoris. Her pleasure is immense and she continues to beg Sam to come with her. Her wishes are soon granted… Faced with Maya’s mastery, Sam can only abdicate and let herself be overwhelmed by pleasure. While the first one sucks her breasts fervently by continuously sucking her nipples, Sam tries a last look at them. Too exciting, she can no longer hold on. She spreads her thighs, looks her lover in the eyes and says a few words to her: “Oh yes… I’m cumming… Make me cum…” Her head goes backwards, her eyes roll with pleasure and her bust rises from the bed as if sucked up by the heavens. Slowly, orgasmic spasms invade her body but Maya does not slow down. She fingers Sam even more forcefully while licking her breasts relentlessly. Sam’s buttocks get up and her gaze comes to rest on her sex, before launching a piercing cry of pleasure. In front of this scene of pleasure, Mei feels herself leaving and she accelerates the rhythm in her turn, faster and faster… “Oh yeah yeah… It’s coming, I’m going to make me cum too yes…” With her eyes locked on Sam’s buttocks and the visible contractions of her vagina, Mei comes in turn, trying to camouflage her little cries of pleasure.

Everyone in the scene sits down and tries to assimilate what has just happened… But Mei is once again attracted to Chris, who seems to be getting a new handjob, excited by this new series of orgasms…

– “Mei…? Mei!? Boo-hoo!”
– “Gua!” I said, scared to death!
– “Are you in the moon? What’s wrong with you?”
– “Oh Miss Maya! Forgive me, I was just… Thinking about the lights…”
– “Ah… Hand in the pants?”

I look at my hand… What a shame! Caught in my perverse thoughts I disconnected myself from reality and even came to touch myself unconsciously! Miss Maya looks at me and bursts out laughing…

– “Ah! You’ll give me the mark of those lights, eh? Ah! And stop calling me names,” she winked at me.
– “Uh, yes, sorry, I…”
– “Hey! We know all about that, don’t we. Come on, the photo shoot’s starting, we need you! I look good in the first outfit, look !”

Miss Maya is spinning on herself to show me the first outfit from the shoot. Of course she is beautiful in it… I imagine myself for a moment in her place and immediately see all my little beads deforming this superb fabric… No… It’s not for me no… I like my big T-Shirt much too big ! I go with her to the set, all red. I don’t even dare to look Miss Sam or Chris in the eyes anymore, I feel so embarrassed to have imagined all this… The material is in place, I try to come to my senses by immersing myself in my work, impossible…

It’s decided, tonight I’m putting it all down on paper… I have a very good scene for my manga. I mean, if I can make it to tonight… Because I really, really want to masturbate…

Ah Mei… The shy little Mei you just met, just like the beautiful and talented photographer Chris, have just started a fantastic adventure without even knowing it… The second their paths crossed Maya and Sam’s, their lives changed… We hope you liked this new free naughty story, and we hope to see you soon for the next one ! Thank you for your fidelity!

Lesbian sex and masturbation - Free erotic story



Maya's on her way to Samantha's for a reunion party. The two friends will then become lovers at a torrid evening.

“An evening at my favourite physiotherapist’s” is a long story, with a narrative part for our universe, where you will get to know Samantha and Maya a little more, and an erotic part. If you want to go directly to the erotic part it starts below the dividing line ! Enjoy the reading and thank you! How many times do you think they will come?

The more I walk on this narrow sidewalk, the more I feel stress rising inside me… Where could it be coming from? Is it because in all the time I’ve known Samantha, this is the first time I’ve been to her house? It’s true, we always used to meet at my house or at the office… Is that rude? Or is this the possible sex we’re going to have together? No, no, after this jerk-off session I only want to make love… Humpf… Maybe that’s it, I’m afraid nothing will happen. But then it’s Sam… She never says no to a little pleasure with me. But she’s just coming back from her training meeting, it turns out she’s too knocked out… Ahhhhhh! Relax, you’re going to the hottest chick you know, calm down!

The 96. Here it is. Strange, it looks like a very modest little house. With her income I would have seen something more… How can I say… Big… Oh no it’s not right, thinking of the word “big” brings back to my mind the sex that I touched earlier. It wasn’t that big! Clear your mind Maya ! Just like you cleared it… Oh no! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Did I ring the doorbell? Damn it, I didn’t mean to, I rang the bell without thinking. A few seconds later, I’m doing a six-foot drop. – “Yes, go for Maya!”. An intercom… Damn, so caught up in my thoughts I didn’t pay attention to the intercom, I was expecting her to arrive in person. Scaredy-cat… Come on, clear your mind… I grab the handle and… But it’s not possible ! I feel like I’m so excited that every object and every idea turns me on even more… That’s not good… Come on, push that totally unerotic gate and enter a unerotic garden too… Breathe…

