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Girls' night out - Free erotic Story for you



Claire, Sam and Maya are having a girls' night out together... And they're gonna tell each other some very interesting things...

Hello to you and welcome to this new free naughty story, “Girls’ Night Out.” Today, Sam brings you into the intimacy of a moment she will share with Maya and Claire. The three friends get together for a few hours to chat and enjoy the moment. You will discover many crispy anecdotes and live some very hot moments… Thank you for being here and without further ado, it’s time for Sam, who is just chatting with Tim, Claire’s husband… Be careful, it’s an XXL story, much longer than usual… In parallel, you will be able to find “Tim’s evening”, which is linked to the girls’…


Samantha, who came to pick up Claire to take her to Maya’s, talks with Tim while waiting for her friend to finish getting ready. They’re talking about work and this is where you enter into their conversation…

Tim continues to talk to me:

– “You bet, you must see some nice ones at the office… Anyway it’s nice of you to come and get Claire, because obviously she’s planning to get drunk…”
– “Don’t worry, I’m happy, it will do her good to relax a little, she’s not easy every day either…”
– “It’s true. And so you never drink?” he asks me a little surprised.
– “No, it’s really not my thing.”
– “So yes, you’ll be… Sober, that’s good… At least there will be someone with his mind… Because sometimes Claire… Well, you know her.”
– “Do not worry, everything will be fine. For her… And for you…”
– “For me? Why do you say that?”
– “Oh for nothing…”, I said with a big smile.

Claire, late as usual, came running in half-coiled and almost picked herself up like a big pancake, caught by her momentum. She didn’t forget to kiss Tim and faxed herself in the passenger seat of my car. Out of breath, she threw me:

– “Ahhhhh… Ahhhhhh… Sorry Sam I… I didn’t see the time I… Ahhhhhhh… I really have to get back to sport I… I’m going to die… Ahhhhhhhhh…”

I can’t stop laughing before I start the engine. Tim steps back laughing too and we’re ready to go to Maya’s house.

– “Well, girls, good night to you and see you later,” Tim says.
– “Thanks Tim, and don’t worry I’ll bring your wife back in one piece…”, I tried to reassure him by seeing his worried look.
– “See you later my love!” Claire said, visibly excited to spend an evening with her friends, the first evening in a long time.

And here we go. At this hour, the traffic is rather quiet and even if Claire doesn’t live very far from our village, we have a few minutes drive. After catching her breath, Claire started the conversation.

– “Ahhh… I should take better care of myself, like you Sam.”
– “Did you run that much?”
– “No… That’s just the worst… I’ve made room, bathroom, bedroom and car…”
– “Indeed… It would do you good…” I said with a smile.
– “Okay! Maya, Maya, Maya… What does she have in store for us this time?”
– “Ah ah, with her you can expect anything… But it’s going to be a great night!”
– “Oh yes, I’m sure it will be! Do you think she…?” she asked me with a serious air…
– “That she started the mojito without us?”
– “No… did she?”
– “Oh yes… “So what? You had to taste it to check that it was good !”, that’s what she’s going to get us out, you’ll see…”


Having a copy of the keys to Maya’s house and Maya having told me to go straight home and “pretend I’m at home”, we go in and find her with a glass in her hand, with a big smile on her face. She runs to greet us and the three of us look at her glass… With a huge smile and her eyes closed, she takes us out:

– “Well, what? We had to taste it to make sure it was good! Giiiiiiirls! I’m so happy to see you ! Go inside and… Whoa… Was there always a walk here?”

Bingo, there was no shortage of that. She’s already a little tipsy and the excitement of girls’ night out doesn’t help her crazy. She loves mojito and makes it a point to make sure it’s always perfect. But for that, you have to taste it… And she can’t hold her liquor very well. Luckily, like Claire, she’s a happy drunk. When they get a punch in the nose they laugh and dance, but they never do anything very mean. It’s going to be a very lively evening…

– “Go on, get settled! So on the menu attention! Makiiiiiiis! Vegetarians for Sam and us Claire with good, very good salmon! I wanted to make egg rolls but hey… Claire… It would have reminded you too much of Tim and his little egg roll !”, Maya pouffa before leaving in a mini crazy laugh.
– “Little egg roll? You have a very strange conception of how big Maya is…” Claire argued, defending Tim.
– “Huuuuuuu… Come on! Come on! You want to fight,” Maya put herself in a boxer’s position, followed by Claire, who imitated her.
Amused, I calmed down the game: – “Well, well, ladies, let’s start more quietly, shall we? Given your Maya’s condition, the mojito should be ready, right?”
– “Oh my Sam! Always on top! That’s right captain! There he is! Who wants a drink???? Or two??? Uh-oh! We can drink it straight from the bowl, can’t we?!”
– “And of course, in your excitement, you made the mojito before the makis…” I was having fun.
– “But she’s so strong! Claire saw that! She should have been a detective!”

Claire burst out laughing as she looked at me and walked towards the fridge. She opened it and renewed her burst of laughter when she saw that absolutely nothing was ready. She threw me with difficulty between two laughs: “Well, on the other hand, the dessert is superb! Maya also went to the fridge, looked at the ingredients and for some unknown reason, exploded of laughing in her turn. Well… It’s time to make the said makis, in order to make Maya slightly sober. Each of us grabbed the ingredients and we started to prepare our evening meal. The three of us glued on the central island of Maya’s kitchen, we have fun making the prettiest rolls possible… Maya, not yet fully recovered from her mojito making, starts making her own again. While making a roll, she went into an obscure delirium:

– “Hoouuuu… Hou girls look… You saw how I roll this big maki here… With my two hands houuuu… If he could I’m sure he’d dribble with sauce !”
– “Ah… Obviously you still have some mojito left in your Mayan veins”, Claire humorously said.
– “Jealous! “You say that because you cut them off and they’re so small! Whereas I am… Biiiiiiiiiiiiig…”, Maya drooled in front of her roll…

Before finishing her sentence, Maya almost dropped the maki on the floor. She caught it by miracle by doing lots of useless pirouettes and continued her speech:

– It’s all right! It’s all right! It’s all right! Plus it’s too bad it’s Sam’s… Hey Claire, Claire…”
– “Oh yes Maya, I can feel it coming from miles away…” sighed Claire visibly dejected by the joke that was coming.
– “Your colleagues are in it! Lawyers! Lawyers, you know? (french word game, because”avocado” (Avocat) is pronounced same way that Lawyer (Avocat))” Maya laughed.
– “Here, I’ve never had that one before…”, Claire despaired.
– “Madam lawyer… Admit that your favorite bar is your husband’s!” Maya launched Maya with a very serious look.
– “Now I think that mojito level has abused Maya a bit, you normally go down faster than that…” Claire laughed.
– “Noooooooooooo! So little, there’s no sushi ! Ahhh ! Come on, cut your colleagues and let’s eat !!!! I’m hungry !”, Maya threw Maya along with the makis.
– “Good idea, it’ll do you good to eat… Give me my colleagues then…”. Claire grabbed the knife and cut the last portions.

