"My credo is to always give the best of myself, always. And that goes for sex too..."

Samantha - Personnage des histoires coquines de La Plume d'Eros

Full name: Samantha Lyson
Gender: female
Age : December 19, 1989
Status: single
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Profession: self-employed physiotherapist
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Build: Sporty

Size: 1.78 m
Weight: 65 kg
Hair color: blond
Eye colour: green
Favourite Practices: Romantic sex, lesbian sex, massage, multiple orgasms and extreme pleasure.
She hates: people who never surpass themselves and are always judging.

The sublime Samantha in few words...

“Ah ah! But you’re the perfect woman then! You’re lucky!” How many times has Samantha heard that sentence… Friends, family, patients… And she always responds with a beautiful smile… When you don’t know her, indeed, Sam can make your head spin. Superb young woman with jade eyes animated by passion, blond hair that sublimates her goddess forms, at the top of her physical shape, ultra intelligent, funny, always friendly, always smiling, strong, has her own practice that works wonders. Yes from the outside, Sam is an angel fallen from heaven, having a chance at all times …

But she’s tired of hearing that, tired of people only judging her at first glance without thinking about her efforts, her sacrifices, just sum it all up in one simple sentence: she’s lucky. The body she has? Believe her, she’s earned it, at the cost of immense efforts, questioning, pain, vomiting… Her head full? Hours and hours of work while other girls her age are enjoying themselves outside… Her life so “perfect”, she didn’t fall into his arms, she built it. She’s tired of hearing that everything is normal, that it’s easy for her. No, it’s not easy, everything she has, she got it through sweat and courage. Because no, she’s no different from the others, she just gave everything to be what she always wanted: the best version of herself. Sam never did this for the other people’s eyes, but for her own eyes. Because far from being selfish, she wants to please her, to be the one she wants, so that she can help others. And she is desperate to see so many women admiring her, jealous, critical of her when all they have to do is really put themselves into it… Giving the best of themselves, at every moment, that’s what built Samantha.

And giving the best of herself allowed her to succeed in many areas, sex being no exception… To be good in bed? Well, you have to understand desire, understand pleasure… And test… Often test. On them or her rare lovers … She particularly loves to do her tests on a little naughty ultra voluntary: Maya. The latter is a real gem in the eyes of Sam, because she sees his efforts and encourages her, helps her in these last ones … Of course, according to her, those on sex are “very great sacrifices” … Yet, leading a peaceful life at the beginning of our adventures, This constant search to be the best version of herself will push Samantha towards unknown horizons and will allow her to evolve even more, with good and bad times… Key character of our universe, Samantha could be the one who will change everything… But how? You will be by reading her adventures 😉 !

The naughty stories with her

Find below all the stories where the sublime Samantha is present, whether as the main character, secondary character or even as a guest! Just click on a story and you will find yourself there… Enjoy reading…

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