The entrance to her garden is very impressive. Barely two metres from the gate is a vegetal wall, which almost completely hides the view of his house. Nice privacy. To enter the garden, there are two small paths that go to the sides and pass under two arches littered with beautiful red roses. Hummm… Right or left… I’m lost in an adventure movie now… I decide to take the right path, why? I don’t know and no one cares, but what is interesting is how beautiful and simple his garden is at the same time. It’s very minimalist, but so soothing… Birds, butterflies and other insects enjoy themselves around the flowers, which seem to be planted randomly, but which nevertheless fit together perfectly. Speaking of flowers, here is a beautiful one. Samantha’s going out to greet me, she’s still in her suit. How can I describe Samantha… To tell you the truth, and I’m not saying this lightly, she’s probably the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. And to say the least, she’s the kind of person who makes you want to go underground just by being around her. And when you get to know her, well… It gets worse. Describing her in words is difficult… She has beautiful blond hair braided on the side, which falls between her breasts (and her breasts hum…). A dream body, with perfect proportions, jade green eyes in which one could drown and a smile… This smile… Splendid and sincere. What a joy to be on grass, I’ll dig the hole faster…

– “How are you, Maya? It’s so good to see you!”. She hugs me and I hug her, I’m really happy to see her too. And of course, she smells so good…
– “Please come in. But I’m sorry, my train was late. I just got here… If you don’t mind, I’ll just take a quick shower, just to look presentable…”
– “Ah ah, don’t go there at all, it’s normal. Take your time.” Humpf… When I haven’t showered all day I don’t smell as good… We arrive in his living room.
– “I’m hurrying. In the meantime, make yourself at home. Shall I get you something?”
– “Go take your shower, if I can make myself at home I’ll help myself…”
– “Okay, see you in a bit, thanks.”

She gives me a kiss and goes to her bathroom, without forgetting to turn around and give me a broad smile, staring at me with her green eyes… Put it this way, you’d think I’m a little jealous of her, but that’s not the case at all. Well, a little bit, I admit it… But not in a pejorative sense. Samantha is probably the most extraordinary woman I know and she’s the person I turn to when I’m not feeling well, when I need to talk or even just when I feel like company and I can be 100% sure that she will listen, comfort and help me. She’s a golden girl, a rarity. I have known her for years, she has never criticized anyone, never been slanderous… A sincere and caring person. Really, it’s hard to want to hurt a girl like that.
It’s just that sometimes in life, we tend to question ourselves, it’s normal. And when you’re next to someone like her, you tend to do it a lot… Especially when you’re at her house… We have… I want to die… It’s so beautiful there! Minimalist and coocooning, little chilled lights that soothe and give a feeling of security, of well-being. In her living room, two large walls are entirely covered by bookcases, lit by a large window on the opposite wall… Hum… I knew she liked to read but at this point. Medical books, normal… Books on wellness, massages, meditation… Well, when you know her, it makes sense. Books on yoga, self-defense, boxing… Yes, that too, when you look at how she’s gussied up, you can tell she doesn’t spend her evenings slumped on the couch… Adventure novels, science fiction, classics… Is there anything she doesn’t like seriously? And… What do we have here? A whole shelf of erotic books… oh… You little rascal… Surprisingly enough, it’s not all lesbian. There’s gay and straight and… Is there such a thing? Ah! Get out of there Maya! You’re horny enough already… No need to get excited.

I keep walking around the living room and take a look at another shelf… Video games, cool! She’s a gamer too. Um… I can see her half-naked playing with the joystick vibrating between her thighs and… Ah stop! Cliché! She’s just like you: she has to play with her big, completely deformed but so comfortable tracksuit… And the worst thing is that she has to look sexy in it… I have to look like… Well, like a deformed tracksuit walking . We have the same taste in video games. I’ll get it later. On the console. Well, not on it, but on a game! Oh, what the hell.

I’m getting ahead of myself. A pile of papers is calling me on a small shelf. No, that’s wrong! Don’t look, maybe it’s private ! It’s private ! Well, just a little peek… But nothing more! If it was very, very private it wouldn’t be here in the living room… Let’s see… Received for a donation to a children’s charity, another for the homeless, suffering gay girls, animals, Tibet… And dozens of others. I understand better why she lives modestly, she makes a lot of donations… When I think about it, I’ve never seen her wearing too much make-up either, nor really fashionable clothes… She is so simple. Is she really human? Humble, intelligent, generous, sporty, cultured, funny, splendid… She’s from another planet! That explains it all! Or maybe she’s a serial killer! She’s got a cellar where she stores corpses! That’s her hobby and… No, don’t look, she’s just a girl with willpower… I want ice cream to drown my sorrows… She must have flaws, of course. Anyway I know one thing, she’s lonely… It’s a lonely woman’s house, like mine. Her work takes her a monstrous amount of time, between her office, her meetings, her training, her accounting… Not to mention the time she takes for herself, and she’s right. And let’s be honest, being a lesbian is not easy in our society, not to mention that such a beautiful woman has to endure with even more force the perversities of the male gender as soon as she goes out… I don’t know if she has many faults, but I know she has to suffer from all this…

Whoa! This is a bad time! Let’s get back to our sheep, a little cheerfulness… I don’t hear the shower anymore, is she done? If I went to see, you never know… I walk slowly down the small corridor that connects the living room to the bedrooms and the bathroom. My eyes stop on a superb painting of two naked women making love, but everything is perfectly suggested… Very nice! The bathroom door is half-open. That’s interesting. Excited as I am, I can’t reason with myself and I take a look, like a voyeur… Samantha is drying her body, which she walks slowly, with application, so as not to miss any area. The more she moves forward in her business, the more my mouth opens…