Maya laughed again and went to set the table. We had decided to set the table in the living room, on the coffee table. Maya put big, soft blankets on the floor and threw tons of cushions on it. Besides I wonder where she can store all this stuff, it must take a monstrous place. She also came back with a huge panda plush, bigger than her, and put it in the place she had planned to occupy. Curious, I wait until she goes back to get some cushions to get closer to the plush. Her open arms invite me to give her a big hug and its is so soft that this cuddly toy is a real danger! Maya’s hand comes to rest on my shoulder and she whispers in my ear, as if she was going to reveal me a terrible secret:

– “Hey, hey! He’s cool my big teddy bear, isn’t he? And wait, he’s even cooler with this! Look, look, look!” – Maya leans over the panda’s buttocks and shows me what looks like a USB plug in her anus… What’s the idea of putting that there? She repeats her sentence – “It’s hot! You charge the battery and poof! For three or four hours you give him a warm hug! It’s a killer! But it’s my own cuddly toy,” she continued, huddling up to the panda like a child… Finally, with a very serious look she whispered even more softly to me: “Sam, I have an idea! Let’s have a threesome! You, me and the panda! We’ll warm him up first and then we’ll rub him!” she finishes before continuing her hug.

I’m bugging out for a while… I want that stuffed animal! Not to rub up against him, no! But for cocooning! Claire pulls me out of my thoughts by arriving with the plates of makis that she has brilliantly trained, going from Maya’s weird big roll to a five-star dressage! Maya drops her panda, drools in front of the plates, runs to the kitchen and comes back with the mojito and glasses.

Seeing the mojito, Claire looked at it with big eyes and said: – “Uh, Maya… maybe some water for dinner, huh? Mojito for after?”.
Maya stops, thinks for a few seconds and all happy answers: “Oh yes yes you’re right… It’s dessert! With dessert! But it’s not for aperitif ? Oh yes but I’m too hungry, no aperitif then ? Let’s eat !”

You shouldn’t try too hard to find logic in Maya’s lyrics when she’s tipsy. Anyway, with a very pleasant musical background and soft lights, we settle down on these piles of very comfortable cushions and start our meal. At the beginning, the conversations were very banal, work, subway, sleep and small anecdotes of usual life. Maya who breaks such a thing, the famous unforgettable customer, Tim who does this, Tim who does that… Only, when Claire and Maya go ahead in the evening and the mojitos, they like to talk about naughty things… But that will be for a little later, for the moment water still throne on the table.

– “Ah, that’s better! Sorry, the mojito had gone to my head a bit. Mmm, this is a good maki! Hum, hum! Oh by the way Claire, how was your birthday party with Tim, was it good?” Maya asked with a mouthful. (The famous birthday party is here…)
– “Oh yes, perfect! We had a great time! I had a great time!”
– “Ahhhh ? Tell me about it,” Maya asks after swallowing her maki raw.
– “Oh well… Let’s just say that I had prepared the evening well so that it would be great,” replied Claire, obviously wanting to dodge the subject.

She may be an excellent lawyer, but when we are all three of us, Claire always tends to talk too much and always tries to make up for it afterwards… Unfortunately for her, Maya never misses an opportunity to play the curious.

– “What did you do? Dirty things all week?” Maya asked very interestedly…
– “Maybe…” Claire tried, hoping it would change the subject.
– “Um… You’re going to tell us what you did, aren’t you?” Maya walked towards her, as if to hypnotize her!
– “Uhhhhh… No!”, Claire replied, staring at her in the eyes as well.
– “Oh the wicked one! Oh, oh wait ! I’ll show you a super power! Are you sure you don’t want to tell us?” Maya laughed.
– “Affirmative!” Claire said amused.
Maya turned to me : – “Sam, Sam ! We’re doing our superpower!”
– “Maya… If Claire doesn’t want to tell us it’s her choice…”, I tried to make her understand…
Claire laughed: – “Your superpower? I’m curious to see it hold… I’m not sure if it works on me…”
– “Oh! Sam, it’s a dare! We’re doing it, we’re doing it!” Maya implored me excitedly.
– “Are you sure about this Claire?” I asked, trying to warn her one last time…
– Go! Show me what you got, doctors!”

Since she won’t take my warnings seriously, there’s nothing more I can do. Maya sits in front of her and stares at her. In my turn, I lean on the coffee table and stare at Claire, every part of her face is in my line of sight. I signal to Maya that I am ready. Claire laughed and laughed nicely at us.

