The sulphurous encounter… Matt POV



This naughty story tells you about the first time Matt and Val met... To the point of ending acorn for acorn...

“The Sulphurous Encounter” tells you about the first time Matt and Val met and got so close… To the point of ending up acorn against acorn… Yes yes… These two men that nothing brought them together until now are going to experience something that will later change their lives forever… Here, told by Matt, is their first sulphurous encounter… We wrote this story in two parts, a narrative part that introduces you to the characters and a much more naughty part. To access directly to this one, it’s here 😉 ! Enjoy reading and thank you!

One foot in front of the other, like every day, like every moment. I come to believe that this is my punishment, to move forward whatever happens without ever really looking ahead, even if it means taking big obstacles in my face at the last moment. I’ve come to believe that this is my punishment, moving forward no matter what happens without ever really looking ahead, even if it means taking big obstacles in my face at the last moment. I’ve come to believe that I’m going to put one foot in front of the other… As I head towards the small recording studio which I’m currently using as a refuge, I’m getting into some philosophical reflections on life, maybe a bit too much… That’ll teach me to forget my headphones! Ah, if only I had music in my ears, I wouldn’t think so much! That’s why I love music, because it allows me to get away from it all, to stop thinking about my everyday life. “Breakthrough in music? Come on, Matt, don’t be ridiculous! One in a million people can do it!”, the eternal argument of my family and friends. Yeah, but if that one never got started, he never would have been that one in a million… People are gonna have to get it through their heads…

Caught in my thoughts, I almost miss the entrance to the studio. A modest entrance, in a modest alley. I stop on the landing and look up, paying attention for the first time to their sign hanging above the big black door: “Red Bellion Studio ! Venez mettre en musique vos SONtiments !“ (strange play on words in French). Seriously? Wait… Good thing I never paid attention to that sign! I never would have stepped foot in here otherwise! Are they serious about this slogan? It’s… Well, whatever… It’s cheap and it’s more than enough for me right now. I would have continued to record in my living room, but the neighbours are always complaining about the noise… For the drums I’d like to, but the guitar… Well… It’s cheaper to come here than to insulate my flat anyway… I can’t wait for me to make a lot of money, so that I can get out of this rotten building and kick the shit out of my idiot landlord… What an idiot! There you go, I’m thinking too much. Come on, I’m going home. As I walk into the studio lobby, I am once again treated to another funny redneck joke:

– “Ah Matt, you’re here, hi! So, always happy, eh?”, Billy, a regular, says to me…
– “Always happ… Oh yeah ok…”
– “Oh, yeah! Happy… Gay! I’m saying this because you’re… Well, you know what, as you’re gay, it’s a joke, it’s…”
– “Yeah yeah yeah it’s hilarious Billy, you don’t see it but I’m laughing my ass off inside… But as I think about my next track you know, so…”
– “Oh yeah I get it buddy!” he ends up throwing his coffee cup in the trash and tapping me on the shoulder.

“Buddy?” How did you know I was your buddy? I just run into you every morning because you work next door and you’re hitting on the secretary who, if she could, would throw her hot coffee in your face. That doesn’t make us “buddies”! I walk to the young woman’s little office and she gives me a look of distress… I discreetly answer her with one of my usual instinctive grimaces to nod in agreement and sympathize with her suffering…

– “Hello Matt! How’s it going? Well I’m sorry, this morning we have a little problem…”, she launches at me with a serious tone.
– “A problem ? What do you mean ? Nothing too serious I hope…”
– “No at all, I mean… I know you were supposed to have the room at 9:30, but the person before you met with an important producer and it’s been dragging on a bit… The boss told me to tell you that the room would be free at 10:00 and that he’s offering you an extra hour to apologize!”, she explains.
– “Oh ok… Well, it’s no big deal, 30 minutes isn’t death either…” I answered, hiding my anger.

Knowing that I would not have run like a fool behind the bus earlier and I would have waited for the next one. And to add a layer, a producer is here and I miss him! I would have preferred to know everything in advance! Anyway, since I have a little bit of time to take advantage of my breakfast, which I missed this morning to be on time, me… So I ask the secretary (whose name I forgot …)

– “So could you tell me if there’s a good bakery nearby?”
– “Oh yes, there’s the bakery “The baker’s balls”, believe me it’s the best for miles around!”
– “The… The backer’s… Balls… It’s… It’s an original name…”
– “Oh don’t trust it, it’s a treat!” she said, ending our conversation with a charming smile.