– “You seem to like what you see…!” Gobble! How did she…? Damn! I got caught staring at her!
– “Er sorry I, I… I wanted to ask you if you’d… I mean if you’d planned to eat and I…” God, I’m losing it !
– “Ah ah ah ah… Do not be so embarrassed, after all you’ve seen me naked often enough. It never seemed to bother you…”
– “No no it’s not that, it’s on it’s… No it’s true it’s…”. I try to come to my senses as she opens the door, completely naked, with just a towel on her head.
– “But you didn’t answer my question…”. She stares at me with her big jade eyes, a little smile on her face… I’m drowning in it…
– “Question? I don’t know, what do you have to eat?”
– “Not that one Maya… Do you like what you see?”
I come to my senses, as if soothed by her smile… – “Of course I like what I see… who could not?”
– “Oh well, everyone has their own tastes”. She sticks her forehead to mine, as if to soothe me. “Well, if you want I have pizza in the fridge… A little lazy tonight… What? Do you look surprised?”
– “It’s just… Pizza? Considering what you usually eat and your figure, I didn’t think you’d…”
– “That I could treat myself? Get over yourself, I’m a big slacker! It’s true that I sometimes have my moments of motivation, so I take advantage of it to do all the cooking of the week. Ah ah ! I’m coming, I’m going to get dressed… Don’t look at me like that, I’m not going to stay naked all night… Are you?”
– “Uh no no no… Not all night no but… I’ll make a drink !”

I go back to the kitchen and pass one of the few mirrors in the house. Why am I all red? It doesn’t look like me… When I’m with her I feel like I’m… Different! Not that I don’t like it but I don’t understand, I feel like… Rha I don’t know! I walk to the kitchen and open the fridge. The pizzas ! Ahhh I’m hungry… Cheese and vegetarian. Perfect ! My mouth is watering ! No stop it, otherwise you’ll spill all over the place ! Oh! A beer! On special occasions, it’s always nice to have a cold beer! I’ll take one, happy as a clam!

– “Can I get you a beer too, Sam?”
– “No, thanks. I don’t drink it. It’s for my guests. Don’t bother putting yours back on ice, just take it!” What’s up? But how did she know that…! Witch! Definitely, she’s from somewhere else!

As I was getting out the beer I’d just put back in, Samantha comes in, her hairs wet and combed. She now wears a little blue shorts, which highlights her long legs and eyes, and a yellow tank top that goes with her hair and gives me a more than pleasant glimpse of her belly and chest… Here… She doesn’t wear a bra, the naughty one… She takes out the pizzas and takes care of cooking them… Meanwhile, we are talking.

– “You don’t blame me, I made myself as comfortable as I could. I’m a little uncomfortable with the suits and I spent four days with them. It’s tight and uncomfortable and… Too corporate…” She’s pouring some kind of weird, green juice… I look at my beer with a guilty look on my face, she bursts out laughing. “You look so guilty! You mustn’t! If you feel like having a beer, have a beer, make yourself at home here!”
– “It’s not that but… Look, I’ll be honest, I feel a little… How can I put it… Complex… Next to you…”
Sam loses his smile and seems terribly embarrassed. – “Embarrassed”? I’m sorry, did I do something wrong?”
– “But no, no, it’s not that! But you’re so beautiful and you look so strong that I feel… Fat and weak and ugly…” She comes over and takes my hand.
– But you’re not Maya. Far from it. You’re a strong and beautiful woman, believe me! You have nothing to envy me…”
– “Oh, yes, I do. Perfect line and strength to stand up to beer and pizza and…”
– “Pizza? You’re dreaming, you’ll only get half! I’ll eat the other one!” She laughs and lets go of my hand and grabs her drink.
– “No, but you understood me. I tend to get a complex next to you… But it’s not your fault, it’s my fault, you’re always adorable…”

She walks towards her living room and sits on one of her two sofas, which together form an L. She invites me to sit on the other one. She lies down in the cushions, stares at me for a few seconds, smiles benevolently and launches into a sincere explanation.

– “Quick question Maya… Do you know why I take such good care of my body? Why do I bother taking so much care of my body?”
– “Probably to make you feel good about yourself?” I slump on the couch too, trying to get a sexy pose like hers.
– “Exactly, I’m doing it for me. But the most important thing is to understand the reasons why someone does what they do. You see, in my job, I’m in constant contact with people who are suffering, for many reasons. And quite often they are there because of two things: junk food and inertia. I see so many people suffering because of that, that some time ago I got a big slap in the face… I don’t want to suffer and I’m lucky to be able to avoid that, not all of them have had the same. I don’t especially like sport, but I know that I like even less the idea of suffering like them. Often as a doctor, you spend so much time taking care of others, like forgetting to take care of yourself, you know?”
– “Yes, I do…”
– “Here… I’m a lazy girl who’s afraid to suffer… Ah ah! So that motivates me, otherwise… Believe me, I’d rather keep warm with a book than get sweaty!”
– “When you put it like that… It certainly suits you! Not only are you healthy, but you’re also terribly beautiful…”
– “Miss Maya… Are you only seeing my looks!?”
– “No, no, not at all. It’s a clumsy compliment to…”
– “Ah ah relax, I’m kidding! But I’m glad you told me that. After all, as much as sweating like a sow gives me its benefits… it’s nice to feel beautiful.”
– “Surely I…”
– “You look beautifull, Maya. I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve known a few women and you’re the most beautiful by far… Stop getting wrong ideas. Easy to say… I know…”
– “Yeah… In the meantime I may be beautiful and “doctor”, I’m still alone…”
– “And wait … There are worse, you could be beautiful, “doctor” and lesbian! Believe me, that makes it even less likely!” She laughs, but this time I feel that there is sadness behind this laugh…
– “That’s crazy! You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re funny, you’re generous, you…”
– “Uh-uh… Get to the point, I’m embarrassed…” she laughs but gives me a strange look.
– “What I mean is that you’re still alone is very surprising… Especially with your talents…”
– “My talents…? Interesting. I’ll tell you, the problem is my life in general. I love my work too much and I want to take care of myself on the side not to be broken at 40… I don’t have enough time for the rest, I’m aware of that but deep down I hope to find the one that will do with it… It’s probably too much to ask…”
– “Can I be honest, Sam?”
– “Of course always, please.”
– “I think your life might be too intimidating… I mean look at you! You’ve got everything going for you! Next to you you feel… very small…”
– “I’m sorry I don’t mean to… I’m just trying to be the best version of myself and…”
– “Wait, wait, that’s not a reproach far from it! On the contrary. At no time are you that kind of chick who struts around, brags, belittles others, but quite the opposite. It’s not you that’s the problem, it’s the others! Jealousy, clichés etc… You’ve got nothing to blame yourself for, you just haven’t found the woman who makes your heart turn!”