– “This is superpower, girls? Staring at me until I given up? If you only knew what they put me through at work to…”
Maya cut it off: – “Shhhh no no that’s not it ! Wait! Look me in the eye… Hum… Don’t say anything ! You… Did a striptease… Bought a huge sex toy for him… No for you… You’ve… Paraded naked all week at home hum… Sextos ! You took naughty pictures for him… You watched porn at a big movie night and offered him a long handjob… Or no you made a naughty video for him… Or… Wait, wait Sam is there something?”, Maya turns to me…
– “I’ve got it…” I said with a smile on my lips.
– “And bim! Super power!” Maya threw herself at her panda.
– “You have it, what do you mean you have it?”, began to doubt Claire.
Maya stood up and had fun: – “That’s our superpower! I’m just saying things out of the blue, you can tell that from my imagination it’s coming out of my head, and Sam finds the right answer by looking at people!”
– “You… Seriously, you expect me to believe that? Like in the movies? Sam seriously?” Claire looked at me and wondered.
– “It’s up to you to see if you really want us to know… Especially Maya.” I tried to warn her again.
Claire squinted her eyes: – “Are you kidding me…?!”
– “Claire…”, I issued a final warning.
– “Come on, Sam! What did I get Tim as a present?”
– “Well… You shot a sex tape and then you sexted him…”, I explained to Claire, who widened her eyes.
– “No… You…!!!!!! “, Claire backed away.
– “Ah!!!!!! We got you, didn’t we ?!”, Maya exclaimed happily.
– “It’s witchcraft! Tim’s in on it, that’s it! You hacked me???” Claire glanced at her smartphone.
I reassured her: – “Don’t worry about it, it’s just that as a physiotherapist I constantly deal with people who, out of shame or fear, lie about their ills… As it’s a real scourge and a brake on their recovery, I’ve done training to detect lies and that kind of thing… And with the habit…”
– “It’s become our superpower! Hoouuuuuuuu the little naughty… A dirty video… Were you masturbate yourself in it ?”, Maya came forward with her head on her hands.
Bright red, Claire answered : – “In your opinion Maya… It’s… Well ok and then, I have the right to do this for my husband no… ? You’ve never done it for yourself ?”.
– “Rhooooo he must have loved the big pervert! Hmm me ? Yeah, once I wanted to see what I looked like when I masturbated! What about you Sam?” Maya asked me…
– “No, never…”
– Seriously? I’ve got to fix this, I’ll get the camera!” Maya said to me as she got up.
– “Maya… Tell Claire about your idea instead, since you’re into birthdays…”, I told her to calm her down right away.
– “Oh oh yes yes yes yes Claire ! I have a great idea! It’s soon your anniversary of marriage to Tim and you’re not? Didn’t you want to have a little party? Didn’t you talk about it?”
– “Yes that’s right, we wanted to do something fun with friends and family to mark the occasion, why?” asked Claire.
– “No, because as you know my birthday is not far from your wedding! And with Sam here we made a little money on a photo shoot, we’ll explain it to you, and so I was thinking of renting a place to have a mega party for my 30th birthday and I thought we could do your birthday at the same time !” (see photo shoot here)
Claire seemed to hesitate: – “Your anniversary at the same time as our wedding anniversary? Isn’t that a little… I mean, I’m sorry, but isn’t that going to step on it too much?”
Maya insisted : – “No, you think not ! There will be almost the same people ! Then wait, I was thinking of doing it at the Château de Roncenoire! You know the one of your case there, from last year!”
– “The Castle of Roncenoire? Uh… Yes, wait, it’s true that it’s beautiful, that castle, there’s a way to do something really cool… Then, yes, we can actually separate the two things and take advantage of it to do your birthday one day, our birthday one day… And we’ll bring the family here on Sunday…”, our favorite lawyer started thinking.
– “Yes, you see! Isn’t that a good idea??” Maya enthused!
Claire calmed her ardor: – “Wait wait wait… If you want to rent the castle for the three days, because you’ll have to rent it on Friday too, it’s good for 2 or 3000 euros… I can get a price because I got it out of a hell of a mess during the trial but…”
– “Don’t worry about the money from the shoot, that’s why! Come on, say yes!”, Maya begged her with a little glance.
– “I… Look, I think it’s a good idea, now I’ve got to talk to Tim, you know that. And I’ll call Roncenoire too to see… What do you think Sam?”
– “It’s true that when Maya told me that she wanted to do both events there I thought like you, it was weird… But actually thinking that you could

Maya laughed, stuck out her tongue and cleared out to bring dessert and her famous mojito. Claire grabbed her phone, probably to send Tim the castle idea. (She loves to tell him everything right away.) The dessert prepared by Maya, who loves baking, is a huge red fruit cheesecake. And since she wanted the cream of the decoration to stay fresh, she brings it in her pastry bag, so that we can help ourselves at will, a nice idea… Since I don’t drink alcohol, she brings me a bottle of blueberry juice to accompany it. The girls grab two large glasses and put the mojito in. I know them, they’re gonna get drunk tonight anyway. They don’t do it voluntarily, but they enjoy our evenings so much that they allow themselves some small deviations, such as not watching the mojito shot, a drink they love. On my side, I know that the evening will start to go slightly naughty… And Maya launches the hostilities…

– “Oh-oh! Girls, come on! Let’s do an ‘I’ve never…’, it’s been a long time! What do you say? Just like the old days!” Maya suggested.
– “Come on, it’s been a long time! But light on the mojito or I’ll get drunk on the first one!” Claire laughed, already a little drunk…
– “Are you sure about this? – both turned their heads towards me with a big smile, obviously I have no choice, but it’s nothing, it’s still very funny… Okay, let’s go…”
Maya hastens to begin: – “I’m starting, I’m starting! I’ve never… tried to please myself with my tongue…”

Claire and I look at each other with a look of doubt. Obviously, we are both trying to imagine in our heads how to do such a thing. Maya laughs and sticks her drink in her mouth! Claire wondered:

– “What! But! But how? The flexibility it takes! Wait, whoever starts the sentence has to drink too? But how did you do that, Maya?”
– “So you throw your legs back and wedge them under your arms and then… Wait, I’ll show you!” Maya said before she started to lie down…
I stopped him dead in his tracks: – “No, no, no, it’s ok, we can see the thing Maya, thank you.”
– “But wait, but… I do this, I pulverize my chest and back and then… Is it really good in the end?” Claire asked, still astonished.
Maya answered: “Oh uh… Boaf… It’s a little like tickling you know, it doesn’t work so well when you do it on your own… Like masturbation, it’s always better when you get it, isn’t it?”
– “Yes… Well, I guess it depends on who’s giving it to you but…”, I exclaimed thinking back to some experiences…
– “Good for me girls… I’ve never… Had a threesome… or more…”, Claire said again.

Maya and I look at each other, then we both raise our glasses. Claire burst out laughing and looked at us.

