"Seriously... I have so much sex drive I don't know what to do with it. Don't you want some?"

Alice - Personnage des histoires coquines de La Plume d'Eros

Full name: Alice Hertia
Gender: female
Date of birth: June 21, 1995
Status: single
Sexual orientation: bi-sexual
Occupation: Medical secretary
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Size: 1.68 m

Poids : 54 kg
Couleur de cheveux : noirs (et ça dépend des envies…)
Couleur des yeux : bruns
Corpulence : svelte
Pratiques favorites : voyeurisme, sexe anal et vaginal, sextoy, orgies et coups d’un soir.
Elle déteste : les hommes irrespectueux et vulgaires…

A little more detail about Alice...

Alice’s story, like everyone else’s, is written over time, that’s the way life goes… But until now, Alice has always had a credo: enjoy life and its naughty side to the fullest. Because yes, Alice is perhaps one of the characters in our universe with the most libido… She doesn’t hide from it, she loves sex and as long as we respect her, she can be a real tornado of pleasure…

She went to medical school at a young age and decided to become a sexologist. But she soon realized that her sole interest in sex did not give her the right to do this job. So she fell back towards something more in line with her goals and decided to train as a medical secretary, especially to help doctors, patients and make many encounters… Because yes, she immediately found where to work… As soon as she started her internship, she spotted the practice of Maya and Samantha, two beautiful young women, one a dermatologist, the other a physiotherapist. She knew right away that working with them would give her a lot of experience… and she was right. In addition to her full time job at the office, Alice has another activity more… Interesting according to her, and secret… But she still doesn’t suspect that this one will lead her to live adventures she didn’t even dream of…

The naughty stories with Alice

Find below all the stories where the character of Alice is present, whether as the main character, secondary character or even as a guest! Just click on a story and you will find yourself there… Enjoy reading…

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