She’s staring straight at me and my gaze is like being sucked into hers. – “Really…? I wonder…”

A little silence comes to settle down… I’m caught in her eyes which seem to tell me something, but I can’t guess… While I’m in the middle of thinking, she comes to set the mood.


– “Well, well, well! How was your day then? Did anything extraordinary happen or not, dermatologist with a schedule full of years?”
– “Go ahead and laugh! My day and well… Oh ! Uh… No, no, no nothing… nothing special no…”
– “Wait wait wait, look at me? No no, in the eyes! You little liar…”
– “But how do you do that!”
– “I’ll lend you the book if you want…”, she laughs then starts drinking her juice, holding her glass with both hands, looking at me with a naughty look, waiting for my story…
– “Oh you… Um… Well I… But this is just between us Sam! Promise?”
– “Like everything else Maya…”
– “Well… Have you ever… done anything… sexual in a consultation?”
– “Ouh… Sexual… You seem to have there a very interesting story… Tell !”
– “Sam?”
– “Um… No, never at work. But on the other hand when I’ve had “unique” patients, I mean who only come in once or twice, I’ve already… How can I put it… Make sure during the session, by the looks, to make it clear that an extra charge could be considered outside the office… I’ve taken countless rakes that said, but sometimes it works…”
– “Rakes, you? By whom?”
– “Straight people… Very often… Strangely I’m not very good at recognising lesbians… It’s quite embarrassing…” she lets out an embarrassed little laugh as she scratches her head.
– “Oh… I see. Well listen, I assure you it’s the first time but… Today a rather handsome patient came to have a stain on his penis examined…”
– “Penis”? He must have been so embarrassed!”
– “And not just a little! Just… Well, it’s been so long since I’ve had sex that… To touch his sex, to see it made me want to…”
– “Wait… don’t tell me that…”
– “Siiii! I made up a whole bunch of lame excuses to get him to… get hard and…”
– “You know I like dirty stories… Tell me about it! Come on, tell me! Oh wait ! The pizzas are done ! Perfect for story time !” She gets up and brings out the pizzas. She slices it, grabs a slice and looks at me with big, sparkling eyes and a little giggle of amusement.
– “Um… how could I not give in to that…? So you see… when he took off his pants…” = See the whole story she tells her! =

Samantha bursts out laughing, she is even more beautiful when she laughs… She almost drops her pizza, which she barely holds on to with a crunchy little scream.

– “Ah ah ah! The poor man must have had nowhere else to stand!”
– “But yes, and me too! Don’t laugh!”, I laugh in turn.
– “Ahhh… You should write erotic stories, you’re really good!”
– “Ah? Don’t tell me that a story with a penis had an effect on you…?”
– “The penis no, but the pleasure on the other hand… Man or woman the pleasure is still the pleasure…”
– “Uh-uh… Interesting… So what about you?”
– “I haven’t touched a penis, no, not my thing, or anything else for that matter… Lucky…”
– “Very funny! I’m talking about your meeting! You told me on the phone earlier that you learned some things that I might be interested in?”
– “Maybe… It was a meeting about massages. I was there for the physio section, as you can imagine, but it was all over the place. Sections for professional masseurs, for individuals, osteos, and even Tantric massage sections…”
– “Tantric massage”? Well… I’m sure you enjoyed it…”
– “If only! I couldn’t even get a massage because I was so busy… However, I had a long talk with a masseuse who knew a lot about massage…”
– “Ah? And here…”
– “Here…?”
– “You got a little… demonstration…???”
– “Oh yes… Of how to put in the air your evening with a kid… The said masseuse you see, was accompanied by her baby… So no, no demo…”
– “Ah… Right. But then?”
– “As a result? She still gave me lots of tips and tricks for massages…” she looks me straight in the eyes while chewing her lower lip…
– “And you’d need a experiment subject, right?”
– “You read my mind… I thought maybe you would agree to…”
– “To enjoy a massage offered by you? Why did you put the word “maybe” in there?”
– Good! In that case, let’s practice! Nothing better! “She gets up.” Whoa! Pizza…” she laughs “Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten so much! Let’s get rid of it!”
– “Fine, you might as well get rid of it by massaging me, right? I’m fine…”

She looks at me with her little cheerful look and walks towards a cupboard… I know that look well, it’s the look of a Sam who is starting to get excited… I must have the same look and she must have seen it as soon as I arrived. I really hope that what she learned is going to make the massage go awry… She comes back to the living room with a folding massage table. She sets it up and goes back for the oils.

