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The Points Plume allow us to talk with you about our future projects, our opinions and much more. In short, they are a way for us to share with you!

Welcome to the very first Point Plume!
We’re going to talk together about a few things for the future! Are you ready? Let’s go!

Launch of volume 01 of the adventures of Maya and company

If you follow the blog a little bit, you certainly didn’t miss that we will launch very soon the adventures of Maya and all our characters! We talk about Maya because she is the cement that will bind all the protagonists. We can’t wait to publish the first chapter! Because as you know, we’re going to publish the chapters as we go along, to offer you the full story for free! Just for you!

BUT, because there is always but you know it. As you probably know, writing a novel takes time, especially since before publish the first chapter, you must of course think about the story until the last chapter. We started writing the first chapter, so we can’t do many things on the blog for now. First, we can’t continue with Chapter 0 – Prequel, because we have everything in place for Chapter 1. Adding content to this famous Chapter 0 would not go with the rest. Therefore, until we get it out of Chapter 01, we can’t share new stories of Maya and company here!
We could continue the prequel to our alternative universe, but the writing of the tome 01 is taking so much time that we are running out of time to publish at a steady pace. So there will be more stories for our alternative universe between the releases of the main universe chapters, but they will be less frequent. We still hope you will support us!

What are we going to do with the two naughty universes?

On one side we have our main universe: the story of Maya, Samantha and all the others, which takes place in “our World, our reality”. You know them well now.

On the other we have our secondary universe: the adventures of Kira (not introduced at the time of this post), Chen, Lexas and all his Concubines, which takes place in a magical world, totally invented by us from A to Z.

Until now, both of them had prequel stories on the site in order to introduce you to the characters and install the first volumes of their respective novels. As we said above, the first volume of our main universe is being written and the first chapter will be published very soon on the site! We will have to wait for the last chapter of this one in order to see the first volume of the alternative universe! This last one will enjoy many other naughty and free prequel stories between the publication of the chapters!

Please support and help us.

You are more and more numerous to visit our little blog every day and it makes us really happy! But you are still a little shy about interacting with us, we understand that.

However, we need your support, because as you know, we offer all our content for free, for your and our pleasure. There are many ways to support us for free, for example :

    • SUPPORT us via our Teepee which will open very soon!
    • Help us with READING stories or TRANSLATING English (contact us).
    • SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter!
    • Tell your friends about us and let them discover the site!
    • HELP us by becoming a model of one of the characters against visibility (for the moment ;))

If you wish, here is the dedicated page to know everything. It’s free and it will help us a lot. The more you will be numerous to help us, the more we will be able to propose you the content quickly and above all, in greater quantity with a quality that keeps on improving ! So please go ahead and support us!

That’s it for this point Plume, he was mostly there to present you a little bit our future projects! Thank you and see you soon for Maya’s adventures! We’re really looking forward to it !!

Come and experience the luxury orgy that Alice and company are about to experience!
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