"I'm good at everything I do... But hey... Don't feel frustrated, I was born this way, like a Greek God."

Chris - Personnage des histoires coquines de La Plume d'Eros

Full name: Chris Aran
Sex: male
Date of birth: February 14, 1988
Status: single
Sexual orientation: heterosexual
Profession: photographer and influencer
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Size: 1.84 m
Weight: 74 kg
Hair color: blond
Eye colour: green
Build : muscular and massive.
Favourite practices: female orgasm, cunnilingus, masturbation, romance.
He hates: people who only think about themselves…

A little more detail about Chris...

Chris, Chris, Chris… Maya’s “mini Sam” because in people’s eyes, he’s the perfect man. Charismatic, muscular, handsome, sporty, funny, artistic, intelligent, humble, a charming smile, good in bed, romantic… The list is long but yes in a way, Chris can seem perfect. But like Sam, he owes it all to his hard work and many sacrifices. However, despite his great success and undeniable advantages, Chris feels lonely. A traveller at heart, his work as a photographer and model has taken him to some of the most beautiful places in the world and has helped him meet some of the most beautiful women in the world. His conquests are numerous and none of them ever wanted to let him go but that’s the way he is… He loves to travel and never stays in one place for very long… However today, he is bored…

At the beginning of our great adventure, Chris came back to his hometown to take stock of his life, which he wants to simplify and take back in hand. However, despite all his qualities and all that he has for himself, his confidence will be shaken by a character who will change his life. Sam… Our young woman, although of lesbian sexual orientation, will become both his Muse and his Nemesis… Why is that? The answer as their adventures unfold…

The naughty stories with this ideal son-in-law

Find below all the stories where the character Chris is present, whether as the main character, secondary character or even as a guest! Just click on a story and you will find yourself there… Enjoy reading…

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