Japanese sex toys: our Otaku tests!

Welcome to our almost exclusively Japanese sex toy tests! We test for you some interesting sex toys, in order to help you to decide your next gift... The couple of Otakus that we are is delighted to make these tests... We will also give you some ideas of games, either alone or in couple... There is always a lot of fun... Good reading to you !

Sextoys tests

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X mois après : retour sur chaque sextoy

After several months of use, has our opinion changed on the tested sex toys? Let's find out here!

Test du Yandere XTC

Want a Yandere that just wants to do you good in your life? Then look at this test of the sextoy from XTC Japan!

Test du masturbateur Panzer Girls Kay

Fan of the anime or the manga Girls und Panzer? And of Kay? Then you will be in heaven... Because we have here a premium Japanese masturbator, not expensive, ...

Test du Nezuko Body

So there... It is heavy, very heavy! Literally and figuratively... Come and discover the Nezuko Body... A sex doll that will make you cum again...

Test de la KYO Plush

Do you know the Kyo Plush? It's a "sex doll" that will help you have a good time... Let's see it together.

Triple test KYO : lubrifiant, Warmer et nettoyant

Let's take advantage of three mini tests to review three Kyo products: the lubricant, the cleaner and the warmer! Fast and efficient!

Test du Nikuman Delta

Let's see if this Nikuman masturbator is effective! Triple threat? Let's take the challenge! Nothing to jerk... Yes no ok... Let's go!

Test de La Bocca Della Verita

Small test on the Japanese masturbator for men "La Bocca Della Verita". Let's see what this deepthroat and blowjob simulator is worth!

Test masturbateur Nurse’s Special Treatment

Let's go for the test of the Nurse's Special Treatment masturbator. I have some things to say, positive ones too! Come and see the test and all the details of the ...

Test Fleshlight Mia Malkova Lvl Up

Let's go for the Fleshlight Mia Malkova Level Up test! She's a game girl after all xD! So this product belongs here 😛 !

Test du gode SilexD 23 cm

Let's see what this soft monster offers us... It has a lot of arguments... Does it live up to expectations?