"Believe me... My talent for baking is as much due to my passion for my work, as it is to my passion for butt kneading..."

Val, séducteur gay des histoires coquines de La Plume d'Eros

Full name : Val Imdou
Gender: male
Date of Birth: April 17, 1994
Status: single
Sexual orientation: homosexual
Profession: self-employed baker and pastry chef
Zodiac sign: ram

Size: 1.86 m
Weight: 75 kg
Hair color: black
Eye Color: Black
Build : muscular
Favourite practices: anal sex, fellatio, voyeurism, soft BDSM.
Hates: passive and soft people…

A little more about Val...

Val’s parents have always instilled in him the value of things, constantly reminding him of the history of her origins and the classic stories that all members of him family were at one time or another entitled to tell. He is grateful for this, the journey he has managed to create for himself is partly thanks to that. But he doesn’t want to define his successes only because of that. It is also because he has always had the courage and strength to move forward regardless of the obstacles. Today he is proud to live from what he loves, to have his own bakery-pastry shop and to delight the taste buds of his customers. But if he enjoys his success so much, it’s also to forget how difficult it was for him to make his place… Setting up his own business is a difficult journey… Setting up his own business with a black skin is even more difficult… So setting up his own business with a black skin and being gay… That’s the trouble and the prejudices… And yet, where many would have given up, Val has stood firm. So what he has today, yes, he owes it to his family history, but also to his courage.

And yet, despite the fact that he’s had all this for two years now, these last three months have just been the most difficult of his life. Luckily he loves what he does. While he seems to have more and more difficulty to move forward, to put one foot in front of the other, he meets Matt… It is thanks to this meeting that he will be able to get a second breath and launch himself into new adventures… Which ones? It’s up to you to discover them over time in our naughty stories… (but not only !)

The naughty stories our favorite pastry chef!

Find below all the stories where Val’s character is present, whether as the main character, secondary character or even as a guest! Just click on a story and you will find yourself there… Enjoy reading…

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