I turn my heels and head for the famous bakery which is… Which is… Which is where, by the way? I forgot to ask! It’s not possible, what an acorn! Well, GPS… The balls of the… Seriously, what’s this corner with all these signs with rotten serious names! Well it’s not far… At least I don’t have the balls to… Yeah, shut up…

Arriving in front of the famous bakery on the corner of Rue des Pins (french words game with bread (Pain) and pines (Pins) likewise pronounced… Yeah…) They have a lot of humour here… I notice that indeed, the name is assumed to the end, with a very representative logo… Staging a baguette and some… Seriously… On the other hand, as soon as I lower my eyes, my gaze is sucked towards the pastries in the shop window. I quickly understand why the name is not a problem for anyone! Looks delicious! Mouth watering, I push open the door and a delicious smell of warm bread escapes. And there, time stands still. No sooner have I entered than my gaze falls on the baker. A tall, strong man, black skin, a look of embers and… And I suddenly wonder if the name “The baker’s balls” comes from him… Wait… No… If? Well, in the meantime, it looks tasty! The pastries! Not the balls! The pastries!

I find myself taking a hesitant step towards him. I don’t know whether to keep looking or to run away. Seriously, I like this guy! I can’t believe I’ve rarely felt like this. While it seemed like only a few seconds had passed, a deep and suave voice addressed me.

– “So, do you see anything you like?”
– “Excuse me?” I’m surprised, I take a little leap and turn to the voice. It’s the Balls of… Uh, the baker talking to me, leaning on his window! “Me… Thank you but I’ve just arrived I…”
– “You’ve been in there drooling for at least five minutes. You must appreciate my work to make time go by so fast! It feels good.”
– “Oh no, no I… I actually don’t like it I…”, in an instant I feel my body stiffening…
– “Ah? Nothing pleases you?” he replied immediately, astonished.
– “Oh so sure, everything looks delicious! I was just wondering what your balls taste like!” (wait what!?)
He started laughing out loud. – “Oh really?”
– “No, that’s what I’m talking about! I’m pointing to a bakery. It must be your speciality since it’s the name of the bakery, so it must be a treat to eat your balls. The balls! The…”
– “Indeed it’s my specialty… Balls… But no, I mostly called the bakery like that because I found it funny… You know, we always make the joke of the baker’s loaves… So the baker’s balls… Me it makes me laugh! I hesitated between the ball, the brioche and the baguette but… “
– “Oh, yeah, that’s very funny,” I coughed awkwardly.
– “So, what’s it going to be? My balls?” he asked me seriously with a mischievous look.

I was staring him right in the eye. Was he serious? Was he coming on to me directly like that! I don’t mind if we’re alone in the bakery, but still…

– “So… Sorry?”
– “Yeah, the cake there, it’s just called the ball. Why make it complicated? I like things simple, you know, straightforward.”
– “Oh yes, yes, yes, uh… Yes, I’ll try to see, I’ve been told they’re very good your… pastries…”.

As he prepares the bag I see in the mirror behind the counter that I am bright red! Shame! He gives me the bill, I give him the change… So am I brave or not? Come on! I tell him to keep the change and make advances at the same time telling him that he’ll use it to buy me a coffee! Come on! Wait! There’s someone coming up behind him and…

– “Keep the change, thanks…” I stammered as I quickly withdrew my hand from his…

You big idiot! I didn’t make it! Stupid, dumb, big dumbass! I take my bag of balls, give him back his smile (although his was charming and mine was tense) and I leave the bakery. I squeeze my step to go into the corner and leave his field of vision. Shame! Seriously! Not only did I make a fool of myself, but I didn’t try anything at all! A less than nothing! The rotten day that begins… As I’m blowing myself up, I see a small window on the side of the bakery and a green exit door. I don’t know why I’m approaching the window. I tell myself at the time that it is innocent, but I wonder if my perverse impulses don’t want to see a locker room of naked men… Like bakers… I try to look discreetly inside. There are three lockers with names on them… Maybe if I can see… At least his name.