– “Girls, we’ve been friends for 15 years, but I don’t actually know you! Any group sex? You?”
– “Baaaa me it’s… That’s not really on purpose! I don’t know about Sam but…” Maya explained shyly…
– “Tell me about it!” Claire asked, amused.
Maya started her story: – “Weeeeeeeell… When I was 20 years old my boyfriend at the time took me to a party with some friends from our class who were nice! So I thought it would be cool, especially since he told me that those parties were not like the others and that we had a lot of fun there…”.
– “Ah well obviously…”, pouffa Claire.
– “Ah ah… Anyway, at the beginning everyone was talking quietly in a small group, then after a while two of them started to touch each other… Like that quietly on the couch! So I said to myself that they could be a bit careful and go into the bedroom, but the others, when they saw that, started too, as if it was a whistle for a top start! And my boyfriend at the time started to suck another guy in the quiet, suddenly looking at me! What a shock! So, to be discret, I said I wanted to go to the bathroom and freshen up a bit, just to slip away discreetly. With two guys? No, thanks. Arrived in the bathroom, I open the door, turn around and lock the door. Suddenly I hear small shouts of feminine pleasure. I turn around like in a horror movie and I see three girls, licking each other! One on the sink, one on her knees taking care of her and one lying on the floor taking care of the one on her knees! You see the trick, don’t you? Yeah, well… Hard to cool off, there was a bum in the sink! Only at that moment I didn’t know I was bisexual, I thought I was straight… And to see that well… I don’t know why, when one of them smiled at me and asked me if I wanted to come… I said yes. And that’s how I had that experience, without really thinking. I think I was completely lost in realizing that I liked women too, and it was like my mind wanted to have confirmation of that, so as the opportunity presented itself… But that was the only time. Since then I like lesbian sex, but not with other people, it’s too impersonal. I didn’t like that… so I never did it again…”
– “Interesting. It must be hard to find out like this,” Claire sympathizes.
– “Boa in the end it made me understand a lot of things… Then I don’t regret it, because I met Sam and then… There you go…”, Maya blushes.
Claire turned to me: – “Here you go… Sam?”
– “Ah, because every time we have to detail…?” I asked, hoping to avoid the thing…
– Rho coooooome on Saaaam! It’s the three of us! We have so many!” Maya says, leaning on the panda and stroking her soft, hairy arm.
I said: – “Ok ok… Well… It was… Five years ago I would say… I was training in the east of France and at this training we often ate together afterwards to talk and… share. There was this very attractive physiotherapist, Kelly, who after a few drinks asked me if I wanted to put into practice the theory of “massages”, if you see what I mean. I figured why not, after all I really liked her. So as we were all in the same hotel we went up in her room by taking the elevator and as she had a drink in the nose, she started to kiss me up in this one… She slipped her hand in my panties and started directly… I admit that at the beginning I liked it, only she didn’t stop when, a few floors higher, another physiotherapist entered in the elevator. When I asked her to stop, Kelly answered “But it’s okay, I’m sure she likes what she sees…” and looking at the other physiotherapist, I saw that she was indeed looking at the hand that gave me pleasure while biting her lip… So, when we arrived at the top floor, we smiled at her and we went to Kelly’s room, where we started our business… Only after a few minutes, when I turned around, I saw the other physiotherapist completely naked, masturbating while looking at us… And who knows why, we both waved to her to join us and… There you go… She must have thought that masturbating in the elevator was an invitation or something… Don’t ask me why I did it, I don’t know that at all… I’m almost ashamed of it… I’m almost ashamed that I took advantage of two drunk women… I’m not proud of it… And like Maya, I didn’t like it too much… Especially nowadays, I consider sex as a token of love more than a game so…”

On this last sentence, I see Maya standing up, opening her mouth as if surprised and blushing seriously. Maybe I just made a mistake… We slept together a few days ago. It’s true that… Well, I don’t really know but… Luckily Claire comes to resume the conversation…

– “Interesting also say so… Fortunately you do not like it then because there you have two beautiful women a little drunk in front of you … Tell me is it true what they say about lesbians? During girls’ nights they want it to end in a threesome…”, Claire asks me, laughing, sarcastically, because of course she doesn’t think so for a second…
– “Oh yes… I can’t wait for us all to be naked making love… Drink, drink…”, I laughed with her.
– “It kills me all that… – Claire cried raising her glass – Like bisexuals it’s sex starved and it skips everything that moves, women with the same man since always it’s bored, lesbians it wants to catch all women who pass… What can it do to people and why these prejudices, huh?!”. That’s it, she’s a little tipsy…
Maya outbids, like a patriot: – “Boaa let them talk Claire! They’re ignorant! They can’t imagine themselves in the place of others! What we want is like everyone else, to find our soul mate! Like you do! Go on, sister!”, Maya and Claire clinked their glasses, I’m almost in a cold sweat… As long as they take it easy…
– “Come on, Sam, you’re up! I never…’ what?”, Claire said.
– “Um okay… I’ve never… Cheated on a partner!”

Damn… Maybe the theme is a little too serious for this kind of game, no? The three of us looked at each other in the whites of our eyes and Maya and Claire said at the same time:

– Never! No, but there’s nothing worse! – they looked at each other – Bravo my friend, I knew you were a good person! Come on, let’s drink to that!”

And they started drinking… They’re clever, they find a way to have a drink all the same! Maya, already annoyed by the game, asks to change!

– “Girls, it’s so boring! I downloaded a pawn or truth app, that’s good ! And I paid for this one, so it better be good, I’m telling you! Do you fancy it ?! Yeah you’re in ! Where’s my phone. Phone ? Well, why doesn’t it ring when I call it? Phone! I’m calling you here! Whoo-hoo-hoo!”

Obviously without much choice, Claire and I abdicate to Maya, determined to play her app. She goes to get her phone and I notice that Claire takes the opportunity to write a message. I can tell by the look in her eyes and lips that she is sending a message to Tim. And obviously a very daring message given her smile… I think it’s really beautiful the passion that Claire and Tim have for each other, I’m even a little bit jealous to tell the truth, because I would also like to be happy today, to be an accomplice like that. Maya comes back to the living room, Claire puts down her mobile phone and we resume the conversation.

– “Voilà! So! Sesame, open up! Calm down Sam, I’m not talking about your thighs!” Maya joked.
– “Excuse me?”, I replied surprised by her borderline joke.
– “I’m joking, I’m joking, come on! So, indicate the number of players: 3! Yes, 3. Their sex? Waiting for pleasure…”, Maya burst out laughing.
– “Here, have some more mojito,” said Claire as she poured it…
Maya came to her senses, at least what’s left of it: – “Crr crr crrr… Sex: F, hum hum… Action, truth or both? Oh ba just truth and then to make it right, the three of us will answer every time ! Unless Claire you wanna try some action ? Do you wanna try the dirty lesbian stuff?”
– “Maya, Maya, you know, I love you like a sister my Maya, but even with you I would never cheat on Tim. I would never cheat on my little husband.”
Maya nodded in agreement: – “Of course I know that, sister, I was just kidding, you know that, right?! Come on, first question! Ohhhhhhhhhh ! Who do you think is your best lover ?! I’m Saaaaaaaam ! Definitely!”
– “Tim, of course,” Claire replied, looking at me and raising her eyebrows as if to “congratulate me”.
– “… I would say… Maya…”, I finished.

Maya looked at me with her eyes wide open, as if shocked by what I had just said. She seemed overjoyed but also very surprised. Then she said:

– “Claire, Claire… You’re Tim’s best lover, aren’t you?”
– “You better be…” Claire laughed.
– “But then… That makes us sex goddesses! Wouuuuuuuuh! – Maya shouted, raising her arms like a rock star and informing the whole neighborhood in passing… – Good next question then. What is your highest number of orgasms in a single intercourse…?”
– “Whoa uh… In the same sex rapport, right? So that’s… Three for me,” said Claire.
– Not bad! I’m four!” Maya smiled and looked at me with envy. Indeed I remember… I offered her these 4 orgasms…
– “Are we agreed that it’s with someone?” I asked…
– “That’s it, not solo, with someone. So?” Maya answered me.
– “Well then… three too…” I replied.
– “Um… That makes you the best lover here, Sam!” Claire laughed.
– “Wait, wait, wait, wait! Why did you want to specify ‘with someone’? Because alone you had more?” Maya asked me.
– “That’s not really the question Maya…”, I tried to dodge the question…
– “I’m the mistress of the house and the game! What’s up? How much?”
– “… 12… “, I said quietly.
– – “12 !!!!! But , but ! But how?” Maya laughed.
– “I guess I must have been really excited and I had a lot of different toys at the time I had a… Collection…”
– “Claire, you heard that! 12 ! Me on the fourth I was drained and yet my libido is huge you… Claire?”

