"There are only two things that give me an escape... Music... And sex... Which one do you bring me?"

Matt, personnage gay des histoires coquins de La Plume d'Eros

Full name: Matt Capeco
Gender: male
Date of birth: September 24, 1995
Status: single
Sexual orientation: homosexual
Occupation: musician
Zodiac sign: balance

Size: 1.78 m
Weight: 55 kg
Hair color: blond (even if it depends on the albums of the moment…)
Eye color: blue
Build : Svelte
Favourite practices: anal sex, handjob, romance, voyeurism.
Hates: jokes about gays and slanderous people…

A little more detail about Matt...

Matt’s always loved music. Since he was a little boy, he has been playing concerts for his parents and family for Christmas, birthdays and other occasions. He never missed one! He felt different and he loved it! But as he got older he began to realize that what made him different from others in his eyes was not his passion for music, but for other boys… And that’s when music was no longer just fun, but a real refuge. When he told his parents about his homosexuality, there was no problem. The real problem came when he confessed that he wanted to live from music… The announcement of his homosexuality was a part of pleasure next to his astonishment and relief. Even if it is still difficult to see his loved ones refusing to support his dreams.

At the age of 20, he abandoned his studies at the conservatory, which he considered boring and stereotypical, to devote himself fully to his own music. He rented a small, cheap apartment and went on to perform in bars, clubs, weddings… Nothing too crazy, but it enabled him to support himself and prepare his album. Between two dates, he sometimes enjoys the pleasures of the flesh backstage, but never anything serious and it suits him, he already has enough to do with Music… Yet, his meeting with Val and a music producer will come to destroy everything he had built up until now and make him live adventures strewn with choices and obstacles… How will he manage to overcome them, what choices will he make? Answer in our naughty stories (but not that!).

The naughty stories of our musician

Find below all the stories where Matt’s character is present, whether as a main character, secondary character or even as a guest! Just click on a story and you will find yourself there… Enjoy reading…

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