– “On the trail Maya! I’ve got a towel for you so you can make yourself comfortable, get naked underneath and you’ll feel better. If you feel like taking a shower or something, don’t hesitate.”
– “We can go, I’m usually all clean… (Well, maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself, excited as I am…) I’ll just go to the bathroom to get ready…”

I go to the bathroom and get undressed. I check that everything is OK, I don’t want to be bothered by anything… I splash a little water on my face, wrap the towel around my breasts and go back to the living room. The atmosphere is subdued, small candles add a bit of light and I smell a sweet smell of rose, coming from an incense she has lit. The smell is discreet, pleasant. Sam turns around, gives me a big smile and goes through my body with his eyes. She walks towards me and sticks her lips to my ear.

– “The towel is too high… I have some techniques to try that take care of the chest. Yours is beautiful, you’re not ashamed to show it to me anyway… Especially since she already knows me…”
– “Habit… I open the towel and come to reposition it around my hips. Is that better, Madam the masseuse?”
– “Much better… Please sit down.”
– “And the techniques you’ve learned target other areas…?”
– “We’ll see about that…”

I lie on my stomach with my head in the hole provided. Despite appearances, this massage table is really very comfortable. I was a bit worried that my stomach wouldn’t appreciate the position after eating pizza, but it’s all right. I’m taking the time to settle down to make the moment as pleasant as possible… I’ve been waiting for it for a long time, especially for a few hours. We’ve been talking about this massage for so long… Thank you for the excuse of the meeting…

– “The oil I’m going to use is hot rose oil, all right?”
– “Oh yes, perfect, I’ll let you handle it… You’re the pro… Incense and rose oil… Perfect! “
– “Pro pro… These are experiments I’m doing, tell me if it’s not right…”

Modest too… I can hear her grasping the bottle of oil, I guess she is pouring it into her hands, before feeling a strong heat on my shoulders. She starts with the shoulders then? Good, that’ll relax me a bit more. She makes slow movements, more or less pressing on my neck, shoulder blades and shoulders. Boy, that’s good… I feel like when she presses down I have a kind of valve that releases the tension in my shoulders. Her hands are soft and strong at the same time, it’s a delight. My body gets a shiver when she goes down my lower back and runs down my spine. I hope in vain that she will finish her race on my buttocks, but no, she stays on my back. Once again, the massage is divine, you can quickly see that she masters the subject…

– “Sorry, I’m drooling on your table…”
– “Technically you’re drooling on the floor, but…” She’s laughing. I’m glad you like it. I haven’t experienced it yet, I’m just getting warmed up…”
– “Warm up, warm up please… I’m all yours…”
– “Interesting… You don’t mind if I come down a bit then…”
– “Oh no, come down a little… Please…”
– “Mm-hmm…”

I can tell from her little nod that she’s got some naughty ideas herself. She’s so good at giving my back pleasure, I can’t wait for her to go lower… And there she goes… There, stop here and… Stop! No further down, stop! With her hands, she comes and grabs my thighs and starts to massage them. Grrr… You’re too low! My thighs aren’t… Not… Ohhhhhhh… Yes, a little bit more down there… Oh boy, that’s good ! The calf too ? Oh ok but I’m not sure that… Ohh… The wonder… I feel like my legs are all light… It keeps massaging my legs and the more the oil heats up, the hotter I get with it. As she massages my thighs, I feel her hands rising higher and higher as she moves… She’s on the verge of caressing my crotch, but never goes there… Doesn’t she dare? Does she wait for my green light? I want to go, I want to go! But I can’t tell her straight like that! Let’s find an excuse um… I know!

– “In your essays there wouldn’t happen to be a buttock massage, would there? Because I have to admit, I’m sitting so much in my job that…”
– “Um, not buttocks… But I can give you a little massage if you like… I know a couple.”
– “Yeah, why not, it’ll relax my whole butt…”
– “Very nice butt, if I may say so… ” She slides the towel over to expose my butt.
– “Thank you very much.”

Here’s what becomes more interesting… A buttock massage… And in his hands, any buttock can enjoy being groped! It starts slowly, as if to moisturize my skin with the oil, and then makes movements that get firmer and firmer, to the point that the firmer ones move other parts of my body located towards this area… And it starts to excite me terribly… As if I wasn’t excited enough. As she massages every inch of my skin, her fingers come close to all my private parts, which must be screaming for her to caress them… But she doesn’t do anything about it, as if she was playing with my frustration. It’s nasty but… terribly effective…

– “Well, if you want, we can test what she advised me about the chest. They say it relaxes and soothes pregnant women, too, but, well…”
– “Let’s see… A experiment subject can’t refuse after all… I’ll try to enjoy…”
– “You seem to be forcing, yeah…”
– “Maybe… The question is, what for…”

After a slight smile, she grasps the oil again and comes to start massaging my breasts. The more the massage progresses, the lighter I feel, like I’m melting on the table… And the wetter I get, it feels so good… After massages that I would describe as normal, she starts a kind of movement with her fingertips, which goes into one breast while the other hand holds it firmly. Surprisingly, no pain, quite the contrary. I thought that such a force would hurt me, but it’s just the opposite, a bit like nerves coming to relax. I find it hard to believe that she performs this massage so well on simple instructions, but I know she’s not lying, it’s her first time.

