How do we test and present sextoys?

Peut-être te demandes-tu comment nous réalisons les tests des sextoys que nous publions sur le site. Enfin non… Tu sais bien comment on fait… On parle de « comment on aborde » les tests plutôt xD. Parce que la pratique, je pense que tu sais parfaitement comment faire… N’est-ce pas 😉 ! Nous avons fait cette petite page pour que tu puisses rapidement comprendre notre démarche et trouver les réponses aux questions éventuelles que tu peux te poser.

We test all the sextoys ourselves, solo and in couple.

As you can imagine, all the sex toys, although presented on the site are rigorously tested by our couple. Generally, we test them alone and in couple, in order to remain faithful to our editorial line and our idea to help couples to have fun by the game and the complicity. It often happens that one of us is testing a sextoy while the other is taking notes xD. Said like that, it's a bit weird, but it's really fun to do! So that's the first thing to know, even if it seems obvious: we test ourselves in the smallest details the sextoys, as well as the games and challenges we propose afterwards. This is the basis.

Why only Japanese sextoys?

There are several reasons that pushed us to test only sex toys from Japan. But the main one is certainly because we really wanted to access our blog on the naughty Otakus side. We want to fully assume this idea and go all out, that's why it seems essential to us to keep this side dedicated to the Land of the Rising Sun. A couple of Otakus testing Japanese sex toys, it seems normal. Testing toys from other countries seems to us less anchored in our editorial line.

Do we make money with our tests?

Not directly no. Our partners send us the sex toys and provide us with an affiliate link. It's very simple: when you click on it, you are redirected to our partner's site, on the product sheet or elsewhere on the site. Thanks to the magic of the web, our partner knows that you came on his site thanks to us. When you buy from him, he then pays us a small commission that he deducts from his margin. There is no price change for you, everything is the same, but you help us a lot and allow us to continue to receive toys to test.

What is our storytelling style?

As you could see if you have already browsed our tests, we like to be natural and make little jokes. We talk about sexuality, sex toys, topics that are usually quite taboo, so here, no fuss. We have fun and we want you to read our tests and not only decide if you are interested in a sextoy, but also have a good time. If we can do that, then great!

The tests will be just as qualitative as the others, but we add the little dose of humor that is typical of our writing. We found it very interesting and we hope you'll enjoy it as much!

So good tests to you and good reading!

Kate et Nate