Claire seemed lost in thought… Then suddenly she resumed the conversation.

– “It’s not a bad idea… Maybe with different kinds of toys it’s possible, then, isn’t it?” she said.
– “I… I don’t really know, it must depend on a lot of things… Mood, shape, toys…”, I explained.
– “There you are, poor Tim! I’ll tell him it’s your fault Sam if he has to give her 12 orgasms!” Maya castigated me with humor.

The three of us laughed and resumed the game. Maya looks at her phone and asks the new game question which is: ‘How long did you have your fastest orgasm, alone or not’… She is the first to answer this game question…

– “Wow I’ll say… One minute roughly… I never really timed… But it was at the office between two rendez-vous…”
– “If your patients knew that Maya… We’d have too many people in the office… I’ll say one minute alone too…” I said back…
Claire hesitated a little, blushed and: – “Ah… I’ll say 4 or 5 seconds…”

Maya and I are laughing, almost amused and admiring! Maya was the first to speak, to get her anecdote crunchy.

– “Four or five seconds! How the hell did you do that?!”
– “Oh it’s um… Well you told your crispy anecdote I can do that too… It’s one day Tim and I wanted to warm up all day without ever touching… I was really very very very very excited and… After hours of waiting as soon as he touched me and well…”
– “You came…” Hmmmm! I’m jealous! I want to do this too !”, Maya amused herself by giving me an angry baby look. What do you want me to do about it, kiddo?

After this last question, I noticed that Claire is having trouble holding it together, especially after looking at her last text message. Suddenly, she gets up and takes a sip of mojito, Maya looks at her, always amused by the last answer before throwing it to her:

– “You’re not gonna try to beat your record, are you?”
– “You’re so stupid… No, Maya, I’ve got too much mojito in my bladder… I’ll be right back.”

Claire struggled past Maya, her teddy bear and her pile of pillows and slipped away for a few moments. Maya laughed and took the opportunity to clear the table a little, which I help her do quietly. As I walked past the hallway, I couldn’t help but hear the sound of a camera shutter release. Claire, I think you’re a bit too excited tonight, we should talk about something else… Although Tim will be happy but also quite worried if you do what I think… Caught in my thoughts, a bit surprised, I go back to the living room and find Maya, with her hand slipped into her panties, slumped over her big stuffed animal, masturbating very vigorously, legs wide apart. I stare at her, she seems to take a lot of pleasure… She addresses me, without letting go of her masturbation…

– “Hum yeah… I want it so much now Sam… I’m sorry, but after talking about dirty things… And thinking about the orgasms you gave me there… I can’t take it anymore… You don’t want to come and make me come now…? Quickly?”
– “Maya hold back a little, there’s Claire anyway… Then you know I don’t like to botch things up…”
– “But she’s not here… I’m sure she’s sending Tim dirty stuff… Come on… Try to break the record, make me come!”

Watching Maya give herself pleasure like that, my mind starts to get confused. Luckily, Claire comes back quickly and Maya barely takes her hand out of her panties. She also gets up and quickly goes to the bathroom in her turn… She comes back very quickly and gives me an amused look… She just washed her hands… Claire started the conversation again.

– “Sorry girls, can we get back to it… We’re talking a lot of naughty stuff tonight, it’s rare that… Mojito ?”
– “Sure, then it’s funny sometimes! You see, we’re learning a few more things”, Maya amused herself by holding her glass with both hands and looking at us in turn with a little amused look.
– “So you want to stop there girls?” I asked with a little hope, seeing that they were hot as hell…
– “Boa a few more, right? At the point we’re Sam… It’s funny,” replied Claire.
Maya stood up: – “Ahhhh! That’s my Claire! So next! During a mouth ejaculation, have you ever had all swa…llow… ? Claire?”
– “Oh yes… Countless times… Maya?”
– “Sometimes yes… Well Sam we don’t ask you… Oh Claire ! We should concoct a cocktail for her ! Let her discover the taste if…”
– “Fabulous oh yes… You don’t know what you’re missing…” Claire amused herself with a grimace…
– “If it’s so acrid, why do you swallow too?” I asked them.
– “For my part it’s because sometimes I prefer it rather than having it everywhere and having to get up… I swallow, I drink a glass and hop…” Claire laughed.
– “We really must make you taste Sam! Don’t you want to take a sample from Tim and give him a taste of Claire?” Maya joked.
– “What the hell! It has to be fresh or else it’s almost deadly,” Claire went on to add.
– “Ah ah ah ah”, Maya laughed again. Claire gave me a look of curiosity…
– “Sam, tell me… I’m asking you this out of curiosity, no offense…”
– “Tell me, don’t worry.” I replied, apprehensively… When you start a question like that…
– “Well, sometimes Tim and I watch porn and he loves lesbians, you know… Well, I assure you, I’m 100% straight… But when I see lesbians coming, well, yeah… I’m hot, you know it tickles me… So I know it’s because I identify with pleasure but I wanted to know, it’s a bit stupid… Seeing a man come, how does it feel ?”
– “Have you ever seen any animal films about breeding, Claire?” I was having fun.
– “Uh, yes, I have… But…?”, she replied a little confused.
– “Well, it has the same effect on me…”, I finished.

Maya accentuated her laughter… Claire started to laugh too and continued the discussion.

– “Oh, yeah, okay, so it really doesn’t do anything it you.”
– “Right, although contrary to popular belief, seeing one man having sex or even two men having sex doesn’t disgust me at all. “It just doesn’t really turn me on. As a woman, I think that seeing another woman enjoying herself reminds you how much you love to have sex, but the fact that it’s lesbian doesn’t change anything. Except you see two women enjoying themselves, so…”
– “Twice as much fun! Girls, can I show you something?” Maya emitted as she tried to recover from her laughter.
– “Uh… You’re scaring me now, Maya!” Claire worried.
– “No, you’re silly… That’s a dirty thing on my phone!” Maya said as she looked for something on her phone.
– “You’re still scaring me…” Claire replied.
– No, I’m not! Look!”

Maya launched a naughty site and put us in front of a scene of two beautiful lesbians… There was a slight uneasiness at first, but seeing that we were all three a little uncomfortable, the atmosphere relaxed. Maya moved forward in the timeline of the scene as if nothing was wrong (and especially as if she knew the scene by heart…), although she had some difficulties because of the 5 glasses of mojitos she had just ingested. Claire threw him…

– “Uh wait Maya I… It makes me a little uncomfortable to watch this with you it’s… I’m only doing it with Tim you know…”
– “No, don’t worry, I’m just showing you something, look! There !”, Maya showed us the scene.