– “Reassure me Sam, I feel like my breasts are relaxing… They’re not gonna start hanging!!!”
– “Ah ah ah ah not at all, it’s just a feeling… Because I can assure you that they do the opposite…”

She then runs her fingers over the tips of my breasts, which makes me understand right away. My nipples are so hard that I can hardly believe it, I see that I am not the only one who enjoys this massage. She continues it, extending it to the ribs and the belly. To do so, she comes to position herself at the end of the table, in front of my head… I can’t help but open my eyes to hope to see her body. And I am served… When she bends down and straightens up, I can furtively see her chest when her T-shirt goes up a little… I also notice that my little favourite physiotherapist bites her lip more and more intensely when she passes over my chest. She wants me, I can feel it and I want her just as much… I never have as much pleasure as when I make love with her. The desire rises in me and I find it harder and harder to hold myself back…

– “It’s really good what you’re doing… Have you learned anything else? What kind of massage gave this dear mommy?”
– “Specialized massage for pregnant women and… An avowed passion for tantric massage…”
– “Don’t you want to show me that?”
– “It might get… Out of hand, you know…”
– “And you don’t want to?”
– “I do…”
– “So do it…”

That was all it took for Samantha to break through the thin barrier that still held her passion. As she continued to massage my breasts, her lips came to rest on mine and kissed me passionately. One more thing she does wonderfully… When I kiss her, I feel like I’m eating candy, it’s so nice! While kissing me, she changes places to stand next to me. She slides the towel slowly and with her hand comes to caress the top of my thighs, the bottom of my belly… Her lips come away from mine, she straightens up and starts to massage the area that interests me, but never touches my clitoris or any other place that would satisfy me more… I let her do it, because even if they are frustrating, her movements are terribly good…

– “And isn’t Tantrism supposed to be more… Sexual, Madam the Masseuse?”
– “It all depends… It can be done just like that, to release desire and envy… In therapy…”
– “And do you think I need it…?”
– “Um… At first glance absolutely not… From the beginning…”
– “So you are aware that your massage, although very pleasant, is not really what I want right now…”
– “Oh really? And what exactly do you want?”
I stand up and caress her cheek. – “You…”

I barely have time to finish my sentence when she throws herself on top of me and kisses me. She lays me down again and straddles me on the table. Luckily the table is wide enough… Her lips go down on my neck and her tongue comes to play with it, going down to my breasts, which she grabs with her hand and starts licking. She spends a few moments there, delicious, before going down again. Finally, my poor clitoris, frustrated for hours, is going to be released and… Why are you stopping?!!

– “Far from me the idea to be unpleasant, but… With the pizzas we eat, we might exceed the maximum recommended weight for this table…”
I burst out laughing, completely surprised by the reply at that very moment… – “Are you serious? Isn’t it easier to walk me straight to your room instead of coming out with an apology?”
– “If you insist… Too bad about the candles but…”

We get up, she grabs my hands and holds me down. As she’s kissing me, she takes me to her room. I don’t know how she got us to dodge all the walls and other objects, but when we got to her room, she threw me on the bed. She gets down on her knees on top of me and takes off her tank top. Her breasts look even more beautiful to me, probably because of my excitement. She throws herself on my neck, kisses me, licks every bit of my skin, goes through my breasts and slides gently towards my crotch… She stops again and looks at me.

– “With all these recent experiences… You must be on edge, right?”
– “Sam… go… ! Come on, come on…”
– “Go for what?”
– “Lick me, hurry up! Please! I can’t take it anymore!”
– “It’s mean what I’m doing, isn’t it… You’ve been wanting to for a while…”
– “But, go li… Li… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuc.. Ahhhhh…”

Ecstasy… My upper body is rising. Her tongue finally slides on my clitoris. My excitement is such that each stroke of her tongue makes me feel like I’m about to come. Her hands alternate between my hips, thighs and breasts, a delight. Never has anyone given me as much pleasure as Sam, but tonight she excels… Maybe it’s me who’s too sensitive, but every caress is a wonder. I have to stop her after a few minutes.

– “Stop… Stop… Fiou… It’s difficult here…”
– “Oh, really?” She comes up, kissing my body, all the way up to my lips. She gives me a passionate kiss before continuing “It would be a shame if I did that then…”

Delicately, I feel her finger entering me, and my body seems delivered, as if it were the thing it was waiting for… One finger, then two. Sam begins to make precise movements, more and more powerful, and the more she moves, the more I let myself go for pleasure. As she passionately fingers me, her mouth takes care of my breasts. I feel so desirable in her hands, so beautiful, so good. I open my eyes, watch her lick my breasts and cross her eyes. A passionate look, a beautiful look. She smiles at me, straightens up, bites her lip and speeds up her movements. I… Ahhh… Again… It feels so good. The more seconds go by, the louder my screams get. She then takes the opportunity to go back to licking my clitoris while she fingers me. I have to make a crazy racket… She slows down a bit and speaks to me.