While I’m in the middle of a spy phase, I feel a shiver running through my body. A word rises in the air: “Val…”. Frozen in place, my body seems to spin on itself as it levitates. The sexy baker is there, right in front of me…

– “Ex… Excuse-me ?”, I stuttered…
– “That’s my name…”
– “I I… Yes, but I…”
– Isn’t that why you were looking in the locker room? Or are you a little pervert?”
– “I am! I what? No!” I’m partly coming to my senses. I may be a pervert, but you don’t say that to someone like that!
– “I’d rather tell you, people often tend to confuse my name with a woman’s so… So you don’t get it wrong…”
– “And why would I want to… I mean, I want to say okay, but…”
He had a deep sigh. I don’t know if it was a sigh of amusement or despair.
– “And then they call us ‘coloured people’. Seriously… Look, Matt, you were bright red when you were talking to me… I don’t mind if my pastries make an impression, but still…”
– “Matt? How did you…”
– “The label on your guitar. That’s all you see.”
– “Oh, yeah, it’s… it’s for transport, I…”

That’s when something immeasurable happens! I am now convinced that he has magical powers because somehow, in the space of a split second, I find myself with my back against the wall and Val almost stuck to me.

– “So tell me Matt… do you like me or not?” he said.
– “Uh ba be bi bo bu…” (I swear that’s what I said at the time!)
– “You know what, I love shy guys, it makes me melt… Only there’s a limit to shyness. I’m hitting on you right now… Hit me back!”
– “I… You! Wait, but we’ve only known each other for two minutes and you’re saying that!”
– “Do you believe in fate? Chemistry? That sort of thing?” he asked me as he walked away from me and made graceful theatrical movements.
– “I… Yeah, I guess… I mean, I’ve never really thought about it…”
– “Then you’re able to understand that sometimes time isn’t what matters most. You walked in, you drooled on me, you like me, period. And I’ll confide in you, you also caught my eye as soon as you took your desperate look at my sign…”

Ah… So he saw all that. OK, he’s right, but it’s the first time I’ve met a guy so straightforward from the necklace! On the one hand it makes me feel terrible but I can’t help wondering… Is he crazy or is he passionate? While I am immersed in my reflection, he goes on, obviously in a hurry.

– “But for other things, time is of the essence… 10 minutes… That’s my break, Matt. Considering your looks, your guitar and your behavior, you have things to do too, which shouldn’t leave you much time either, so here’s my question. Are you the kind of guy who likes to get in on the action or just watch other people do it for you?”
– “I don’t get it… I’m sorry, but I’m having trouble following, this is the first time we’ve been this direct, so I’m a little confused, I must admit, Val…”
– “I understand, and I apologize if I offend you, it’s absolutely not my intention. You see, some time ago I promised myself something: never again to regret, to do things, to be a man of action, not to waste my precious time,” he told me, moving his arms like a boxer and making his protruding muscles appear.
– “Oh well… You’re right it’s a great thing, I wish I had as much courage as you do…”
– “Then have some! You like me, I like you, we’ve got ten minutes to ourselves! Do you want to taste my balls or not?” he slid closer to me to whisper.

His words act as a detonator in me, as if my mind just needed to hear them to react, as if deep inside me this desire for adventure had always been there… Instantly, my shyness leaves me and I become the lover he wants to have. Confident, I go on:

– Ten minutes? It’s short but I’ve got time to drain you like you’ve never been drained before… Be careful, you might not be able to go back to work after… So, where do we do this?”
He looks behind me with a big smile… – “The locker room. We’ll be quiet there only… We have to be discreet, the customers can easily hear us… Unless you have a better option in 10 minutes? But that’s less time to enjoy…”

He opens the service door and neither one nor two I enter the small room of the bakery, like a ninja, so that no one else sees me. I start to get a hard-on, it would be embarrassing for a little granny to see me like that… I take the guitar off my shoulder, then my bag, and we start to undress. He closes the door, looks at me with a sneaky look and doesn’t lock it… He wants to put us in danger… While I’m staring at his butt and keep undressing, I tell him again:

– “Okay, so we’ve got less than eight minutes to get hard, get off, and get laid, all without making a sound so we don’t alert the customers and your colleague who can come in whenever they want, right?”
– “Almost, count one minute to get dressed… You’ve got 7 minutes… And don’t play shy, I can already see you’re hard as hell… Take it off the list !”

I don’t know what I’m thinking about… Making love with a complete stranger, no matter how handsome he is, in a bakery locker room in a flash, having to silence my screams so as not to alert people who might surprise us at any moment… It doesn’t sound like me at all, but then again, it’s not… Yet I have one of this erection! I’ve never seen it before.