It was a passage where one of the two women grabbed the other from behind like a wrestler and gave him a huge and visibly succulent orgasm while spreading his legs with hers and massaging her chest firmly. All in all, Maya shows us only a few seconds but we feel the temperature rising… Maya takes the phone off and looks at us :

– “Confess, girls! Lesbian, bi or straight… This scene! This scene no?”
Claire, a little embarrassed, replied: – “Well uh… It stays between us eh! I feel a little bad but yes, I must admit that… She seems to enjoy herself and… I’d like to see with Tim what it feels like…”
– “Maya… You should lay off the mojito… You’re getting too drunk and we know you… When you go on these things…”, I recommended him.
– “Shhhhhhhh Sam! Go one more! One more? Please!” Maya begged…
– “Well, last one then! “, nodded Claire.
Maya reopened the application: – “Great! So the last one: tell your craziest sex scene! Oh that’s funny ! Claire you’re starting?”

– “Hey ! Why am I starting ? Well uh… Crazy can mean a lot of things uh… Well then uh… Well it was probably last Christmas at my in-laws house… Tim gave me this toy connected there, the ultra powerful vibrating bullet that you control on the phone, you know what I mean ? – We both nod – Well, as we knew that we were going to be a little bored at that meal, we took it with us and we played it during the meal… So I was very… Excited as you can imagine… After the meal, everyone disperses more or less to go about their business, don’t you know? The uncles do that, the others do that, in short… We had decided to sneak away to… Relieve ourselves… – Claire blushes as she tells her story – So Tim takes me upstairs in a kind of office where according to him, nobody ever comes because nobody is interested… He starts to caress me, take out what he has to take out and we start to…”
– “Make love! So? Someone came in and saw you?” Maya asked like a kid in front of a cartoon.
– “No, but almost. While we were… Busy, we heard footsteps coming towards the office where we were, panicked, we looked for a hiding place and ended up in the room’s closet! It was a stroke of genius that within seconds Tim’s grandfather, uncle and nephew showed up! His uncle wanted the nephew to tamper with something on the grandfather’s computer… Only I don’t know why, we didn’t stop… I felt Tim starting to take me back… And who knows why I let him do it… We were a few meters away from them, in a closet and we were making love… I might as well tell you that it was one of the times I swallowed… Here we are…”, Claire finishes…

– “Oh, I can see you in the closet on your knees there, finishing him off while he’s careful not to make a rhuuu noise…”
– “Thank you Maya for this clarification…” I remarked to Maya.
– “Well, what? Yeah well I know you don’t mind but… It’s up to you Sam, come on!”
– “Um… The wackiest thing…” I was digging through my memories…
– “Wow… There’s that many?” Claire asked me, laughing.
– “No no, it’s just that I hesitate between two situations… I think it’s the one on the plane…”
– “A plane? Tell me about it,” she hastened to ask Maya.

– “Well, once, on my way to Germany for a conference, I flew with a girlfriend from back then… One of the few girlfriends I had. On the way there, everything went pretty well, even though we spent all our time laughing about “can you imagine, if we did that…”, you probably know. On the way back, however, we slept at the airport hotel, because the plane was taking off very early. When we woke up, we suddenly felt like making love… So we started and after a few moments, we were cut off by the alarm clock on the phone… Only when we turned it off, we realized that it wasn’t the alarm clock, but the second reminder… And that our plane was leaving in 20 minutes. So of course, panick on board, we packed our bags, we hurried to board the plane and we were sitting in the plane just barely… Only when the adrenaline kicked in, the excitement came back…”
– “Oh yes, you hadn’t finished yet?” Maya asked.
– “No… So we still try to restrain ourselves, the take-off goes by and the pilot announces 45 minutes of flight… Then again, she whispers in my ear that we could finish what we had started in the plane’s toilet. I still wonder why I agreed but the fact is that we continued in the plane’s toilet. And we never should have. Already the toilet was very narrow, far from the fantasy we had of it… Hard to find good positions in this cramped place. But now that we had started… When I had found a good position to… Enjoy the trip, there was a big air hole and I half knocked myself out on the ceiling! – Maya and Claire started laughing – Wait, it’s not over yet! Without us realizing it, the air hole had opened the toilet lid and while changing position, my girlfriend had put her foot in it and she was stuck! So go and take it out, then I put it back in and… Well, I masturbate while sitting behind her and a new air hole makes her eat herself right out of the mirror! So there was a big stain on it and nothing to really clean it up… Once again we manage to get back inside, I make her come and there’s not a man knocking on the door telling us that it’s been busy for a long time and that we should think about going out… So it cools us down a bit and we feel stupid for not having thought that we should both go out at the same time… So we go out at the same time in front of this guy, who must have been in her 20s and turned bright red when she saw us and understood what we were doing, and here I am, completely frustrated with a bump on the head…”
– “You’re you… – Claire had a hard time talking because she was laughing so hard – you stayed like that? You poor thing!”
– “No of course… I grabbed my coat and ended up all alone, pretending to be asleep…”, I explained with still this slight shame…
– “Ohhhh my poor Sam! I’d never have let you finish on your own! I would have slipped my fingers under the coat…”, Maya comforted me.
– “Well, that’s it…” I said, wanting to move on.
– “It’s so cute!”, pouffa Claire…
– “I wouldn’t call it cute, but… in retrospect it’s kind of funny, yeah. Well, you laugh but it’s your turn Maya…”

Maya finished laughing and went on. – “Ah yes to me, not very complicated to choose. Well, do you remember this guy, Grégoire, in 3rd year? – We confirmed her with our heads – Well, once we went to Paris to visit, because we’d never been to the capital before. Since we had a bit of money, we rented a rather luxurious hotel in the center of the city. When we got there we noticed something that struck us, the windows were one-way. You know when on one side it’s a normal window and on the other a mirror. Well when we arrive we look at ourselves in the windows because it surprises us, we go in, we see that we normally see inside, then we go out and we realize that it’s very funny to do. Anyway, so we arrive at the reception and it offers us two rooms, one on the ground floor that overlooks the main street or on the second floor. We choose the room at zero, one because we don’t want to bang both floors for the same thing, and two because I found it funny to watch people pass by without them seeing us. Well, we’ll leave our stuff and go visit Paris. In the evening, we’ll go back to the hotel and take a shower…”