– “Did you know that very few women know their G-spot? Often no one takes the time to take care of it… Out of ignorance, haste…”
– “Hum… Oh it’s good there… Oh yes… Yes… Yes…”
– “Are we good here? Right there?”
– “Oh yes, if that’s the G-spot I say yes you… Go ahead, harder… Again there… Hum…”
– “Oh no it’s not it… I’d say, yours is… around here….”

My abdomen starts to rise, my head goes back and I try to hang on to the bed, as if I was afraid to fly away. What she’s doing is probably the best thing I’ve ever had. I’m almost dizzy from it, it feels so good. Nothing to do, she knows the human body… Especially the feminine one… Keep going… I feel I’m gonna come, keep going, it’s coming… Oh damn… Oh it’s so good oh… I’m gonna come I… What, why are you stopping?????

– “Hun hun… I won’t make you come so soon… We still have a lot of things to do you know…”
– “Oh but an orgasm won’t be enough for me…”
– “I know… And you’ll have more… But given your level of excitement I’m sure you’re going to do something more than wonderful to me…”
– “Oh really…?”

I take advantage of her moment of inattention to turn her over on the bed and show my talent in turn. I slide along her neck, grab her breasts and start licking, chewing and massaging them. I linger on them and I see that she likes it, as if she too has been waiting for this for a long time. While continuing to massage her breasts, I go down between her thighs, determined to give her as much pleasure as possible. As I begin to lick her clitoris and the entrance to her vagina, she raises her legs and crosses them behind my back, as if she doesn’t want to let go of the pleasure I give her. I take one hand from her breast, to come and give her even more pleasure. As I penetrate my fingers into her, her cries are heard more and more. I speed up and discreetly start looking for her G-spot as well. Clumsily because I have absolutely no idea what I’m looking for… I’ll have to talk to her about it later… Between two breaths of pleasure, she laughs slightly, I’m sure she understood and I feel that it gives her pleasure, despite my clumsiness. I continue to finger and lick her, harder and harder, faster and faster. Her hands come to take my head, she wants me to go harder. Let me hear your screams… I want more… Here, more… more… As I get lost in my occupation, her hands come to lift my head. She sits down and starts masturbating me. I do the same and we embark on a long and torrid session of mutual masturbation, and our tongues come to intertwine with passion. Slowly, I push her away and begin to caress myself.

– “I want to see you touching yourself Sam… Can I have the pleasure…?”
– “Gladly…”

Sam shakes his head to put his beautiful hair back in place, always with a smile that melts me. She looks me straight in the eyes, licks her fingers in a terribly sensual way and slowly brings them to her clitoris, where she begins to give herself pleasure for me. I can’t describe the feeling I feel at that moment, but watching her giving herself pleasure while looking at me passionately triggers a feeling in me that is unknown to me, powerful, that almost brings tears to my eyes so much it makes me so happy. The kindest woman I know can become a real tigress … While she is enjoying herself in front of me, I masturbate more and more intensely. Peaks of excitement rise in me when her gaze is lost for several seconds on my hand between my thighs. She gets stuck there and her screams intensify, her body goes backwards, she falls on her elbow, as if pleasure prevented her from sitting. She offers me a breathtaking view of her between her legs, which I take pleasure in admiring. She continues to caress herself, then starts to finger herself at the same time. I can’t help but do the same. Here we are in a succulent masturbation, excited by each other. Caught in the moment, I almost forget to stop before coming. She does the same and makes me lie down again. She spreads my legs, slides her pelvis in between and starts rubbing herself against me while kissing me. Her clitoris rubbing against mine is starting to give me great pleasure, as are her breasts, which are also rubbing against mine. We both look at our breasts caressing each other and I can feel that we are reaching our limit. She wants to come, I want to come…

– “Sam… Anh… Yeah, there like that… again… um…”
– “Were you going to say something?”
– “Yes, I um… I want to come… Don’t you?”
– “Already? It is that you are greedy… I have toys aside or even other techniques… One still has matter to…”
– “I know and I want to but… I really, really, really want you to make me come right now…”
– “Uh-uh… Interesting, how could I refuse that…”
– “Yes… Ah… Make me come, please…”
– “Like before?”
– “Yes…”

She regales me once again with her superb smile, sensually descends between my legs and starts to make me feel good… As before, savagely licking my clitoris and fingering me, whether she’s on my G spot or not, it’s so good that I’m going to explode…

– “Yes, yes, yes there, there… Continue… Harder… Oh I’m going to come, I’m coming, I’m coming, go ahead… Ah yes I’m coming…. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

An orgasm like I’ve never had before invades my body. I can’t help screaming with pleasure, I rip the sheets off because it’s so powerful. She continues to please me by slowing down until I can get down. I don’t have time to breathe that she’s on her knees on my face.

– “My turn? Please make me come, like this… like this…”

Without realizing it, I was already licking her sex, every part, while she was caressing her breasts. “Ah yes, like this oh… I’m going to come… Here you go…” It didn’t take long, she’s so excited… With her fingers, she spreads her vaginal lips open and I come to slip my tongue in. With one hand, I finger her wildly, while licking passionately. Seeing her take such pleasure, I start to masturbate again… Her cries of pleasure come to resonates in the bedroom. Her whole body contracts, her eyes roll, her spasms of pleasure come to excite me even more. During her orgasm, she looks at my hand which masturbates me and starts to smile, while being taken by the pleasure. As soon as she finishes cumming, she grabs me like a wrestler and I find myself sitting in front of her, my back stuck to her chest, her legs hindering mine wide open. I can’t move. With one hand she comes to massage my breasts firmly and with the other she masturbates me with ardour. I have rarely been so well masturbated.