He’s naked before me, of course he’s cheating, he had a lot less clothes on. As I take off my shirt I feel a soft warmth on my penis. He’s already sucking me and playing with his tongue. I look at the clock in the room… I give him thirty seconds to make me feel good, then it’s my turn. While he’s sucking my cock with talent, I let myself indulge… 5… 4… 3… 2… I grab him by the throat, pick him up, kiss him and get down on my knees to offer him a little treat in return. I take his cock in my mouth and while I’m raving about it, Val clings to the lockers on both sides. He seems to like it… As he looks at me sucking his cock, I turn my eyes to the clock… 6 minutes… I get up to kiss him again but he laughs, turns me over with his steel arms and leans me against his locker, which I would have picked up in the middle of his nose if we had been two centimetres closer… I get up a little to take support and I feel his cock slowly sinking into me. I look at the clock again and instinctively throw it at him…

– “Tell me… You’re hanging around here, the clock’s ticking…”

As he launches himself into frenzied strokes, I find it harder and harder to watch the time go by and keep silent… My hand goes through his body, then mine, and I slowly come to jerk off to get even more pleasure out of it. I manage to look at the clock… Three minutes. I stop him and make him understand that as our little blowjob session, it’s my turn to take care of him. He is wedged on a small table, I penetrate him in my turn and begin to let myself be carried away by an immense pleasure while jerking him off, without even caring about the clock. Suddenly, we hear footsteps… They’re heading towards us! Val gets up and pulls me hard against the wall behind the door, one second before it opens. We find ourselves glued together, face to face, between the door and the wall. Luckily it doesn’t open any more… As my heart beats a thousand miles an hour in a mixture of stress and excitement, I feel my sex get restless and the pleasure returns. Val is jerking my penis against his own and with his other hand, he’s taking care of both our purses at the same time. The door always open, we hear her colleague:

– “Yes, right away, Mrs. Gracia, I’m coming! I heard a noise, I thought something had fallen in the locker room, I’m coming!”

The door closes, revealing the clock… One minute 40…

– “40 seconds Val…”
– “That’s enough… Jerks us, take our cock too, come on… Jerks us come on…”

By biting my lip, I too grasp our sexes. As we unite, our hands are now jerking off, acorn for acorn. I kiss it and the movement accelerates. I move my head back with a jerk and stare at our dicks. The pleasure is intense, I try to hold on as long as possible but Val starts to look at this place too and starts to breathe with difficulty. I, too, feel the pleasure rising and I find it hard to hold back from spitting. Suddenly I feel the warmth of his sperm flooding into my glans. The temptation is too strong, my gaze falls on his face, whose eyes are closed and mouth wide open, letting out exhalations of pleasure. I lower my eyes again and see his semen covering my glans is right for me. In my turn, I unload my pleasure and ejaculate so powerfully that I put some on my chin. As I keep jerking our dicks, a shout of pleasure suddenly comes out of my mouth. Val’s hand just barely smothers it. Our movements slow down, sperm floods our hands and I look at the clock. There are 40 seconds left… Val looks at me, laughs and comes to lick the cum on my chin before kissing me and releasing his embrace.

At record speed we wash our hands and sexes at the little sink and get dressed. He puts on his apron and I finish getting ready by throwing my guitar over my shoulder. He opens the locker room door, glances furtively outside and waves me back. On my heels, he stops at the back door… I turn around and say to him:

– “Change from earlier, you’d better buy me a coffee with Val…”
– “I’ll offer you more, don’t worry… Then let’s be honest, it was great but…”
– “We agree… I haven’t had a chance to taste this famous balls. It’s incomplete…”
– “Exactly… Get your phone out.”

I take out my phone and we exchange numbers. He kisses me, turns around, grabs the handle of the service door and while winking at me, closes it. From the moment I find myself alone, a sense of panic overwhelms me, as if all the stress and anxiety I should normally feel for the last 10 minutes suddenly falls on my shoulders. Stiff as a post (and I’m talking about my body, more about my sex…) I turn my heels and rush to the studio… I walk in, settle down and strangely enough… I feel incredibly inspired… With one hand I grab the neck of my guitar and start jerking the… Strumming the strings… I don’t know what future has in store for Val and me, but I can’t wait to find out… The music intoxicates me and I get lost in it… Suddenly, behind the glass of the control room a man of prodigious class appears. He starts staring at me with folded arms. Behind him a woman is wearing a writing stand… Hi… Hilaya Pro… Productions… Hilaya Music Productions?! THE Hilaya Music Productions?!!!! What are they doing here ?! The man smiles and chats a little with the woman. He leaves the control room alone… A few seconds later, the door of my little studio opens…

And that’s the first naughty story with a gay couple from La Plume d’Eros! We hope that you had a great time and that like us, you can’t wait to discover the rest of Matt and Val’s adventure… Thank you and see you soon for new erotic adventures!

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