– “Can you feel the Mayatitude coming, Sam?” Claire asked me. I’m kidding, imagining the rest…
– “Wait! So we take a shower and I find him with his skittle up in the air, telling me that being naked in front of all these people turns him on. I don’t know what was going through his head to that idiot. Completely naked too, I walk up to the window and watch people go by. Sometimes, some of them stop and glance at themselves in the window, as we did at the beginning, it’s normal, it’s always funny. Anyway, the sight of him naked with the sex completely stiff makes me want to go and ride him, you know!”
– “Ah, I forgot about Maya and her outspokenness!” Claire laughed.
– “S… – Maya laughed – So I throw myself on him and I take it in my mouth, you know! So I suck it, I jerk it off, I straddle it and then all of a sudden he asks me if I feel like getting caught against the glass, with people just a few centimeters away from me. I don’t see why not. It’s not like they can see us, right?”
– “Oh Maya…”, in a nervous laugh, I took my forehead in my hands…
– “Wait but… But wait, don’t make me laugh or I’ll never finish! So I lean against the window, he takes me from behind and sometimes it was weird because people were looking at me in the eyes, but they were looking at each other’s faces, you know? So he takes me doggy-style, I stand up, I ride him, I do weird positions and then he gives me a good big facial ejaculation you know, but he’s aiming at the eyes, that idiot! So I get up somehow with my eyes closed, lose my balance and find it again by leaning on the side wall! In doing so, I press a switch without knowing what it is!
– Isn’t that right? It was reactive lenses and you removed the mirror system? Did all the passers-by see you naked?!” Claire asked, caught in suspense.
– “If only! I didn’t take it off, I activated it! – we all three exploded with laughter, a predictable but hilarious fall – Taht fucking thing wasn’t activated! People weren’t looking at each other in the glass, they were chewing me! All the way down it was normal glass !!! We gave a real sex show to the whole street ! Luckily Greg wasn’t very tough, it didn’t last long, but still !”
– “Wait, wait but how come ?! Isn’t it a permanent thing ?”, Claire asked Claire…
– “Then no! You think, neither one nor two I put on something and I go to the reception to ask her for an account! The chick she takes me out “Oh it’s… It’s you in room 3 I… I wanted to call you some passers-by came to see me to… You forgot to activate the room’s cloaking system…”. So I’m furious when I tell her that it’s a scandal, that we have to warn people! She explains to me that it’s a new system, where there’s a button to cover the glass and another to remove it. They do that because it’s classy and it allows people to see the beauty of the room and therefore make them want to come in blah blah blah blah… Ah, they’ve seen the beauty of it, these idiots! She goes on to tell me that before it was occulting with a kind of smoke and that now it exists like that, in short. But the worst is that she tells me that it’s written on the welcome card with the key! Do you think he’d have read it, that fat sucker Gregory?”

Claire and I were folded in half, lying in the cushions. I was running out of air because I was laughing so hard. Maya came over to add a layer.

– But wait! I go back to the bedroom and go back to the bathroom to freshen up! Can’t you see that I still have lots of semen in my hair! I went to the hotel to make a scandal, making a fool of myself once because the thing was marked BIG on the key card and I go there with fresh sperm in my hair! Oh believe me, she must have laughed with her colleagues, the receptionist! Shame, I swear !”
– “Wait, wait, pause! – Claire got up somehow – I’d like to know what kind of weird position you were in!”
– “Ah so if I remember correctly it was… – Maya gets up to mime the position – Well I can not do it because I have no glass and support but you see there like that, I pass the leg there and ho, ho ho ho ho ho!”

Stumbling on her big stuffed toy, one leg in the air in a funny position and with the help of the mojito glasses no doubt, Maya lost her balance and came to spread herself all the way into the cushions, one leg crashing heavily on the coffee table… Or rather on the piping bag filled with cream on it. This one ejects its contents and I take full the face of it… I am covered with cream and I go again in my fou-rire. Maya gets up, wondering what’s going on before looking at me. She explodes laughing in turn.

– “Sammmm… Samm sorry but… but… I just gave you your… Your first facial in your life… Did you… did you like it? Did you see it’s, it’s… “
– “Sticky…” was the first word that came to mind.

It’s impossible for us to talk. We slumped on the cushions, twisted with laughter and unable to talk with anything other than “Gui Gui”, “Crr Crr” or “Hua Hua”… It took us a good five minutes to calm down… Licking the cream that I could like a gourmand, I went to the bathroom to wash my face. Coming back in the living room, I notice that the girls are still slumped on their cushions, still laughing a little but above all seriously starting to fall asleep… I look at the time, 3:45 am… Indeed, it’s getting late… Claire’s phone is vibrating and I can’t help noticing it… Without really wanting to, I see Tim’s message “Are you coming home soon to finish me off or not? Because…” end of the preview… Ho ho… I know one who has had a bit too much to drink and has been warming up her man all night long… Very discreetly anyway. Well, it’s time to put them to bed… I try to get them up:

– “Well, girls, we had a really good time, but I think that last giggle’s about to finish you off… So are those two quarts of mojito you’re shoving on… Wait… one quarts each, seriously?”
– “Um, um… Hum hum… Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam ? Are you coming back to sleep here? Or no, no come on, we sleep here, completely naked, the three of us on the panda! Oh no, or Tim will kill me and I’ll have to talk to clear glass windows reflecting my creamy buttocks with a panda staring at me holding out a bamboo for… Hun, hun… Hun hun hun hun the naughty one!”
Claire was startled and gibberish: – “No, wait, I’ll finish you off ! Huh! Where Tim? Naked where? With a panda? What panda?”
Trying to hold back a new crazy laugh, I motivate them: – “I confirm, ladies… It’s time. Come on, Claire, let’s leave Maya wallowing in her pillows, I’ll take you home to your husband…”
– “Ohhh you’ve seen Maya, look! Sam looks like our mom! She always takes care of us!” Claire mumbled to Maya…
– “Me… I’m Maya, Sam not Sam, Sam you are!” Maya said…
– “No, I’m Claire, she’s Sam. And you’re Maya. Is that clear?” answered Claire with her eyes closed and an alcoholic smile on her face… Yes, it’s time for bed…
– “No it’s Sam!”, Maya took offense.

Here they go again in a big laugh. It’s hard to follow their logic in this state, especially at this hour. Laughing with them, I catch Claire before she goes back to bed and take her to her things. She covers herself as best she can, grabs her cell phone (probably to warn Tim that she’s coming home), while Maya pretends to want to get up. But she is quite unable to do so. So, she prefers to shout:

– “Sammmmmm, Sammmmmm, Sammmm come and give me a big kiss! I can’t get up, the panda is stopping me! Look at that big pervert! He wants me to rub the naughty!”

As Claire laughs her head off again, I approach Maya. She’s pretending to be held back by her stuffed toy. By dint of moving around, her light pants have slipped down along her hips and her T-shirt pulled up lets me slightly see her breasts… As if her clothes were begging to be taken off… Suddenly, she straightens up, grabs my head and licks my lips.