– “You haven’t had enough, I see… I’ve seen how you touch yourself when I come…”
– “Oh? Why ? Did you get tired of it?”
– “Um…?”
– “I’m sure you can’t make me come and make you come again at the same time…”
– “Oh, you think so?”
– “Prove me wrong… make you come at the same time…”

I like to provoke her, because I like her to enjoy herself, that’s what made me want to enjoy again… But given the position, it’s difficult for me to take care of her… And frankly it excites me so much that I don’t want to change it. While her hand continues to masturbate me with talent, the one who was caressing my chest is between her legs and starts to make small circular movements… It excites me so much… Her hair caresses my shoulders and some of it tickles my chest…

– “Yes, like this… Go ahead and masturbate… And make me come… Go ahead…”
– “Whenever you want… I’m ready…”
– “Already… Hum… So go ahead… Yes, yes… Oh shit, yes like this, go on, jerk me off like this yes… Hum…. Go harder on you…”
– “Like this…”
– “Oh yeah… Again, again… Yes, yes, yes… Ohhh I’m coming, I’m coming… I’m coming, come with me… Ahhhhh…”
– “I follow you… Ahhhhh…”

A second memorable orgasm… Not as powerful physically as the first, but so powerful mentally. As she finishes caressing me, I wedge myself against her. Her caresses bring this moment to a perfect end.

– “…Let me… Take a breath… I can tell you that… Your practice is very good… I’m open to any new phase of testing…”
– “Hum hum… With pleasure, it’s rare to find such a good subject…
– “Sorry about your sheets… I treated them badly…” Sam laughs as she puts her head back. She’s attracted by his awakening.
– “Oops… I didn’t know what time it was… Do you want to sleep here tonight?”
– “Um… I’d like that. Do you mind?”
– “Absolutely not… On the contrary.”

It didn’t take long before we fell into the arms of Morpheus, a simple trip to the bathroom and hop, to bed… The night was succulent… Especially around 4 o’clock in the morning, when without realizing it, we were masturbating each other in a moment of awakening. A sensual mutual masturbation, where we did nothing but kiss and please each other… In other words, this morning’s awakening was difficult, but pleasant considering the memories of the previous day and the night.
It’s 7:00 in the morning. Samantha got up a little early. Well, a little… At 6 o’clock, to be honest, to do her sport… I find her in the living room, lying with her buttocks up in the air…

– “Oh, great… Are you making me advances, tell me? You didn’t get your dose yesterday… And this night…?”
– “Ah ah, very funny… I made you a coffee, it’s warm if you want.”
– “Thank you darling,” I said jokingly, with a big smile. “You’re motivated to do sport in the morning. I need an hour before I wake up.”
– “Let’s say it’s more by… Default… I prefer to do this in the morning to stall me in the evening… I’m almost done, I’m coming.”

I have a cup of coffee and settle down on the warm couch, all disheveled, still drooling on the corner of my lips… I watch her work out. My eyes get lost on her body, she’s really beautiful… It’s rare for me to get so lost on a woman’s body, as a bisexual, I tend to be with a woman for fun. Well, especially with Sam, there aren’t many others, one or two at the most… Men are usually more my thing when it comes to real attraction or… How shall I say… Living together, shall we say. Yet no one has ever made as much of an impression on me as Samantha. She’s so…

– “Ghaaa… I’m going to die… I can’t take it anymore… Shower…”, she spreads out on the floor.
– “Didn’t you get enough exercise yesterday?”

I don’t fail to give him a sly little smile with a raised eyebrow and a little pinch of lip… When an unexpected scene occurs. We have already slept together several times, only the next day everything was normal. But today, as she gets up from the floor, sweaty and all red, but still so beautiful, she comes close to me, smiles and kisses me.

– “With you never…”

She leaves me standing there, stunned, and walks to the shower smiling at me. What is this strange feeling? It’s the first time that… Yesterday we kissed a lot of times but now I… Even when I kissed men who were my boyfriends I didn’t… I’m coming to my senses. I shake my head and sit for a few minutes while I finish my coffee, stuck in the couch. What do I want right now? Make love to her. Again? Yeah, well… His yoga session thing was awful… Center yourself, it’s not that, it’s deeper! It’s Samantha, you’ve known her for a long time, you’ve always had a strange relationship. But she’s a girl I’m very close to. Yes, after all, it’s normal to want to see her smile, to want her happiness, her pleasure. To… To want to protect her and to… To…

I get up without thinking and take quick steps towards the bathroom. She looks at me, surprised and starts laughing. I undress, get into the shower, hug her and kiss her… To hell with logic, what I want right now is to be with her… I’ll think about it later…

Merci d’avoir suivi cette histoire érotique de Maya et Samantha, nous espérons qu’elle vous a plu ! Ces personnages nous tiennent à cœur, et nous voulons développer leur histoire. Elles reviendront très bientôt. Merci pour votre lecture, et à très bientôt sur La Plume d’Eros !

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