– “You still had a little bit there…” “Uh-uh…” “Cream. Sam, Sam… Thanks and you, can you close up on your way out? The door. “Otherwise panda he goes, he’ll go…”
– “Yes, don’t worry, but maybe you should go to bed,” I advised him.
– “No, no there, the panda and the cushions… They have your parfum, I want to sleep in your smell and I… I… Hummm… “, Maya started to sink again…
– “Good night Maya, I’ll call you tomorrow, or at least later,” I whispered to her.
– “Humm… Or else you come back… Or I’m going to grope myself… Look, here… – she slips a hand in her panties – I’m going to undress and lay naked in the cushions while masturbating… You don’t want to come back afterwards to… To…”, she pricks her nose again, too tired to even move a finger…

I get up and look at Claire, who’s smiling at me. As Maya starts snoring, Claire stands up as if to announce something serious…

– “Sam, it’s a good thing you’re here, you know! I couldn’t stand up to that awful enemy that is alcohol and now I’m even hallucinating! I’m sure Maya masturbates, you know, but not because ! She snores ! Rooooooooooo pccchhhhhhh ! Can you hear her ? So unless she’s groping herself in her sleep, then I’m hallucinating ! And my poor love Tim ! He’s probably doing things while he’s waiting for me ! Come on ! Home!” Claire moves forward trying to put one foot in front of the other, pointing at the horizon like a pirate.

I cautiously escort Claire outside, turn off the lights to Maya and close the door with the help of my doubles. Since when do I have her alters? I don’t know anymore… On the way back, Claire alternates between snoring and cute little “My husband I love him” or “Hey hey, my little husband” with drool on the corner of her lips… From time to time, she dreams of “Oh, he’s a pervert… the pig… I love it”. I hope she doesn’t remember that when she wakes up, otherwise she’ll be very uncomfortable…


A few minutes drive later, we arrive at her house. I pull her out of the car as best I can and notice that everything is still on at their house. Claire looks for the keys in her bag, but she is still in the fog. It is finally Tim who opens the door. Claire throws herself into his arms…

– “My love I love you! Oh I’m going to give you so much pleasure here, go ahead and take it all out! You liked my naughty picture, huh? What about my sextos?”, she tries her best to get her hand in his pants, but she always misses.
– “Wow, uh… Sorry Sam this is…”, Tim turned bright red, very embarrassed by the situation.
I try to reassure him: – “Oh don’t worry, I’ve known her for a long time, she’s always like that after…”
– “Mojitos?” he laughed.
– “Mojitos…”, I confirmed.
– “Listen… Thanks for bringing her back… She’s going to get the poster, though, because it’s the first time she’s been like this… And someone’s brought her back… Like this…”
– “Let’s just say that tonight she and Maya had so much fun that they overdid it a bit… Your wife swallowed a litre all by herself…”
– “1… 1 liter… But wait she’s… Does she snore?”, visibly upset, Tim watched his wife drool on his shoulder.

I can see Tim’s look of desperation. I sympathize and imagine perfectly what happened. Bubbly and certainly a little titillated by our conversations, Claire has become naughty… Only, when Claire is naughty it is only with Tim, I find it really beautiful. Only poor Tim had to be teased all evening and was promised a good little sex when she came back. Problem, Claire didn’t plan her Mojito flow and here she is slumped on her couch, completely out of order… Poor Tim will have to sleep on the crutch… This one is for me.

– “Well uh sorry, I won’t keep you any longer, thank you very much Sam! It’s nice that you had a good time!”
– “Yes, it did us a lot of good, we had a lot of fun!”
– Great! She might regret the quart of mojito tomorrow but she’ll be happy, thank you.” Tim laughed.
– “Well, I’ll leave you to it… Cheer up.”

I turn around and walk to the car. Tim stands there for a few seconds laughing at Claire, takes one last look at me and starts to close the door. I don’t know why, but I can’t help but say one last thing to him…

– “Tim…?!”
– “Yes, Sam?”
– “I… Thank you…”
– “You’re welcome, but… Why?”
– “I… Claire means a lot to me and to see how happy you make her… It means a lot to me too, thank you…”
– “Ahh it’s er… – Tim’s scratching the back of his head, obviously embarrassed and happy at the same time – Well it’s normal it’s mutual you know, she’s… Wonderful it’s…”
– “It’s your wife,” I say with a big smile.
– “That’s right.”
– “Go to sleep well. At last… If you make it…”, I’d finish by sticking out my tongue, to lighten the mood.

He looked at me, smiled a tiny grin and closed the door… I turned on the engine and took off. I like to drive at night in the city, the calm relaxes me. Driving through all those empty, quiet streets, it’s as if my brain is emptying too. I am pulled out of my mini meditation by my phone ringing. It’s Maya! I hope she didn’t hurt herself. I pull up to a square and pick up the phone.

– “Allo, Maya? Is everything okay?”
– “Sammmmmm! Yeeeees I’m fine but I’m going to make out with my hands…”
– “You scared me! Can’t you wait until tomorrow instead?”
– “No… Tomorrow there won’t be your scent!”
– “Do you want to grope yourself on my scent? It’s a little creepy, you know?”
– “No, I don’t want to touch myself, I just want to be… Your smell, you know ?”
– “No I don’t know but you should really get some sleep Maya… You’re blown away…”
– “But no, I’m fine, I’m fine. I mean, I’m not okay, I guess.”
– “The mojito reminds you, sweetheart…”
– “Hummm… Hum hum hum hum hum hum hum… Nooo… No I’m not ok because you’re… You’re not here…”
– “We saw each other a minute ago, you remember, don’t you?”
– “Mm-hmm… Yeah, I remember. But you’re not here now and I know that, well no I think that… Sam I think that… I think that… I think that I… Rooooooooooooooooooo Chhhhhhhhhh….. Rooooooooo Chhhhhh…”

Radio silence, Maya’s asleep again… I need a few moments to check in. She wasn’t going to say that she… It’s Maya anyway it’s… She can’t… Lesbian relationships are about having fun for her… Why do I feel bad like this? I don’t feel good… I’m going to drive, yes I’ll drive around town, it’ll calm me down… Then I should sleep too… The night is a good idea… Yes that must be it… I’ll go first and switch on… It’s not good to ask questions at this hour… I’ll drive… But drive where…?

Taht it for that XXL story! We hope you liked it and that you had a great time with our three heroes! This evening officially launches our first complete book! Of course, we will always offer free content on a regular basis as we always have, don’t worry! Thank you for spent a little time with us and see you soon for the rest! Oh, and don’t forget, if you want to know what Tim did during this party… There’s his party right there…

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